Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chapter 1.14 - Lovely Violets in the springtime...

Lovely Violets in the springtime...

Breandan snuck out of the bed quietly.  Now that Mackenzie didn't have morning sickness, she usually slept in.  He made sure to let her get the rest she and the baby needed.

It wouldn't be that long, he thought as he absently moved a chess piece.  Hopefully he was ready for all that would come. It was at times like this that he wished his parents were still alive.


Kearney lifted the weights.  Soon he would be an uncle, he thought as he hefted the heavy bar once again.  He wondered if the household was ready for the changes that would come...


Mackenzie felt like she waddled everywhere!  It drove her crazy!  She couldn't wait to have this baby already!  She rubbed her belly.  "Everyone is ready for you," she said softly, feeling a kick in response.  She'd recently added a high chair to the nursery.  Breandan had laughed and said their son wouldn't need one for quite sometime.  She'd tartly responded that it never hurt to be ready.

Oh Lord, she thought, inhaling deeply, I hope I'm ready for this!  It was at times like this that she wished her parents had lived...


"Good morning, brother!" Breandan greeted Kearney as he strolled into the training room.  "It's a good thing you're doing some strength training! Your muscles have been looking puny lately!"
Kearney laughed, "Are you sure you haven't just been looking in the mirror?" he teased before adding seriously, "I spoke with Marian this morning.  She said that the Thieves had struck again.  This time they struck Leader O'Connell's house.  They made off with some expensive items, but left all the family heirlooms."

Breandan glanced at his brother with consternation.  "Interesting..." he said, sorting through the possibilities in his mind.

"Very," Kearney agreed.

The brothers continued on, with Breandan working out for six hours, late into the afternoon.


"How have the cases been going without me?" Mackenzie asked her partner, Mason Sackholme.

Mason sighed, "Mackenzie, you're not supposed to be worrying about it. You're supposed to be staying at home and putting your feet up."

"My feet are up," she lied.  "Dammit Mason! I'm dying of boredom here! I want some gossip and I want it juicy right now!"

Mason chuckled at Mackenzie's irritated tone.  "Well, there was an interesting case yesterday," he told her.

"Oh good! Lay it on me!" she said cheerfully.


After chatting to Mason for awhile, Mackenzie hung up and headed from the room, nearly colliding in her reticent brother-in-law, Kearney.
"Oh, excuse me!" she said when he put his hands up to steady her on her feet. 

Kearney's hands dropped back down to his sides as quickly as they had been raised.  "No harm done," he said casually.  "How are you and the baby feeling today?" he asked. 

Mackenzie grimaced.  "I feel tired, cranky, and sore," she complained.  "I hate being pregnant!"

"Perhaps you should visit the Ubiquitous Unity Day Spa.  A professional massage might make you feel better," he suggested.
Mackenzie's eyes lit up. "Oh! Why didn't I think of that?" she exclaimed.  "That is the... omf..." she grunted.  "Sorry, she just kicked me! Do you want to feel?" she asked, placing her hand over the spot on her belly that was being jostled.
Kearney looked aghast at the prospect of touching her. "Erm, no!" he said sharply, stammering apologetically, "I mean, thank you, but... no..."   When he saw her smile fade, he determined that his best course of action was to retreat. Quickly!


I certainly hope getting a massage puts me in a better mood, she thought sourly as she arrived at the Day Spa. 

"How beautiful!" she exclaimed when she saw all the lovely spring flowers.  They were bursting with color! She took her time walking through the garden, delighting in the sights and smells.
"The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the little violet of its scent nor the daisy of its simple charm. If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness." - Therese of Liseaux.
Already before she entered, she was feeling much, much better!


Kearney could have kicked himself for how awkwardly he'd handled his run-in with Mackenzie.  Didn't she know that it would have been an insult to his brother for him to touch her stomach?! Frustrated, and not knowing what else to do, he attacked the broken dishwasher with a vengeance.  It wasn't an admission of guilt - more disgust with it still being inoperable!


"Excuse me," Kearney said, abruptly standing after Mackenzie and Breandan joined him for dinner.  He hurried away, rushing to the bathroom.
"I told you that he doesn't like me!" Mackenzie complained.  "He never talks to me, didn't want to feel my stomach and just now he ran away as soon as I sat down!"
"I'm sure you're over-reacting," Breandan said, attempting to dismiss her concerns.

Wrong answer, Mackenzie thought as she leveled her husband with a glare.


"Come on, Kearney, you've got to talk to her. She thinks you hate her!" Breandan said after hunting his brother down after dinner.
"What? I don't hate her!" Kearney explained in shock.  "She wanted me to touch her stomach!" he said, aghast at the protocol breach. 
Breandan sighed. "This must be one of those things that are different on her world..." he muttered under his breath.  "It would mean a lot to her if you would just talk to her, though," he pressed.

