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Chapter 1.10 - An unexpected suprise!

An unexpected surprise!
  Warning: Language and partial nudity

Mackenzie wasn't sure exactly what woke her up.  
Was there something dripping somewhere? she wondered as she threw the sheets back and got up to investigate. This was a castle!
"BREANDAN!" she screamed, lurching back when she saw the large, naked man step out of the shower.
Breandan leapt out of bed, diving for his dagger when he heard Mackenzie's scream.  But, glancing around he saw no threat.

But he did see his naked brother standing in front of his partially clothed girlfriend!

After Mackenzie's initial alarm had faded, she'd realized that this was obviously Breandan's brother.  "Have you ever heard of knocking?" she demanded angrily.  "And could you cover yourself?" she asked as she reached for her dress.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize Breandan had company," he said.

Bashfully, Breandan cleared his throat. "I'm sorry. I thought I locked the door," he explained. "Mackenzie, this is my twin, Kearney. Kearney, this is Mackenzie. I've asked her to move in."
Mackenzie watched Kearney rush across the room to confront his brother, utterly unconcerned with  his nudity.  She was enjoying the view a little too much when she heard Kearney hiss, "You asked her to what?"

"Hey!" she called out. "I'm right here!"
Neither brother acknowledged her.

"I meant to tell you last night," Breandan began.  "It was just kind of spur of the moment."

Kearney lowered his voice. "You know that the council has not yet ruled on what to do with her!"

Breandan waved that concern away angrily, "If need be I will..."
Mackenzie had heard enough.  "I'll see you at work," she snapped as she pushed past Kearney and Breandan.  After last night and this morning, she was beginning to think she'd made a horrible mistake!

Breandan sent his brother an apologetic look seconds before he took off after Mackenzie. "Wait! Mackenzie! Let me explain!"

Kearney shook his head.  Would wonders never cease. Breandan had asked Mackenzie to move in with them.  It must be serious!  Mentally, he thought all the girls that he knew.  Was there one of them that he could like enough to marry?


He headed to the gym to think through his dilemma.  He loved coming early in the morning when he had the Practice Pit all to himself. 
Jumping on the treadmill, he began to run.  The problem was that he didn't know many women that were single.  For the past few years, he and Breandan had been focusing on work so there'd been little time for flirtations.  Now most of the girls they'd dated were married with babies!  
"O'Shea, lad!" Seamus O'Connell boomed as he strode into the room.

Kearney jumped down and saluted the Leader.   "Yes, sir! What is it sir?"

Seamus waved away the formalities as he stared at the treadmill. "Attend me for a moment," he said. "I'm not used to these new-fangled machines. In my day, when we wanted to run, we went out to a field and ran!"
Kearney set the pace for O'Connell and quickly trained him on how to use the machine.  "That's it, sir! You've got it!" he said when Seamus began  to jog in place.
 "Very good, lad," Seamus said as Kearney hopped back on his treadmill, noting the speed and pacing that Kearney was able to maintain.  "Ah," he said. "To be a young man again and so full of vigor! You're not even working up a sweat!"
Kearney beamed with the praise from Dragon Valley's respected leader.  He'd been running for four hours and still had energy to spare.  But, he didn't want to tell O'Connell that!  He was in excellent condition, constantly improving his athletic skill!
"Enough of this!" Seamus said finally, stepping off the treadmill.  "There's a reason I tracked you down!"

"Whatever task you ask of me, I am fully ready to see it through!" Kearney swore fervently. This was an extreme honor to be chosen by the leader for a task!

O'Connell guffawed and slapped Kearney upside the shoulder. "Good lad, that's what I thought you'd say!" he said affably.  "I'm sure you're aware that the council is set to speak tonight. Representatives from each branch of government will be allowed to speak."

"I don't understand, sir," Kearney interrupted.  He was a warrior, not a public speaker.

Seamus gave him a hard look for interrupting him.  He continued, "Mithrilen is set to speak out against the foreigner.  He wants her forcibly removed from the town.  I do not see the threat.  Lieutenant McAnna and I are  set to vouch for her. I would like to speak up for the military branch in opposition of Mithrilen."
 Kearney felt pole-axed. "You want me to speak against my superior officer?" he clarified.

