Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chapter 1.1 - Do you have a destination in mind?

Do you have a destination in mind?

Mackenzie slowly came awake, groggy and uncomfortable.  And very, very lost.  What did I drink last night?  she wondered with bewilderment.  You're not in Bridgeport anymore...
Standing up, she glanced around. She was in the front yard of a small, strange looking house.
"Hello?" she called out, walking closer to the house to investigate.  "What is this? A garage?" she wondered.  The view to the river beyond was breath-taking, though.  When she gingerly knocked on the door to the house, it crashed down to the ground.  It had just been leaning against a hole in the wall.
"Hello?" she called out nervously, carefully stepping over the rotted door.  
"Okay, so obviously this place is abandoned," she reasoned aloud, looking around.  All that remained that she could see was a weathered table and chairs and some old cabinets and appliances in the kitchen.  So, the big question of the day was... "Why am I here?" she finished out-loud.

"Stay calm, Mac. Just stay calm," she told herself, trying to remember what had happened last night.  She'd had a lot to drink and she'd been really upset. Maybe she'd done something spontaneous and wild like.. oh... I don't know... winding up in a completely deserted town!

"Okay, so much for staying calm," she told herself.  "Next step. Find someone that can tell me where I am."
Walking to the sidewalk, she looked up and down the empty street both ways.  Now which way would she go to find the police station... and maybe they were hiring. She did just lose her job!  Mac laughed quietly to herself.  As if she were cut out for getting a job as a police officer!
Making up her mind, Mackenzie started walking north.  At least she thought she was walking north.  She came to a large park.
She absently trailed her fingers along the chair to the chess game.  It seemed weird  that there seemed to be no one else in the town...
 "HEY YOU! STOP RIGHT THERE!" a voice yelled from behind her.
 Startled, she turned around, gasping.  A large... GREEN... man was running towards her.
Before he could say anything, Mac reached down and pinched herself. Hard.  "I've got to be dreaming," she said out-loud.  "Where am I?!"
The young man regarded her curiously, taking in her odd-looks and clothing.  "You're in the Dragon Valley, of course. How did you come to be here?"

Mac reached out and pinched his arm.

"Ow! That hurt!" he said, pulling his arm to his chest. "What'd you do that for?"
Just then, Mackenzie looked around the park and saw that it was filling up with more and more people... just like him.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! she screamed before she could stop herself.
With shaking hands she reached up and covered her mouth.

The young man watched her worriedly.  It wasn't every day a newcomer came to Dragon Valley, especially not one like her.  He glanced back towards his captain and he nodded his head.

"Perhaps Captain O'Shea can help you," he offered.  "He's right over there."
 Mackenzie followed his gaze.  "Over there?" she asked.

The young man nodded helpfully.  "I'm sure he can help you. Captain O'Shea is real good about solving problems."

The young woman smiled sadly and shook her head. "I'm not sure meeting someone new is going to fix this," she muttered as she walked away.  He thought he heard her add, "Unless he's a psychiatrist."
As she walked closer to the Captain the green-guy had pointed out, she felt the stirrings of attraction, despite his lavender skin and mint green hair.  God, what was she saying?  she asked herself.  She was stuck in weirdo-land and she was worried about getting laid?!  Concentrate, Mac, she told herself sternly.

And yet, when she reached out to shake his hand, she felt tingles in all the right places.

"Hello, miss. I noticed you seemed to be in some distress," he said as he greeted her.
"My name is Captain Breandan O'Shea. Can I help you?"
"This might sound a little weird, but I think I'm lost.." she trailed off, distracted by everyone's appearance. "Do you know how far away from Bridgeport I am?" She glanced around the park again at all the colorful people.  "I'm sorry," she interrupted, "Is your town having  halloween festival? Are your ears real?"
Captain O'Shea regarded the beautiful young woman.  "Bridgeport? There are a number of bridges here, but as of yet, we have no port," he said, humoring her questions.  "The nearest port city is past the mountain pass."

"Mountain?" Mackenzie asked, following his gaze.  When she saw the huge mountainous landscape, she swallowed a thick lump in her throat.  There weren't any mountains anywhere near Bridgeport.
She felt tears prick her eyes as she regarded Captain O'Shea.  "The last thing I remember was coming home from the club last night. Then I woke up in front of an abandoned house. I don't have any idea where I am!"

Breandan straightened as he listened to her story. "You were kidnapped?" he asked seriously.

"I don't know!" she replied. "I.. I don't know what's going on!"

Captain O'Shea opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by the young Sackholme recruit.
 "Excuse miss," he said and waited until Mackenzie had turned around.

"Yes?" she asked.
Mason thrust the bouquet of flowers he'd picked into her hands.  "You just looked like you needed some flowers!"

"Ma'am. When you're finished, feel free to come see me at the police station. I'll take a report. Mason can show you were it is," the captain said, taking his leave.
"Yes, of course, Captain," she murmured, turning back to Mason."That was so sweet!" she told him, touched by his sensitivity. "I've never gotten flowers before!" 
Mason's eyes lit up as he hurried over to the nearest flower bush and grabbed some flowers.  Rushing back, he handed her another bouquet.  "Then have another!" he said with a smile.

"Oh! That is very thoughtful," she told him, blushing.  "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."

The young man opened his mouth to tell her when he was interrupted.
"Hello, ma'am. I happened to notice that you were new to town," another man said as he walked up.  Mason winced when he realized he'd lost the newcomer's attention.

Holy crap, what do they put in the water? she thought to herself. The men here were gorgeous, well, you know, once you got past all the pastel skintones...

 "Umm, and you are?" She was starting to feel overwhelmed.

