Monday, February 23, 2015

Chapter 1.20 - We need to talk...

We need to talk...

Enya slipped from her bed, meeting Ellen in the living room.  "Are you sure that we should be doing this?" she asked, feeling conflicted as her feelings for Kearney started to become real.

"And we thought Nuala would be the weak link!" Ellen scoffed.  "You can't back out now, Enya.  And you wouldn't want him as an enemy..."

Enya's shoulder's sagged under the weight of her deception.  "I know..." she agreed softly.  "I should go update him..."


Kearney woke, knowing before he opened his eyes that he was alone. 

Back at home...
Breandan woke alone, as well, but heard the water coming from the other room. 
With a grin, he dropped his shorts and helped her reach all those hard to reach places...


Ellen sauntered into Enya's bedroom just as Kearney had stepped from his shower.  "What are you doing in here?" he asked.
Ellen smiled coyly as she walked closer, only stopping when she almost touched him.  "I just thought you'd want to know that Enya had a meeting this morning. You just missed her."
Kearney took a small step back, putting more space between him and Enya's flirtatious roommate.  "Thank you for letting me know," he said, nodding towards the door.  "I should probably get ready for work, as well."

Ellen didn't budge, just gazed at him steadily, making Kearney even more uncomfortable. He motioned towards the door, "If I could have a moment alone."

She pouted, shooting him a sultry look.  "Alright, if you're so shy, I'll leave!" she teased.
Kearney didn't think he'd ever rushed so quickly to get ready for work.  The sooner he left Enya's house, the better!  He was determined to never be alone with Ellen again!


"Oh good, you're just in time," Mackenzie said.  "Violet just used the big girl potty! Do you mind cleaning it?"

Breandan frowned.  "Why can't you?"

Mackenzie made a face.  "It's yucky! Isn't it Violet?"

The precocious toddler made a scowl, imitating her mother and announced, "Yucky!"
Mackenzie smiled and praised her daughter.  "You're doing such great talking!" she said happily, settling on the floor nearby.  She couldn't wait until Violet was talking!  "What do you want to talk about?!" she asked cheerfully.

Violet shook her head and scrunched her nose up.  "Yucky!"
Breandan emptied the toddler potty out with a grimace.  Yucky was right!


Violet pounded her doll against the doll house.  "Da-da! Da-da!" she called out, rubbing her eyes sleepily.
Mackenzie scooped Violet into her arms.  "Sounds like someone is starting to get a little sleepy," she said, rocking the toddler in her arms
Slipped Violet into her crib for a nap, she took a moment to check on Holly, as well.
Phew! she thought as she fed and changed Holly and then snuggled with her newborn, maternity leave with two babies under two was no walk in the park!  And to think - Breandan had asked if she thought she'd get bored staying home on maternity leave! She didn't have time to get bored, let alone take a nap or use the bathroom!


Kearney knocked on the door and waited patiently for Shannon to answer.  He needed to speak with her about something.
Shannon opened the door and smiled widely. "This is a surprise! Come in!" she said, opening the door wider and allowing him entry.  "What can I do for you?" she asked, her heart fluttering with anticipation.
Kearney didn't hesitate.  "I could tell you seemed upset the other day at the gift giving party.  Is everything all right?" he asked.

Shannon's face paled with twin peaks of color flashing on her cheeks.  "Oh?!" she asked nervously, "Nothing was wrong!"  She wasn't going to embarrass herself by admitting that she'd hated seeing him with a date!

Kearney sighed with relief. "Oh good. Enya had thought you were upset with me!"
Enya, she thought.  So that's her name.  Pasting a smile on her face, she shook her head.  "No, why would I be upset?"
Kearney grinned. "That's what I told her!" he assured her. His ringing phone interrupted the conversation.  "Hold on a moment, I need to take this," he said as he answered it. 

His face immediately lit up.  "Enya!" he said huskily in greeting. "I was hoping I'd hear from  you tonight." He paused as the woman on the other line responded.  "Yes, I'll be right over!"

Kearney snapped the phone shut.  "Sorry Shannon, I've gotta get going!"
When Kearney gave her a hug goodbye, Shannon closed her eyes tightly and tried not to cling.
She was going to lose him if she didn't say anything...

Breandan sighed with relief now that the logistics meeting was over.  He'd met with John Burb, renowned Dragon Valley scientist about what kind of testing the dragonling would be put through.  He was doing his best to honor Mackenzie's wishes to keep the dragon, Spike as she called him, safe.
He would present his findings at the Conference of Policing Professionals at City Hall within the week.  He wanted to be sure he was ready.  He poured over the notes he'd received from Scientist Burb, Leader O'Connell, and his own notes regarding Spike's behavior, until he thought his head was ready to explode.  He rubbed his pounding temple, Well, if there's one thing I've gained through this, it's increased logical reasoning!  He never thought that as an Garda officer he'd ever be required to do so much research!


 Over at Enya's, Kearney wasted no time tumbling into her bed...

Completed Wishes:
M-snuggle Violet, Snuggle Holly
B-Improve Logic
K-Talk to Shannon, Woohoo with Enya

Pending Wishes:
M-Teach Violet to Talk, Teach Violet to Walk, Potty-train Violet, Have a baby
B-Workout 10 hours, Potty-train Violet, Have a baby, Improve Athletic, Opportunity - Police Conference at City Hall
K-Workout 8 hours, Master Athletic, Opportunity - Read "Beyond the Aviator Shades"

*AN - Mackenzie and the kids were exhausted all day! I'm surprised she remembered to eat!

That morning, Mac & Breandan both woke up and rolled wishes to have a baby. Whewie! Brave parents! They're definitely working their way to being surrounded by family by popping all those babies out!

And at the end of work, Kearney rolled a wish to talk to Shannon and woohoo with Enya at the same time!  Make up your mind!  It seems he's not quiet willing to give up on Shannon. My daughter and I are team-Shannon!  We're hoping Shannon pulls it together and asks him out already!
FYI - That wasn't Enya calling to invite Kearney over.  No, Mary - NO!  You interrupted Kearney and Shannon's conversation that I was hoping would lead to flirting.  After that phone call, they both pulled books out of their inventories and started to walk in different directions.  DARNIT!


  1. Aw, poor Shannon! She better make a move if she wants Kearney!

    1. I'm beginning to think both Kearney and Shannon are incapable of making any moves. :)