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Chapter 1.12 - Give thanks for the blessings in your life...

Give thanks for the blessings in your life...

Instead of spending the morning, their honeymoon, laying in bed together, Mackenzie was surprised when Breandan kissed her forehead and got up to get dressed.

"Wait, where are you going?" she asked, rising up to follow him.
She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him him, trying to entice him back to bed. 
Breandan groaned and stepped away.  "I must speak with my brother before the Feast.  I need to tell him of our marriage vows."

"Wait? What feast?" Mackenzie asked, shocked. 

Breandan explained to her, "Every year on this day we hold a Feast Day. and invite family and friends over to join us." 
"Here? We're having a feast here today?!" she echoed dazedly.  "Why didn't you tell me?!" she demanded, smacking his chest.

Breandan grimaced apologetically.  "I forget that you are not used to our customs yet. They will all come over in the afternoon and we will give thanks for our blessings with each other." He kissed her cheek in parting.

Mackenzie grumbled and stomped around her bedroom getting ready.  I'm going to be a widow after only a night of marriage, she thought darkly, because I'm going to kill him.


Kearney had been up with the sun's rising again, practicing in their workout room.  He was surprised when Breandan strode through the door earlier than what was becoming usual.

"You're up early," Breandan told his brother amiably as he walked into the room.

Kearney chuckled dryly.  "And you are up late! I've already been working out for two hours!  You sleep like the dead now that you are with the foreigner!"
Breandan's face fell. "I told you. Her name is Mackenzie."

"I know, I'm sorry. It will take me time to get used to all the changes," Kearney said apologetically.  Why were his talks with his brother fraught with conflict these days?
"And how does Mackenzie fare this morning?" he asked quickly, trying to alleviate the tension radiating off of his brother.

"I made a marriage vow last night!" Breandan said at the same time, feeling guilty for not waiting for his brother to be present.

"You what?" Kearney blinked.  "Married? The foreign... " he caught his error and corrected himself, "...Mackenzie? Last night?" He stared at his brother with shock.

Breandan confirmed with a nod of his head.  "I gave her mother's ring."

Kearney desperately sought balance as his world had been turned upside down.  "So soon?" he asked.

Breandan's mouth lifted in a smile.  "One day I pray you feel the pleasure of the heat of the moment," he said.  He paused, "Are you mad?"

"No!" Kearney assured him once he could speak again. "I'm not mad! I told you last night. I stand beside you... and now your new wife, as well."
"Good, then let us see who is first to tire like an old man!" Breandan said as he sat down to lift weights.

Kearney scoffed loudly.  "I have already worked out today. I did not laze about in bed like a moon-eyed boy!"  He eyed Breandan's form critically.  "Straighten your back when you lift. Your back is going to go out and then where will your new wife be?"

Breandan straighted his back and glared at his brother. "You're only saying that because you're jealous!" he taunted.

The jab hit Kearney in the solar plexus.  He was jealous, he thought.  His twin had found true love and left him behind.  And no amount of working out or finding a prettier girlfriend could compete with that!  Shoving down his melancholy to examine later, Kearney trained Breandan.

After working out for four hours, Breandan set the bar down and gasped for breath. "I give! No more!" he said, wiping his sweaty brow.

"A measly four hours?" Kearney scoffed.

Breandan got up weakly. "Ha! You only worked out for two hours this morning!" Oh, plumbbob, his muscles were sore! "And I wasn't in here riding you!"

"Training!" Kearney automatically corrected.



After preparing a breakfast of waffles, Mackenzie wandered from the kitchen, intending to explore her new home more thoroughly.
"What's this?" she wondered aloud.  She didn't remember seeing this door here before.  She reached out and opened the door, feeling a sliver of excitement at the unknown...
...only to find a bathroom.  She sighed.  "Well, that wasn't very exciting," she grumbled.
Although, she thought as her stomach pitched in complaint, perhaps it was exactly where she needed to be right now...

"Mackenzie?" Breandan called as he trotted down the stairs.  He had looked upstairs in the room and didn't see her.  He wondered if she was mad at him for this morning.  "Mackenzie?" he called out again.

"Coming!" she called from the washroom under the stairs.  He heard the water running.
Breandan watched Mackenzie hurry to his side, looking slightly pale with flushed cheeks.  "Are you feeling alright?" he asked.

Mackenzie nodded, reaching out to stroke his cheek.  "Did you speak with your brother?"

"I did.  He gives us both his congratulations," Breandan tells her as he reaches up to hold her hand against his face.

"Are you sure you're feeling okay?" he inquires again.

Mackenzie waves off his concern.  "I must be nervous about meeting everyone! My stomach has been tied in knots all morning!"

"Everyone is going to love you.  And, you already know most of the people coming from work - there's Lieutenant MacAnna and Mason Sackholme."
"Good! I don't know what I'm worried about!" she announced, sweeping him into her arms. 

Breandan glances guiltily back at the door.  "The guests will be arriving soon," he protests.
"Let them see how much I love my husband!" she said as she kisses him without a care.
A delicately cleared throat causes Mackenzie to leap back.  "Captain O'Shea... Recruit Foster.. pull yourselves together," Lieutenant MacShanna says as she comes in with a platter.
Mackenzie felt the heat rise in her cheeks.  Breandan softly laughed at the expression on her face before hurrying after his boss.  "We can just set that down in here," he said, showing her the way into the dining room.  "And then we'll all be gathering in the sitting room before the feast."

"Hmph!" Shannon says as she sets down her platter.
Kearney has greeted the few guests that had wandered into the sitting room.  "Lieutenant MacShanna. Pleasure to see you again," he said as he shook her hand. 

