Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chapter 1.19 - The very best Christmas gift!

The very best Christmas gift!

Kearney woke in the morning, only to find Enya gone.  Quickly, he got out of bed and threw his clothes on. 
The first person he ran into was Enya's roommate, Nuala.  "Have you seen Enya?" he asked, thinking that she couldn't have left him sleeping here alone without saying goodbye! 
"Oh! No!" Nuala exclaimed uncomfortably. "Umm... she left early... to meet... Ellen! That's our other roommate!" she stammered.

Kearney's face fell in disappointment.  "I'd hoped to say goodbye to her this morning," he admitted.

"Aw," Nuala sighed whimsically. "How romantic!"  She waved her hands and fanned her face. "I'm so sorry! I can't help it! I'm a Cancer sign!" she told him.  "I get so emotional!"

"Nuala?" a sultry voice called out from the entryway.  "Are you there?"

Mackenzie felt the contractions begin again.  She pulled herself to a sitting position, hand resting on her pulsing belly.  "Breandan..." she said, shoving his shoulder.  "Breandan.... it's time...the baby's coming!"


"In here!" Nuala called out nervously. 

Ellen peeked her head around the corner and saw Kearney.  She grinned, batting her eyelashes.  "Well hello there," she teased.

Kearney looked back at Nuala with confusion. "I thought you said Enya had gone out to meet Ellen?" he asked.

Nuala nibbled her bottom lip and stammered an excuse before hurrying away.
 Strange, Kearney thought.  Something was going on here.

Ellen dismissively waved her hand.  "Oh, we already met. She went to the Practice Pit to work out."  She sent him a flirtatious look.  "I'd rather get all hot and sweaty other ways..." she said while leaning forward slightly to give him a view of her ample cleavage.

Kearney gulped and tore his eyes from her chest.  "Well, I'd breast be going.. I mean.. best..." he emphasized, correctly his slip.   He couldn't leave the room fast enough.
 "See you around, big boy," she taunted.


Breandan was so excited that they'd had another beautiful baby girl.  "Why don't you go take a nap?" he suggested to Mackenzie.  She'd been up most of the night for the delivery and was looking dead on her feet. 

Mackenzie smiled, "Mm, that sounds wonderful," she told him as she passed little Holly O'Shea into his arms.  "You take such good care of me," Mackenzie told him sleepily. "I love you."

Breandan kissed her forehead. "I love you, too."
After feeding and changing the newborn, he took her up to the nursery, snuggling her before lying her down in her crib for sleep.  She was their very own Christmas gift!

"What are you doing up?" Breandan asked when he saw Mackenzie up and about not that long afterwards.

Mackenzie waved off his concerns.  "I took a nap! I feel better!" she promised.  "I didn't want to miss the Gift Giving party!"

Breandan smiled like a little boy at the mention of gifts.  "The party is set to begin at 3 pm.  I was going to wake you before everyone showed up!"


And shortly before 3 pm, the guests began trickling in.  The first to arrive was Kearney's boss, Jared  Tidwell.  He saluted his superior and thanked him for coming.
He sought out Enya to let her know their superior would be there.  "I'd just like us to lie low," he told her.  "There's no need to flaunt the relationship."

Enya put her hand on his hip and frowned.  "Are you ashamed of me then?" she demanded.

"No!" he argued. "But, it will look bad if are together since I am higher ranking than you."


"Come on everyone, let's open presents!" Breandan called out, gesturing for everyone to gather in the sitting room.
Nuala eagerly held out a bouquet of flowers for Breandan. "Thank you for inviting us!" she told the hose.

Breandan looked at the flowers as though they would bite his nose off.  "Oh, there's no need," he stammered. "Let's just put them on that table over there."

Nuala frowned. Wasn't it customary to give the host a flower arrangement?


Enya settled next to Kearney during the gift giving party.  Feeling eyes on her, she glanced around the room, trying to find the source of unease. 

"Who is she?" she whispered to Kearney. "And why is she looking at me?"

Kearney followed her gaze and smiled.
"Oh, that is Shannon. She is a good family friend," he told Enya while sending a friendly wave Shannon's way.  Hm, strange, he thought. Why were all the females in Dragon Valley acting strangely today! Shrugging, he turned back in time to see Mackenzie open the first present.
"A mistletoe!" Mackenzie exclaimed, sending a naughty look her husband's way. "I know just how to use this!" she said smugly.

Breandan returned her look which told her that he would haul her from the room that minute if they didn't have guests over.
The remainder of guests all settled near the gift pile, waiting their turns to open a present; laughing and talking amongst themselves all afternoon long.  Some people received joke presents, like when Breandan had given Kearney a lump of coal.  And some people received things they would never need, like the dainty sun parasol that Kearney had given Breandan.

But, everyone greed that Kearney had thrown an epic party!
Shannon thanked Kearney for inviting her over, and then quickly made her exit, her eyes straying once again towards the woman that had sat by Kearney's side the entire day.  


After the guests had all gone, Kearney had talked Enya into meeting his brother.  "Breandan, I would like you to meet Enya."

Breandan had glanced between the two and raised an eyebrow.  "Nice to meet you, Enya."

Enya avoided his gaze. "Nice to meet you," she responded, almost shyly.  


After the party, Mackenzie headed up to the nursery, taking the time to start teaching Violet to use the big girl potty.  Messy business, she thought with a cringe as she hoisted her daughter up into her arms.  She would make Breandan clean that potty out!
She laid Violet to bed.  "Sleep well, my little flower," she told her daughter. 
Then she crossed over to the other crib and peeked in.  "And you, my merry little Holly," she said as she lifted her newborn into her arms and snuggled her.  "You are my very favorite Christmas gift!"

"Mackenzie!" Breandan called from the doorway.  "The mistletoe?" he asked with a wink

Mackenzie laid Holly to bed and eagerly joined her husband in the other room.

Wishes Completed:
M- Have a baby, Snuggle Holly, Woohoo with Breandan
B-  Have a baby, Have a baby girl, Throw a holiday party, Throw a great party
K- Learn Naula's sign, Invite Shannon over, Be friends with Ellen

Wishes Pending:
M- Teach Violet to walk, Teach Violet to talk, Potty-train Violet
B- Workout 10 hours, Potty-train Violet, Snuggle Holly
K- Workout 8 hours, Master Athletic

*AN -  Aw! I loved that Holly was a dark-pink/reddish baby born on Christmas!  I rolled random traits and she loves the cold & is athletic.  Of course, she likes the cold - she's a Christmas baby!  :)  I hope she has green hair! *crosses fingers*

I'm still waiting to see if Kearney will settle down with Enya. I don't have faith in him right now since he's been rolling wants for all different girls! Lol - invite Shannon over, woohoo with Enya, find out Nuala's sign, be friends with Ellen!  Goodness gracious!  He's either a player or he's absolutely oblivious. :)


  1. Aw, that's sweet! I love the name Holly and it was perfect for her being born on Snowflake Day. =)
    Kearney's got all the ladies coming on to him now, ha. I wonder if he'll ever settle down.

    1. I LOVED that she was born on Snowflake Day! I don't think I've ever had a holiday baby like that! I'm going to try to get a Fall baby and a Summer baby now. :) Hehehe.. that would just be perfect! Even more so if they're all GIRLS!

      Kearney... *shakes head* ... what are you doing?