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Chapter 1.18 - The course is set in motion...

The course is set in motion...

"Good morning, Violet," Breandan whispered as he lifted his daughter from her crib.  
"Let's let mama sleep in this morning," he said conspiratorially as he handed her the bottle he'd warmed.  "What would you like to do?"

"Da! Da!" Violet said, reaching for the bottle and eagerly pulling it to her.

Breandan smiled as he settled next to his daughter and watched her enjoy her breakfast. He loved how eagerly she approached everything in her young life!


 "Good morning, love," Breandan said when he went to check on Mackenzie and found her rising from the bed.

"Ugh," she complained. "I tried to wait up for you last night, but I couldn't stay up."
Breandan pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her, amorously hugging her.  "I know, I wasn't able to break away until the early morning hours," he told her.  

"What evidence came to light?" she asked, curious what had kept him away so long the night before.
 "I'll tell you at breakfast," he assured her, "But first..."


"Wait, you mean Mithrilen wants me arrested for treason?" Mackenzie asked, stupefied.  "Is that even possible?"  She couldn't believe Breandan had kept this from her! 

Breandan shook his head.  "No, Lieutenant MacAnna and Leader O'Connell have assured me that there's no merit to those charges.  They are arranging a council meeting to discuss what to do with the dragon though.  O'Connell leans towards having the scientist, John Burb, run some tests on it."
"No!" Mackenzie startled herself by saying.  "They can't!"  She thought of little Spike as their dragon.  She felt strangely attached to it.  "That would be cruel!" she argued.

"Mackenzie, we need to understand more about the dragon."

Mackenzie stood and crossed her arms. "It's not fair," she said mutinously.  "And you can tell O'Connell that I said that!"
"I'll speak with him, Mac.  But, I can't make any promises that they'll listen to me.  The course is already set in motion."  Breandan held his hands out, attempting to placate her.  "But please, do not worry so much.  It's not good for you in your condition."

Mackenzie smiled and stroked her belly.  "I can hardly believe we've been blessed with another baby so soon!"

Breandan returned her smile.  "I hope it's a little girl," he told her.

"I thought you wanted a little boy!" she teased.

"That was before Violet came into our lives!"

After lunch, the couple wandered into the sitting room where Breandan reread the pregnancy book as Mackenzie watched a cooking channel, trying to learn a new recipe.

"Ooo.. those pancakes look delicious, don't they?" she said as she watched the chef prepare the dish. 
Now craving pancakes, Mackenzie hurried into the kitchen and pulled out the ingredients.  It looked easy enough to make. Hopefully she didn't botch this!


Kearney found himself back over at Enya's house after work.  They greeted each other with a passionate kiss, stumbling through the hall, trying to make their way into her bedroom without breaking their kiss.
At last, they fell onto the bed and Kearney pulled Enya into his arms.  "I've been dreaming about this all day," he told her huskily.

"Me, too," she told him as she started unbuttoning his shirt.

Kearney shrugged out of his shirt and moved to slip the straps of her dress off her shoulders, pausing only moments to nuzzle her neck.
Pulling her beneath him, Kearney made love to Enya until they both fell back on the bed in sated bliss.


"I've been looking for you," Breandan said as he leaned against the nursery door and watched his wife teaching Violet to walk.  "Don't you think she's a little young for that?"

Mackenzie shot him a disgruntled look.  It didn't help that Violet didn't seem to want to walk.  "I don't know!" she said with exasperation. "I thought babies were able to start walking around 9 months!"

"Well, in the baby book I read, it said sometimes they around a year. There's no need to push if she's not ready," he told her, walking in with a bottle for Violet.  "He you go," he said as he handed it to Violet.
"Don't feel bad," he told Mackenzie, pulling her into his arms.  "I'm sure she'll be ready to walk soon!"

Mackenzie sighed.  "I just wanted to be able to teach her something!" she said.  "I'm worried that after this baby is born, I won't have the time anymore!"

Breandan kissed her temple.  "Violet, and our new baby, will want for nothing," he declared so confidently that Mackenzie had to chuckle. 

"You're always so sure of yourself!" she told him. "I find that incredibly sexy," she whispered.
Breandan glanced down to see Violet had wandered from their feet to play on the new block table Mackenzie had bought for her. 

He stroked Mackenzie's cheek.  "Perhaps we should put Violet to bed and you could show me?" he suggested.

Heat flared between them.
"Time for bed!" Mackenzie crooned softly to Violet, picking her up and snuggling her in her arms.

Violet patted her mother's chest and then laid her head down on her shoulder.  "Night, night," she echoed sleepily.
"Sleep well, little flower," Mackenzie said as she tucked Violet snugly in her crib.

Breandan leaned over and brushed Violet's cheek.  "We'll see you in the morning," he told her. 


 Enya quietly slipped from the bed, leaving Kearney slumbering peacefully.

Nuala O'Ryan glanced up when her friend Enya entered the room.  "Is he gone then?" she asked.

"No, he's sleeping," Enya told her. 

Nuala bit her lip. "So everything is going as planned," she asked.

Enya nodded her confirmation. "Yes."

Nuala sighed.  "It seems such a shame to continue with this..." she said, trailing off.  "He's so nice."

Enya shook her head sternly.  "Nuala, this is no time to get sentimental! "The course is already set..."

Wishes Completed:
M- Spend $100 (block table), Learn new recipe, Eat pancakes
B- Amorous hug, Buy potty chair, Read pregnancy book
K- Woohoo with Enya

Wishes Pending:
M- Have a baby, Teach Violet to Walk, Potty train Violet
B- Have a baby, Have a baby girl, Workout 10 hours
K- Workout 8 hours, Master Athletic skill, Invite Shannon Over

*AN - Goodness! It took Breandan forever to read his pregnancy book & Mackenzie to gain an extra cooking skill for the new recipe!  Poor Violet only got to play with her parents for a short period of time right before bed - and everyone then went to bed and crashed!  Most of their morning and night were spent autonomously after finishing their tasks. :)

And poor Kearney was exhausted after work. He'd stayed up too late the night before working out all day and then romancing Enya!  After work, he rolled a wish to invite Shannon over and to woohoo with Enya at the same time!  Knowing he wouldn't last long, he went over to Enya's for some nookie.  Lol.  Afterwards, he promptly fell asleep.  Good thing he asked to stay the night first! 

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