Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chapter 1.21 - Disappointments...


Kearney woke with a sigh. Alone, he thought, again.  He really needed to talk to Enya about how it made him feel when she slipped from bed without a word to him.  It made him feel dirty...

He stopped and tilted his head when he heard the sound of the shower.  Hurriedly, he got from bed.  She was still here!
"Good morning, beautiful," he told her, reaching out to pull her into his arms.  "I can wash your back!"
Enya leaned back, skirting his arms.  "I'm sorry," she said. "I'm just not in the mood."  She reached for some sort of explanation.  "Your breath.. it's morning..."  This was getting too hard, she thought.  She was dangerously close to falling for him.  "I'm sorry, I have an appointment this morning!" 

Kearney watched Enya run from the room as though her life depended on it and felt a crushing sense of loss.  Tentatively, he cupped his hand over his mouth and blew out a breath, inhaling quickly.  Did it smell that bad?


Feeling at a loss of what else to do for the day, Kearney headed down to the Practice Pit and jumped on the treadmill.  Maybe he could outrun these uneasy feelings...


Mackenzie lovingly stroked her slight baby bump.  She was so happy that they were expecting another child!

"Hot dogs are ready!" Breandan called out as he placed the plate on the table.  "You hungry?"
"Famished!" Mackenzie said, sitting down and grabbing a plate. The couple enjoyed their meal together, chatting about their girls and the baby on the way.
When they were finished, Breandan grabbed the dirty dishes. "I'll clean up here if you want to go check on the girls," he told her.  "I need to leave soon for the conference at the City Hall."
Mackenzie hurried upstairs and first took care of Holly.
Which Violet did not care for one bit!

"I know, little flower," Mackenzie told the screaming toddler, "Let me just get Holly first! I'll be right there!"

"Haf go potty, Ma-ma!" Violet called out urgently. 
It was hard to wait when you were a little girl...
Mackenzie hurriedly let Violet out so that she could use the toddler potty while she finished caring for her little sister.  Thankfully Violet was potty-trained now! Once Violet was finished, Mackenzie handed her a bottle.  "There!" Mackenzie announced.  "All better?!"
Violet nodded, "Beddah!" she agreed adorably. 

"Bet-TER," Mackenzie said, emphasizing how to say the word correctly.

"Bed-DAH!" Violet repeated, not quite getting it right. 

Mackenzie smiled.  It seemed her little toddler needed a little more practice to talk!


Breandan stiffened his shoulders before heading into City Hall for the conference.  He never could have imagined that one day he would be an advocate for the treatment of dragons!

After several hours and back and forth, Leader O'Connell had agreed to consider his request.  Breandan had pushed, "Spike has not behaved aggressively towards any of our family members."

Seamus had looked up with surprise.  "Spike?" he asked. 

Breandan felt himself blush, mumbling, "My wife named him..."


That had been much harder than he'd anticipated, Breandan thought as he stepped outside into the brisk, wintry evening.

"YOO HOO! BREANDAN!" he heard someone call.
"Oh, plumbbob!" Breandan cursed under his breath.  Mary Delaney...  Just great!
Mary hurried over to his side and Breandan began thinking of all the excuses he could make to extricate himself from this situation.  "Mary," he began calmly, "I've told you..."

"Don't say it, Breandan!" she gushed, placing her finger against his lips.  "I have something I want to tell you!"

Breandan glared.
Mary took a deep breath and pulled a bouquet of red roses from behind her back.  "I've always loved you," she said, holding the roses out for him. 

"Mary!" he thundered, "I've told you a million times! I am a happily married man! Go home to your husband."
Pushing her to the side, he jogged away from her. 


"Hello?" Kearney called out, knocking on the door.
He received a call from Teagan, Shannon's sister, telling him that she was throwing a party tonight.  But, he didn't see anyone else here.  What was going on?
"Kearney? Is that you?" Shannon asked, coming down the stairs.  "What are you doing here?" She tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Teagan said she was throwing a party and that I needed to come," he said.
At her look of confusion, he groaned and scrubbed his hand over his face.  "She's not even here, is she?" he asked.
"I'm sorry, sometimes she doesn't think things through," Shannon said helplessly.  "She might've forgotten that she invited you over."  Or she might've been trying to make my life a living hell, she thought sourly.  It was completely like her mean-spirited sister to invite her unrequited crush over just to rub it in her face that she could never have him.

"That's okay, I didn't have plans anyway," Kearney said sadly.

Shannon perked up a bit at that news.  "Oh?" she asked, "You didn't have plans with Enya tonight?"
"No, I didn't hear from her today at all."  Kearney sighed and shook his head.  "Why can't women make up their minds?" he asked irately.  "Sometimes she acts like she wants me and sometimes she acts like she can't wait to be away from me!"
"Not all women are like that!" Shannon said quietly, taking a breath and grabbing his hands.  "I wouldn't be like that."
Kearney gulped. "What?!" he asked, pulling his hands away from her.  "What do you mean?"
Shannon's cheeks turned red with embarrassment and she looked away.  "Nothing! Nevermind!" she said, hurrying past him towards the stairs.
"Wait!" Kearney yelled out, breaking from his stupor and spinning around.  She slowly turned around to face him.

"What?" she asked tensely, ready for him to be gone so she could go cry in her room alone.
Kearney crossed the space between them in a few quick strides. "You can't say something like that and not give me time to respond!" he said angrily. "What did you mean?"

Shannon shook her head, looking away from him. "Nothing, Kearney!" she cried out.  "Just forget I said anything.

Kearney grabbed her shoulders and leaned down, trying to meet her eyes.  "Tell me, Shannon," he said softly.
With a cry, Shannon broke from his grasp and hurried up the stairs, leaving him to wonder...

Completed Wishes:
M- Potty-train Violet
B- Potty-train Violet
K- Mastered Athletic skill, Workout 8 hours
 Pending Wishes:

M- Teach Violet to talk, Teach Violet to walk, Have a baby
B- Have a baby, Workout 10 hours, Improve Athletic skill
K- Be worth 200k, Improve Handiness skill, Go on a date with Enya

*AN - Dangit Kearney! Enya completely turned him down flat for a kiss that morning, pulling away when he'd tried to get amorous with her.  He really did reek. And his solution, instead of showering, was to brush his teeth. Nice.  So, he took his sad self down to the Practice Pit to work out.  Thank goodness he showered afterwards!  I got a pop-up telling him that Shannon's sister invited him over for a party.  Umm.. no one's there! So, I let them autonomously chat. I was feeling excited because he kept complimenting her and she actually reached out to hold his hands.  And THEN, he rolled this:
What? Have her dance with someone else? You DOPE! She likes you!
Thankfully there was no one around that she could dance with. I cancelled it & crossed my fingers for a romantic action.  The same wish came up.  Apparently Kearney was starting to feel a little nervous about her coming on to him! And then to cap off a tragic ending to the night, he rolled a wish to ask Enya out on a date. 

*sighs with utter disgust at Kearney*  At least Mackenzie and Breandan follow my wishes! :)  I thought it was hilarious that Mary Delaney stalked him outside City Hall.  We had to look around to even find out where Mary was, she was so far away! But she ran over and tried to give him flowers. Lol.  Poor, poor Mary. 

Mackenzie spent the day caring for the babies.  Good thing she loves it.  It's not like she's going to have another one or anything...


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    1. Lol... maybe if Kearney had rolled a wish to oh-I-don't-know KISS her instead of trying to get her to dance with someone else, the night might've turned out differently!

      Ugh! They're killing me! I can't stand the suspense!