"This is for the good of Dragon Valley... and the good of your brother."  Seamus met Kearney's startled gaze.  "We are well aware of his relationship with the foreigner.  If the council rules against her, what do you think will become of your brother?"
Kearney knew exactly what would become of his brother.  He would die attempting to protect this odd girl that had somehow ensnared his heart so quickly.  Reluctantly he agreed, "I will speak up at the council for the foreigner," he promised. 

"Good lad!" Seamus boomed.  "I'll make sure that Mithrilen takes no action against you."

Kearney watched Seamus stride away and was doubtful that he could protect him from the repercussions that Mithrilen would be sure to bestow upon him.
Feeling stuck in a no-win situation, Kearney swiftly moved to the weights and began strength training.  He needed all the muscles he could get!


Breandan had been able to make-up with Mackenzie by bringing some donuts back from a run.  The sugar high put her in a particularly good mood the remainder of the day.

After work, she was feeling as though she and Breandan needed to go on a date.  They had an attraction that they'd both reacted to, but they hadn't really gone out together.  "Maybe we can go see a movie?" she suggested.
"That sounds great!" Breandan said.  He wanted her to be occupied tonight, anyways.  Lieutenant MacAnna had pulled him aside today to tell that the council was preparing to meet tonight and that his brother would send word of the results.

He wasn't sure he'd ever felt this tense before!
"Oh no, we're too early to watch a movie," Breandan said as they approached the theatre.

Mackenzie got that wicked gleam in her eye.  "Maybe we can kill some time and you can give me a tour of the place," she suggested.

"I'm not really sure that will be very fun," Breandan said reluctantly.  He didn't want to hurt her feelings, after all.

Mackenzie grabbed his hand! "Trust me! You'll enjoy this!" she said, tugging on his arm.

By the time other couples began trickling into the theatre, Mackenzie and Breandan had all their clothes neatly arranged. He wasn't sure how Mackenzie had convinced him to make love to her in the back row of the theatre, but she had.  And he would probably never look at a theatre the same way again!

"Now wasn't that worth it?" she asked with a cocky grin just as the movie "House With No Doors" began playing.  Mackenzie scoffed, "This must be a movie about the Humble House!" she grinned, nudging him with her elbow.

He could care less what they watched! This had to be the best date ever in the history of the world!

At the approaching hour, Kearney headed back to the Garda.  He knew that he would have to stand up in front of all those people and give his accounting. 

He had told Seamus O'Connell that he would support the foreigner, but part of him felt conflicted.  Wasn't it his duty to protect the borders? And even though this Mackenzie might not be a threat - could there be more like her that came?

Feeling indecisive, he invited Marian Hooley over.
She would have sage advice for him! he reassured himself while he waited.
"Oh Kearney, she is no threat!" Marian had sighed when he'd broached his concerns.

"Tell me, Marian, what is your occupation?" he asked her to clarify her job.

Marian rolled her eyes. "You know well that I'm a Garda, just like you!" she said testily.

"Then, as you know, it is our sworn duty to protect the borders from any threats - whether it be dragons, marauders, or strange foreigners!"
Marian shook her head,"Kearney, it saddens me to hear you speak so! It is not also our duty to protect the innocent?  And what crime has this foreigner committed?!  She has come to our lands and not only abided by our laws, but she has embraced them as a member of the Garda!"

Kearney hung his head. "You're right, Marian. I knew it would be wise to speak with you."  He turned to look at the heavy doors that would take him to the council.   "I should go now."

Marian saluted him. "Good luck, Kearney! It was good seeing you!"


After the movie, Mackenzie and Breandan had headed home and  settled down to watch the stars.  "You know, sometimes I think it was that silly rhyme that pulled me to your lands," she admitted to Breandan.

Breandan glanced up at the stars.  It scared him more than he cared to admit that he did not know how Mackenzie had come to be here.  Could the stars simply take her away again?
 "Look! I think that's the big dipper!" she said, making a face.  "That's the only constellation I really know. Only... it looks upside down.. hmmm..." she wonders staring at the star pattern. 