"The name's Teague McMillan. I'm with the town paper."
"What do you want with me?" she asked.

Teague chuckled. "You're all the town is talking about!" he told her.  "You're different!  So, can I get you on record? What's your name? Where do you come from? And are you single?" he asked rapidly, winking at her on the last question.

"I'm sorry, I think I need to go meet the Captain," she said, "Excuse me!"  Mackenzie hurried away.

"Ma'am! Ma'am!" The first young man called out after her.  "It's the other way!" he said, pointing to the building across the street.

She smiled tightly, avoiding the journalist's stare and hurried the opposite direction.
So this was it, she thought as she walked up to the building.  Absently, she wondered who the important man on the front was.  As if it mattered!

Taking a deep breath, she went inside, ready to meet with Captain O'Shea.

The receptionist looked up with a dismissive glance.  "He's not here," she said, bored.

"He's not here. But he said to meet him here," she explained.

The girl just shrugged.

"Well, do you have any idea when he'll be back?" Mackenzie pressed.  What was she going to do?!

The girl just shrugged again, shooting Mackenzie a smug look that told her that this pretty, little thing considered Captain O'Shea hers.   

You're welcome to him, sweetheart! she thought snidely.  I just want to go home!  "Look, this is important. Could you tell him that I'll be at that abandoned house. I need to speak with him."

"Sure," the girl said, dismissing her.
Mackenzie slammed the door behind her as hard as she could. I hope it rattled that girl's brains! she thought angrily. 

Now the only thing left to do was to head back to the house and wait.
 And wait...
                         And wait...
                                                  And wait...

Mackenzie kept glancing out the window, watching for the captain. Maybe I should've asked to talk to someone else, she wondered.  He couldn't be the only police officer in town, could he?

Wait, what was that? she thought, glancing back out the window.  Her heart started beating fast with elation. There he was

She hurried out to greet him.  "I'm so glad you came!" she told him.  "I was starting to think you'd forgotten about me!"

Captain O'Shea looked at her curiously.  "I came by like you said and the receptionist said you were gone and I've been waiting hours for you to come see me!" she said in a rush.

A dark look came over his face. "She did not tell me. I am sorry.  We obviously need a new recruit."

"Well, it looks like I'm stuck here for awhile," she joked, "Hire me!"  She expected him to laugh and turn her down, but instead he gave her a considering look. That made her heart beat even faster.

"Um," she said, suggesting an outing, "Maybe we can go get dinner? And talk about my problem? I haven't eaten all day!"

"Really? You're right next to our local grocer!" he said with surprise.

"Hello! Not from here!" she teased.
"After you," Captain O'Shea said, pulling open the door for her. "Although, I'm surprised young Mason didn't treat you to lunch. He seemed quite taken with you."

"Ah, I was wondering what his name was!" she said, "Jealous?"

Breandan scoffed, "Of young Mason? Never!"
After dinner, they stepped outside and were caught in a downpour.  Mackenzie covered her head with her hands and yelped. "It's raining!"
"This way! To the Humble home!" Breandan called out, racing towards the abandoned house with Mackenzie close on his heels.
She followed him inside, rubbing her hands on her arms to try to warm up.  "Why do you call it the humble home? Because it's abandoned?" she asked.

Breandan glanced back at her, "No, because it once belonged to the Humble family, who have now all passed away.  This is why it stands empty."
Mackenzie looked around hesitantly.  "Do you think I can stay here until I figure out how to get home? Or is there a hotel nearby?"

Without hesitation Breandan assured her that she was welcome to stay.  "We can call it the Foster home, now."

Mackenzie laughed. "Back where I come from, a foster home is something completely different," she said.

"Tell me," he said, intrigued with her stories of large sky-scrapers and concrete cities.

Mackenzie smiled sadly.  "Maybe another time," she told him.  "Um, would you mind checking the place out and making sure there aren't any killers or rats?"

Breandan chuckled.  "Of course, should I scare away the spiders, too?"  He placed his hand on her arm and lead her through the nearby door and into the bedroom.
 "It's so dark in here," she said, bumping her leg against the bed.
"Let me grab the light," he told her, lighting the candle on the wall.  "There? See? No killers, rats or spiders!" he announced.
Mackenzie smiled. "Thank goodness!" Then paused as he sat on the bed and stretched out comfortably.
"Um, look, it's been a wonderful outing," she told him, irritated at his gall, "But, if you expect me to sleep with you just because you took me to dinner..."

She was working herself up into a steam, when he just smiled and patted the bed next to him.  "Come, tell me about your Bridgeport," he said.  "You are safe with me."

And the funny thing was, she felt safe.
She settled onto the bed next to him, watching and waiting for him to make a move as she told him all about Bridgeport and the little town that she'd grown up in. 
They talked for what felt like hours until eventually, she drifted off to sleep.

Wishes Completed:  Join Law Enforcement, Meet Someone New, Ask Breandan on an Outing, Have a Wonderful Outing

Wishes Pending: Get married

*notes:  I wasn't sure how to handle the outing, so I let them autonomously interact, occasionally having her chat with him to make sure it was a good outing.  Not sure if that's legit or not!


  1. I think it's pretty legit to do whatever you need to do to fulfill wishes. So if they wish to have a great outing or date, you need to direct the socializing a bit for that.
    I am very much enjoying Mackenzie's adventures in Dragon Valley. All the guys seem pretty into her already. And good on her for rolling a wish to get married so quickly!

    1. I think she got her Get Married wish because she's a hopeless romantic! I thought Teague was pretty handsome, but she immediately started arguing with him. Guess she doesn't like getting pestered by paparazzi!