Monday, February 16, 2015

Chapter 1.13 - Preparing the nest...

Preparing the nest...

Mackenzie awoke at dawn again with a queasy stomach.  She tried to lay as still as possible in an attempt to stave off the compulsion to puke her guts up.  Especially when there was nothing in her gut, so she just threw up nasty bile.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she gave up the battle.  
 "Oh, damn!" she swore, hurrying towards the toilet. 
Breandan hovered nearby, unable to help Mackenzie at all.  He had noticed that she felt queasy often now, especially in the morning.
"I'm sorry I woke you," she said, embarrassed to have Breandan watching her heave.  "You can go back to bed." 

Breandan considered whether or not his dear wife knew of her condition.  "Mackenzie?" he asked.  "Where you come from, what are the signs of an impending baby?"

"An impending?" she echoed in confusion.  Sudden clarity dawned.
"A baby?!" she cried. "We're having a baby?!"

Breandan nodded his head. "As sure as I can be with no medical training!"

Mackenzie was so over-joyed she was near tears.  "I'm going to be a mother!"
"And I'm going to be a father!" Breandan added.  "Mackenzie, you've made my life full of purpose!" he told her quietly before he kissed her cheek and headed to work.
Mackenzie sighed and placed her hands on her belly.  She didn't feel anything yet, not even a baby belly, she thought with some disappointment.  What if pregnancy was different here, she thought with some trepidation. She wouldn't have been prepared for pregnancy in Bridgeport let alone Dragon Valley!
Hurrying down to the parlor, she scanned the titles on the ancient bookshelf.  "Dragon Recipes.. Magnetic Attraction..." she read as her finger skimmed the book spines.  "Ew, science!"  Continuing on she found it.  "Ah ha! Totally Preggers..."  She sat down and began reading the pregnancy book so that she could make sure her baby was healthy and happy.


Kearney headed to the Practice Pit after work to get in some exercise. Knowing he didn't have much time, he worked out in a quick burst, attempting to last three hours.  But, sweaty and fatigued, he hopped off the treadmill after just one hour, heading to the showers.  He really needed to build up his endurance!  He was glad Breandan wasn't around to taunt him for quitting so soon!


Breandan came home and found Mackenzie's nose in a book.  Ha, reading! he thought smugly. What an antiquated way of learning something!  He much preferred to learn to master a task by doing it!  Giving her some space, he turned the tv on and changed the channel to the workout station.  It was light aerobics, but with a good pace it was just enough to get his heart pumping.  He was glad Kearney wasn't home to see him working out so lightly!


Kearney came from the showers, refreshed but still sore.  He stopped in his tracks when he saw Lieutenant MacAnna running on the treadmill. A smile came over his face.
"Good form," he said, coming up beside Shannon to talk with her.

Shannon glanced over at him with a smile.  "Breandan! How nice to see you!" she replied without sounding winded in the least.

Breandan returned her smile.  It was always nice to see a woman in excellent shape working out.  


Breandan sighed and flicked off the television.  He lifted his ring and smiled.  He was a married man on the cusp of fatherhood!  
And he was tired of waiting to speak with his wife!
"Mackenzie?" he asked, striding to the writing desk that she had been reading at.

"Yes?" she replied, standing up.
"Are you finished reading yet?" he asked, impatient to hold her and kiss her.

Mackenzie smiled at her husband's affectionate pouting.  "I just finished!" she said. "I wanted to learn all I could about my pregnancy here!"

"Have I mentioned how beautiful you are?" he asked. 

Mackenzie scoffed. "Ha! I feel bloated!" she complained.  "And so not sexy!"

Breandan gazed into her eyes.  "You are my true love, you will always look beautiful and sexy to me, especially when you carry my child in you!"
Mackenzie thought she would literally melt from the heat his words caused to spread through her.  She threw herself into his arms and kissed him, claiming his lips. 
Breandan was just getting ready to scoop her into his arms, when she backed away. "Wait!" she cried out.  "There's something I'd like you do for me first..." she requested, taking a moment to explain that she wanted him to read the pregnancy book

"You want me to read a book?" he explained with surprise.  "I am a man of action, not words!"

Mackenzie almost giggled at the look of outrage on his face at the suggestion he read a book.  "Look, Breandan, I'm worried!" she explained.  "It sounds like pregnancies are the same here, but what if they're not!  Women could die where I came from in child birth.  Can that happen here?"

Breandan gritted his teeth and fought the urge to howl his denial.  "It is very rare," he told her, reassuring her.  "I will not let it happen."

How like Breandan to assume that just because he thinks he can protect me, he will, she thought with exasperation.  "I just want us to be prepared," she told him. "I've already bought the crib and her first stuffed animal..."

"His..." Breandan corrected.  "It's a boy," he said with finality. 

Mackenzie reached for his hand.  "Please," she pleaded.  "It would mean the world to me."
He had been unable to deny her.

"I've had a lovely time with you tonight," Kearney told Shannon.  After she'd finished her workout, they'd spent a long time getting to know each other, talking about exercise, work, anything that came to mind. 
"I've enjoyed talking with you, too," Shannon said, blushing slightly.

"I feel like we could talk about anything," he confessed his fondness for her.  How strange that they had known each other for such a short time, but already felt like they were good friends.

"Maybe we can get together again sometime," Shannon suggested, leaving the timing wide open.
"Absolutely," Breandan saluted in farewell.  "I look forward to seeing you again!"

Wishes Completed:
M- Read pregnancy book, buy crib, have father read pregnancy book, buy stuffed animal, kiss Breandan
B- None!
K- Talk to Shannon, group up with Shannon, become good friends with Shannon

Wishes Pending:
M- Be friends with Mason, Join Forensic Branch, Have a baby
B- Athletic Lvl 8, Join Special Agent Branch, Workout 6 hours, Have a boy
K- Workout 6 hours, Earn promotion, Talk to Marian

*AN:  Mackenzie is pregnant! Mackenzie is pregnant! Wishes were very hard to fulfill this day because of the BIG items on their lists.  Waiting for promotions, working out for 6 hours, Having a baby! Thankfully, there were a few little ones and some autonomous interactions which made today's story sweet for me! 

Side note, Kearney is attracted to Shannon, but neither of them did anything about it!  *crosses fingers they want to get together tomorrow!*


  1. Yay for the baby!
    I hope Kearney and Shannon get together too, that would be sweet.

    1. I am so excited for the baby! I had to redesign the castle to fit an extra room upstairs! I've always wondered where the parents lived in the castle when the boys were little. :)

      Kearney and Shannon are cute together! Plus they have a lot in common! Part of me also secretly roots for Marian and Kearney, though! I know she's married, but Robin Hooley is a *criminal*! Lol. I'm sure Marian would not be happy to discover that! Kearney definitely goes for the sweet, girl-next-door type!