Kearney scowled.  "Fine! I'll talk to her!" he said roughly, throwing his hands up in the air. 
Kearney stalked out to find Mackenzie in the entrance hall.
Adopting a formal approach, Kearney covered his heart with his hand.  "It has come to my attention that you think that I do not like you.  Lady O'Shea, it is my great honor to call you sister-in-law..." he said, slightly over-the top sarcastically.
"You dick!" Mackenzie snapped, glaring at her brother-in-law.  "Don't patronize me! I'm pregnant, not stupid!"

Kearney opened his mouth to reply when all of a sudden, Mackenzie doubled over from a sharp pain.
She glanced helplessly towards Breandan once the pain had ended.  "I think the contractions are getting closer together now," she told him.
"It's time?" Kearney asked, freaking out.

Breandan yelped, "Plumbbob! It's time!"

Mackenzie rolled her eyes.  Some help they were.  "Breandan, the hospital. Take me," she said as another contraction began.
Kearney ushered Mackenzie into his squad car and took off at lightening speeds.  In no time, they were standing in front of the hospital.
"You're doing great," Breandan assured her nervously.

Mackenzie snapped, "You almost killed me, you idiot!"

"That's just the labor talking, isn't it?" Breandan said, surprised to see his usually docile wife snapping at everyone.

"No! It's from being stuck in the car with you driving like an idiot!" she growled. 
"I'm sorry," she said, squeezing his hand as they came out of the hospital together, holding their newborn daughter in her other arm.

Breandan squeezed her hand back.  "It's already forgotten," he replied, silently thinking that he'd never been called so many awful names in such a short period of time!

"Just don't drive home like a lunatic," Mackenzie told him fiercely.  Precious cargo and all that..


Kearney was eagerly awaiting their return.  "Is it a boy?" he asked when they walked through the door.

Mackenzie smiled, tracing her newborn daughter's soft cheek.  Teasingly, she said, "No, I hold proof that not even Breandan can change mother nature's mind!"

Kearney glanced over her shoulder at his little niece.  "What are you going to call her?" he asked quietly, in awe of the tiny baby in Mackenzie's arms.

"Violet," she said.  "After your mother."

Tears stung Kearney's eyes and he cleared his throat, blinking rapidly to pull his errant emotions under control.  "She would've loved it."

Breandan yawned loudly behind them.  "Come, let us settle Violet into bed.  That was hard work!" he said with a stretch, "For you! For you!" he added when Mackenzie glared at him.  He trailed behind Mackenzie, apologizing, "I can't help it, Mac, I worked out for six hours today!"

Kearney heard his sister-in-law harumph before asking what he thought she'd been doing all those hours she was delivering.  He grinned as he watched them head upstairs.


Mackenzie snuggled her daughter in her arms, loving the feel of the tiny baby in her arms.  "Sleep well, my little flower.  I will come and check on you in a few short hours!"
Laying the infant in her crib, Mackenzie crept into their bedroom and slipped her arms around her husband.  The love of her life...

Wishes Completed:
M- Get a massage, Buy a high chair, Have a baby, Snuggle Violet
B- Workout for 6 hours, Have a boy (cancelled)
K- Talk to Marian

Wishes Pending:
M- Be friends with Mason, Join Forensic branch
B- Athletic Lvl 8, Join Special Agent branch, Workout for 8 hours, Pick up Violet
K- Workout 6 hours, Earn promotion, Improve handiness skill

*AN - Yay! Violet is the sweetest little baby! (I, oh so originally, deemed Breandan and Kearney's mother Viola so that a girl could be named after her!  Family is important to Mackenzie!) 

My sims in the game were busy working on fulfilling their big wishes, but they still wandered around enough autonomously!  Breandan surprised me by leaving Mackenzie waiting in their room in the morning to go play chess.  I didn't let him play long though because I was going to have him attack that 6-hour workout! 

That left Mackenzie and Kearney at loose ends.  I was so happy to see Kearney hunt Mackenzie down and talk to her.  Unfortunately, Mackenzie insulted him (thanks hot-headed temper)!  So she went to get a massage while Kearney worked on his handi-skill.  Dinner was hilarious because Kearney pulled out rotten food and ran off as Mackenzie and Breandan joined him. It really did look like he left because she sat down! 

I came across the Therese of Liseaux spring flowers quote while trying to find a nice violet quote that worked with my chapter. This one fit beautifully! Absolutely perfect for Violet's springtime birth! :)


  1. Violet is one of my favorite names. =)
    Congrats to the new parents, and to you for getting the second generation started.
    I loved angry Mackenzie this chapter. "You dick" hahaha

    1. Violet is such an adorable little girl! I'm excited to see if she looks more like Mackenzie or Breandan!

      And "you dick" was my favorite line, too! Lol. Get him, girl!