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Chapter 1.16 - Troubled relations...

Troubled relations...
   Warnings: Language

Mackenzie sleepily pressed herself against Breandan's warm frame.  I'm so cold, she thought, shivering under the blankets.  Moving her legs against her husband's, she accidentally brushed his leg with her frozen feet.

"Plumbob, Mac!" he complained, startled from a sound sleep.  "Get your frozen toes off of me!"

Mackenzie giggled, wrapping her leg around his and wiggling her toes against him.  "What? What are you talking about?" she asked.
Breandan growled under his breath, diving under the covers.  "I'm going to make you regret that!" he promised, reaching down and grabbing her foot in his hand and yanking up.

Mackenzie squealed and then began laughing as he began tickling her, bucking against him in a desperate attempt to get away.

Soon... one thing led to another...


Kearney held his niece, Violet, in his arms and gently rocked her.  "Shh..." he said, attempting to soothe her back to sleep.  "Your mommy and daddy need sleep.  Just go back to sleep for Uncle Kearney," he said.  Hopefully his soothing did the trick because he only had another 15 minutes before he needed to leave for work.  Breandan and Mackenzie were on their own after that!

After their fierce love-making early that morning, Mackenzie was a little confused by the chilly attitude coming from her husband on waking.  
"What?" she asked, "Why are you looking at me like that?'

Breandan just shook his head.  "Nothing," he replied, unwilling to burden his wife with his fears. He worried that she would face consequences from having imprinted with the dragon - even if she was a foreigner that didn't know any better.

"What?" she pressed, not liking the look on his face. 

Breandan turned away and began getting ready for work. "Nothing, we should get ready to go."
Mackenzie headed to work with her husband, but in that moment, she still felt utterly alone.  


Kearney met with Garda member, Enya Gallgher, under orders from his supervisor.  They were tasked with finding out as much information for their defenses as possible.  The military was not going to take the dragon threat lightly, especially not with Mithrilen ranting about his prophecies coming true. 

It was in his best interest to find a solution to this problem - hopefully one that exonerated Mackenzie, and his brother by extension.
But on meeting the lovely Enya, he seemed to have lost his wits. Enya was discussing a strategy and key topics to look for, but all he saw was her striking violet eyes.
"What sign were you born under?" he asked, completely out of the blue.  In Dragon Valley, they were firm believers in similar star signs being more compatible than others.  Another sign of the power of stars, he thought absently, thinking about how his brother swore the stars brought him Mackenzie.

Enya blushed. embarrassed at the abrupt turn in the conversation.  "Aries," she told him.

"I am a Capricorn," he told her, feeling foolish.  He was Enya's superior, having been promoted with a hefty payraise to a Level 7 Flight Officer.  He should not be flirting with someone under his command.  Brusquely, he said, "Let's head over to the library and discuss the strategy there."


That's it, Mackenzie thought angrily when Breandan seemed as though he was going to ignore her after work, as well!

"What the hell is your problem, Breandan!" she snapped.  
Just then, the babysitter came skipping down the steps.  "Hi, Mr. and Mrs. O'Shea.  I just finished feeding Violet and put her down to sleep.  You should be good for a few hours!"

Mackenzie shut her mouth quickly and waited impatiently as Breandan thanked Kyra for her help and sent her along her way.
Sighing, he turned around. "I just have a lot on my  mind right now," he told his wife, still unwilling to burden her.  

The Lieutenant had called him into her office today and told him to keep a better leash on Mackenzie.  As a higher ranking garda member, he had stepped in to take the blame for Mackenzie accidentally imprinting with the dragon.  Shannon had quiet a lot to say on the matter, chewing him out for almost an hour before begrudgingly giving him a promotion into the Special Agents branch.  "Do not screw this up any further!" she'd warned him. "Keep that dragon under lock and key!"

But his wife didn't know about any of that and Breandan was determined to keep it that way.  He didn't want her worrying about the following that Mithrilen was raising with his rants about foreigners, curses and dragons.  She finally felt at home somewhere and he didn't want to take that from her.

Mackenzie swiped at a tear forming.  "I didn't know that talking to the damn egg would be such a big deal," she said defensively. 

"I know," Breandan said softly.  "Dragon Valley is much different from where you come from. But, that's why you must exercise control!"

Mackenzie scoffed.  "Right, so the next time I see a dragon's egg, I won't talk to it!" she joked sarcastically.

"Plumbbob, I hope not!" Breandan said more sharply than he'd intended.  For her to even joke about it sent his pulse skittering.

At this vehement tone, Mackenzie's face fell.  "So you are mad at me?!" she cried.

Breandan shook his head and pulled her into his arms.  "No, I'm not mad," he denied.  "Like I said, I just have a lot on my mind.  This is Dragon Valley's worst nightmare come to life."  He paused, muttering, "And it doesn't help that a foreigner was involved."