"Kearney, how have you been?" she said, making small-talk.
Mackenzie's mouth dropped open when she saw the last guest arrive.  Who the hell invited her?! 
She trailed after the floozy ex-receptionist with a glare.  Let her send one look Breandan's way and she'd pay!  She saw all the other guests gathered in the sitting room and felt a little more relieved. No way she'd try anything in here!
Kearney was in the middle of a discussion with Shannon about the pesky thieves den, when he glanced over and saw Mary Moloney.  This was the first time he had met her!  He had seen her in passing, but she was really was beautiful in person!
She waved flirtatiously at him in greeting, wiggling her fingers.  "Hello Kearney!" she simpered.

"...and they actually had the audacity to leave a note on Mithrilen's mirror accusing him of..." Shannon suddenly noticed that Kearney's attention was no longer on her.  "Oh," she said under her breath sadly.
Sending Shannon an apologetic smile, he turned to Mary, "Thank you for coming to our Feast."

She gushed, "Well, when I heard the foreigner..." 

Kearney frowned and interrupted her, "Her name is Mackenzie."

Mary's lips thinned with a brief look of distaste before she was smiling winsomely again.  "Yes, of course. Well, as I was saying, when I hear she was going to be here, I just had to come with Dermot Cullen!"  She glanced around the room.  "Have you seen Breandan?"

Kearney pointed to the corner of the room as Mary grinned "Excellent!" 
Mason gasped as he glanced to the far corner of the room. "Oh plumbbob!" he gasped, looking over at Mackenzie with wide-eyes.

"What is it? What'd you see?" she asked, leaning over to see from Mason's vantage point.
Mackenzie swore she saw red when she saw the floozy pull out a bouquet of white flowers and present them to Breandan. 

She saw Breandan back away and shake his head, but couldn't hear what he was saying.  She hoped he was telling the floozy off!
Gleefully, she noted Mary's look of disappointment with whatever her husband had told her. 

She cast Mary a gloating look when Mary glanced over at her.


"Thank you all for coming to our Feast Day!" Breandan announced to the group.  "We are among friends today! Some old... some new!"
"And it is with pride that I announce the news of my marriage to Mackenzie!" he said, reaching for her hand and lifting it in the air.  "Mackenzie O'Shea!"
A cheer went up around the table of congratulations and well-wishes before everyone sat down to partake in the feast laid before them.


Kearney walked Marian to the door.  "Thank you for coming," he told her. 
"Oh thank you for inviting us! This must have been the most exciting Feast Day in Dragon Valley for some years!" she said.  "Isn't it romantic that Breandan and Mackenzie have had such a whirlwind romance?"
Kearney laughed. "You think it's romantic?" he asked with a shake of his head.  "I think it's highly impractical! They hardly know one another!"  Marian had to be the only female he could talk to this candidly.  Probably because she was his only female friend!
Marian smiled sadly.  "You can know someone for years and never truly know them.." she said as her husband, Robin Hooley walked up behind her. 

"Come, Marian, the hour grows late. We need to return home," Robin told her as he shook Kearney's hand.  "Thank you for having us.  It is always interesting having a Feast with the members of the Garda!" he laughed.
Marian hurried after her husband as Kearney turned to say goodbye to his other guests.


No Feast Day would be complete without going back for a number of helpings.  It had become tradition to eat until you were stuffed!
"It was a good Feast," Kearney told his brother as they gathered a few of the dishes.

Breandan nodded behind his brother. "Mackenzie was well received," he agreed.
The brothers headed to the kitchen and set the dishes to the side when they realized the dishwasher had broken.
"What did you do to it?" Breandan complained.  "It's broken!"

"I just opened it!" Kearney retorted.

"Well I'm not fixing it! I didn't break it!" Breandan argued back.

Kearney frowned at his brother. "I didn't break it either!" he exclaimed.

Crossing his arms, Breandan returned his brother's frown.  "Well, then, I guess neither of us are going to fix it!"

"I guess not!" Kearney quipped back.


Breandan headed upstairs to bed and saw Mackenzie sleeping like an angel.
Sliding into bed beside her, he smiled as she wrapped her arms around him and snuggled closer.  He was thankful for every moment that Mackenzie was in his life...

Completed wishes:
Mackenzie: None!
Breandan: Talk to Mackenzie, Workout 4 hours
Kearney:  Train someone, Meet someone new, Talk to Marian, Be friends with Marian
Pending wishes:
Mackenzie:  Be friends with Mason, Have a baby, Join Forensic Branch, Learn how to make sushi
Breandan: Workout 6 hours, Reach Athletic Lvl 8, Join Special Agent Branch
Kearney: Workout 6 hours, Get promotion, Have 5 friends

*AN:  Oh, Mary Moloney, you floozy! Breandan's heart belongs to Breandan! Give it up!
Mason's little gasp when he saw Mary giving Breandan the flowers and then the look on Mary's face when Breandan declined them were priceless! Serves you right, Mary! :)

Kearney seems to be interested in any woman that walks through the door.  So far, he hasn't rolled any wishes concerning anyone other than his co-worker, Marian.  He obviously needs to socialize a little more!


  1. Ha, Mary Moloney keeps trying.
    Poor Kearney, I hope he finds someone for himself.

    1. Lol, I actually have to laugh every time I see Mary Moloney now. :) And, I know! Poor Kearney! I'm looking, but he's not rolling any romantic wishes, either! It'll be interesting to see who he falls in love with!