Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chapter 1.22 - Working it out...

Working it out...

"All better!" Violet said happily, echoing her mother clearly.
Mackenzie was so excited. "That's right, Violet!" she cheered, hoisting the little girl above her head and spinning her around. 

Her little girl could talk now!

Breandan hopped on the treadmill early in the morning after letting Violet out of her crib and quickly snuggling with Holly. 
"Up already?" Kearney asked with surprise when he saw Breandan already hard at work.

Breandan laughed, "I've been in here for almost an hour already, old man!" he bragged. "Who's the laze-a-bed now?"

"Hmph!" Kearney said non-committaly, sitting down and shifting into lifting position. "One time does not erase all those late mornings!"

Breandan laughed, "Those late mornings were well worth it! I have my daughters now thanks to all that lovemaking!"
Kearney felt a pinch of jealousy.  How was it that his brother had found the love of his life, but that he still hadn't

"How did you know?" he blurted out, mid-lift. 

Breandan glanced at his brother quizzically.  "What do you mean?"

At first, he didn't think his brother would respond, but finally Kearney muttered, "How did you know that Mackenzie was the one?"

Breandan noticed how tense his brother was, and how he avoided his eye.  Apparently his answer meant a lot to him.  He considered the situation for moment.  "I guess I just knew how much I loved spending time with her.  I made up reasons to go over to her house, or to call her.  Is that how you feel about Enya?" he asked.

Kearney let out a sigh of disgust. "I don't know! Don't you think I should feel something either way by now?  If she's my true love, then I should want to marry her, right?"  Kearney angrily let the weights drop and stood up, stretching his sore muscles.
Breandan stopped, as well.  "Not necessarily, Kearney," he said as he wiped the sweat from his brow.  He gazed steadily at his brother.  "What's really bothering you?" he asked.

Shannon's image instantly flashed in Kearney's mind.  He scowled.  "Nothing," he snapped, feeling out of sorts. "I just have a lot on my mind." 


Breandan headed up to the nursery.  "They're sleeping?" he asked, gazing down at his sleeping daughters.

Mackenzie smiled up at him.  "Yes, finally got the little one to sleep. She's been a little fussy."
"You are truly amazing," Breandan told her.

Mackenzie felt tears prick her eyes.  She was so f-ing emotional these days!  "Aw," she sniffed, "Thank you!"  It was hard work taking care of their little girls, especially when she was pregnant!
"I'm so lucky that I found you."  Breandan said, a little choked up himself, pulling his wife into his arms for an amorous hug. He held her tightly. 

"What's this about?" she asked cautiously. 

Breandan thought of his brother, floundering in his relationship with Enya, and just held Mackenzie tighter.  "I was just reminded tonight how truly lucky we are."
"Yeah we are," Mackenzie agreed, pulling away.  Sniffing the air, she waved her hand in front of her face. "You reek, Breandan!"

Breandan laughed. "That's what working out for 10 hours to improve my fitness skill will do!" he teased.  "Come on, woman. Come scrub my back!"


Kearney took a cold shower, washing the stink from his body.

He needed to see Enya.
Throwing on his clothes, he pulled his cell phone out and dialed her number.  "Hello Enya?" he said in greeting. When no response was forthcoming, he frowned. "Enya?" he asked.

Enya's voice came over the line, muffled.  He could hear people in the background.  "I can't talk right now," she said quietly.

"Are you okay?" he asked with concern.  Something didn't sound right. "Should I come over?"

"NO!" she said quickly, "Don't come over! I'm fine. I just have to go!" She hung up.
Kearney shook his head with bemusement at how abrupt Enya had been.  He didn't like the direction the relationship was going.  It seemed all she was willing to give him was sex, but he wanted more than that. He wanted a real relationship.

Like Breandan had...
His thoughts turned to Shannon.  Pulling out a sheet of paper, he started a letter

"Dear Shannon," he wrote.  "I've been thinking of you..."

Completed Wishes:
M- Teach Violet to talk, Toss Violet in the air, Amorous hug
B- Workout 10 hours, Improve Athletic skill, Woohoo, Buy a toybox
K- Workout 10 hours, ask Enya on a date, Write a love letter to Shannon

Pending Wishes:
M- Violet ages up well, Teach Violet to walk, Have a baby
B- Violet ages up well, Have a baby
K- Be worth 200k, Improve Handiness skill

*AN - Finally! And all it took was Enya turning him down for a date! Lol!


  1. Yay, the love letter wish is a start, at least!

    1. My daughter was so excited when that wish popped up, she was jumping up and down in her chair. I don't think I've ever rolled a wish to write a love letter before!