Her lip quivered. "Is that how you see me, then? As a foreigner still?"  She turned her back on him, swiping angrily at the tears that kept leaking from her damn eyes.
Breandan groaned. He was mucking all this up.  He jerked her back to him, kissing her passionately.  "You are my wife," he told her huskily.  "The mother of my child.  I love you and I'm going to protect you."  Fears of protests and riots played out in his mind again.  Abruptly, he set her aside and headed upstairs.  He needed to be in peak physical condition to protect his family.
"Protect me from what?"! she called out after him.
But Breandan didn't answer.
Watching his retreating back, Mackenzie sighed.  Her gaze falling to the door leading to the small, hidden room.
When she walked in, the dragon blew out a steam of glittering sparkles.  "Oh, good God!" she swore under her breath, clutching her heart, half afraid that it would fly at her and poke her eyes out. 
The dragon just squawked loudly and flew up to perch on her arm.  It certainly seemed friendly, she thought with some confusion.  Why was everyone convinced that dragons were dangerous?

Caressing the dragon under it's chin, she told it, "You're certainly a little thing for all the trouble you've caused!"

The dragon just squawked again, chattering unintelligibly as it shook it's head.

Mackenzie sighed.  "I suppose you need a name.  It isn't right to keep you, but not name you.  Do you like the name Spike?" she asked, thinking of the cute, little purple dragon from a children's cartoon she'd grown up watching.

Spike chirped happily, nudging her finger with it's beak.

"I'll take that as a yes," she drawled.  She was pretty sure Breandan would kill her if he caught her in here...  "So what do dragons eat anyway?" she asked it.


Breandan and Enya headed up to one of the conference rooms with their stacks of books to look through. 
Breandan poured through a metal-making book, wondering if there were any metals that might prove resistant to the dragon's fire.  Enya was looking through another book, searching for references to other protective gear.

Over the generations, all the knowledge to protect themselves from the ferocious little beasts had been lost.  It almost felt as though they needed to start over from scratch!  Unfortunately, that meant that when Fintan Mithrilen shouted at the top of his lungs linking dragons to strange foreigners and curses, the people took him at his word.  Because who knew enough about dragons to refute him?
Finally, after feeling like he'd read enough about metal-working that his handiness had improved, he slammed the book shut with a resounding thud.  "This is getting us nowhere," he said with disgust.  "Reading isn't going to get us the answers we need."  Kearney was ever a man of action.  This was pointless.
Enya sighed in agreement and replaced her book on the shelf.  Kearney followed behind her and reached over her shoulder to put his own book away.
When Enya turned to say something to him, Kearney found that she was incredibly close, almost pressed again him.

Close enough to kiss, he thought absently.
 Slowly, meeting her steady gaze, he tilted his head down as she raised her chin up...
And his lips softly caressed her own in a gentle kiss.  He closed his eyes, feeling as though her lips were made for him.  He took a step closer, intent on turning the gentle kiss into something more...
Enya's eyes flew open.  "Plumbbob!  I'm sorry!" she burst out, breaking the spell.  "I have to go!"  In a flurry of movement, she ducked beneath his arm and hurried away. 

Plumbbob, he swore under his breath.  That wasn't quite how I'd envisioned my first kiss ending...


Mackenzie gave Violet her last bottle before bedtime, disappointed that Breandan hadn't made an appearance. He'd disappeared into the training room, exercising with a vengeance. 
"Don't worry," Mackenzie said, more to herself than Violet, "Everything going to be just fine."  She looked around the room, her gaze falling on the little dollhouse that she and Breandan had picked out for Violet's first birthday.  He hadn't even minded that they had spent over $500! A sign of a happier time...

Why did that feel like so long ago?


Close to midnight, Breandan put his weights to the side and stood up, muscles screaming with fatigue.  He'd worked out for eight hours!  But, he swore he felt stronger and more athletic from his diligence.  Silently, he crept into their room and found Mackenzie fast asleep.  

It's probably better that way, he thought sadly as he slipped into bed beside her, pulling her close to his side.

Wishes Completed:
M- BFF with Mason, Spend $500 (dollhouse)
B- Join Special Agent branch, Lvl 8 Athletic Skill, Workout 8 hours
K- Get promotion, Lvl 7 Military career, Earn raise, Spend $500, Improve handiness, Kiss Enya

Wishes Pending:
M-  Join Forensics branch, Earn raise, Get promotion
B- Have a baby, Improve Charisma, Workout 10 hours
K- Workout 6 hours, Meet someone new, Good friends with Enya

*AN: After spending the afternoon chatting with his coworkers, Kearney rolled a want to ask Enya Gallgher's sign. Awkward!  He called up her up and invited her over to find out.  And after a few flirts, he rolled the want to kiss her! Woo hoo! Go Kearney!  So, now we'll have to see if he expresses a burning desire to be with Shannon or Enya.  (Come on Kearney, you're not getting any younger!)

Breandan and Mackenzie are struggling a little bit.  Breandan wants to protect her, and she doesn't know that she needs protecting.  Not a good combination.  If only if it weren't for that pesky dragon!


  1. That dragon is sure causing a lot of trouble for Breandan and Mackenzie. I hope they are able to work it out, and that Fintan Mithrilen finds a new obsession.
    Kearney, Kearney, pick a girl and settle down already! Enya is cute.

    1. I know! Breandan and Mackenzie aren't rolling any wants to interact with each other, so they're staying busy apart from each other. Breandan worked out all evening and Mackenzie played with Violet and the dragon. Awww, trouble in paradise already!

      And Kearney - seriously! He needs to pick someone and quit driving me crazy. :)