Breandan doesn't follow where she is pointing, he just stares at her, admiring her spirit, her beauty, and her wit.  He would move mountain and sky to appease the stars if it would make her stay forever!
 "Brother, I come with tidings from the council," Kearney said as he approached the couple.
Breandan and Mackenzie jumped up.

"The council was tonight?" she yelped while Breandan stiffened to prepare for the verdict.  He could not tell which way the council voted from his brother's demeanor.

"I congratulate you, brother.  It was 5-1 that the foreigner be allowed to stay," he informed them.  "I'm sure I do not need to tell you which way Mithrilen voted."  Seeing that they paid no attention to him, he slipped off, leaving the lovers alone.
Breandan turned to Mackenzie to celebrate the news with her, only to see the upset look on her face.  "You knew the council was meeting tonight, didn't you?!" she demanded.
Breandan gently took her face in his hands. "I would fight a million battles for you to protect you from even one," he vowed. "There is nothing I would not do for you."
Mackenzie actually blushed. And she had thought that Breandan wouldn't be able to tell her in words how he felt! Hesitantly she reached for his hand.  "So, what does all this mean? Are we just friends with benefits or are we something more" she asked.

Breandan squeezed her hand back.  "What is 'friends with benefits'?" he asked.

She shrugged to try to cover her uneasiness.  "It means that we're friends, which we are, and that we have sex, which we do.  But, we can date other people if we want."

Breandan frowned. "Is that what you want?" he demanded.

"No! I'm just saying, where I come from, sometimes people are in a relationship like that. And I just wanted to clarify."  Where was a hole in the ground when she needed one, she thought with increasing embarrassment. 
"Then we are definitely more than friends with benefits," Breandan said decisively, sweeping her into his arms.

Mackenzie laughed as she wrapped her arms around his neck, "Put me down!" 
Breandan ignored her and carried her inside.  "If you drop me, I'm going to kill you," she promises as she snuggles against him.
In his room, he slid her down until she was standing on her own and pulled her into his arms, kissing her with wild abandon.  She returned his fervor, making out until he threw her done on the bed and had his wicked way with her.

Wishes Completed:
Mackenzie- Ask Breandan on Date, Woohoo with Breandan (at theatre), Watched a movie, Watch Stars with Breandan, Have a Great Date, Flirt with Breandan, Makeout with Breandan
Breandan- Woohoo with Mackenzie (at home)
Kearney- Train someone (Seamus), Gain Athletic Skill (7), Workout for 4 hours, Opportunity, Break No Sweat for 3 hours, Get more muscular, Invite someone over (Marian), Ask Marian about her job, Have a great group outing, Work Opportunity, Attend Seminar

Wishes Pending:
Mackenzie- Get married
Breandan- Workout for 4 hours, Be friends with Dermott (partner), Join Special Agent Branch, Give gift to Mackenzie
Kearney- Be friends with Marian

*AN:  This cast of characters just keeps playing into my story like crazy!  From start to finish, this chapter was fun to write!  I thought I'd locked the doors, but must have botched it because there Kearney was showering while they slept.  Kearney was kind not to point out that the yellow room was his room.  (I botched which room belonged to who!)

Then, I loved that when I had a pending "seminar opportunity," Seamus O'Connell came strolling in!  I was hoping Kearney would roll a wish to talk to Seamus, but he didn't.  So, I had him attempt to invite him over to get the picture of them talking.  Seamus respectfully declined. He's a very busy man.

I was also very excited that Marian agreed to meet him at work because poor Kearney had tried to invite a few girls over to his house that morning and they all had better things to do!  Guess it must be less intimidating to meet in a public place. :|  I am looking for the perfect woman for him - definitely not Mary Moloney! Lol

And at the end, that was Mac's awkward way of asking him to go steady with her. :)  One step closer to getting these two crazy kids married!


  1. Aw...I'm so happy Kearney decided to help out on the council. He's a good brother. And I hope you can find a good woman for him.
    And I'm happy Mackenzie & Breandan are officially going steady. Looking forward to seeing that marriage wish get fulfilled.
    Your wishacy is making me want to play in DV again. I love that town and all the NPCs there.

    1. I'm glad Marian was able to talk some sense into him! He still has some reservations about Mackenzie, but hopefully he'll come around!

      Dragon Valley is such a beautiful world! And I love the fantasy flair. :)