Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chapter 1.23 - Two plus one equals three..

Two plus one equals three...

 "Shhh..." Breandan said as he snuggled with Violet, pulling her from the crib.
He quietly placed her on the floor, stroking her cheek.  "Let's let mama sleep in this morning."  Mackenzie was due any day now and
"That means you, too, Holly," he gently chided when the toddler began crying to be let out with her sister.
Too soon it was time for Breandan to head to work, so he left them playing with the new toybox he'd bought.  "Be good for mama!" he said before leaving.  The girls had been fed, changed and snuggled, so hopefully Mackenzie would be able to sleep in!


Mackenzie was surprised when her water broke.  Why did Breandan have to be at work? she thought, glaring at the damn gnome across the room.  She was going to get rid of that creepy statue yet!  "Little help, please?" she asked him as she clutched her stomach during another contraction.
In the end, she hadn't had time to run to the hospital. This baby is coming whether she was ready or not, she thought.  "Welcome to the family, Daisy O'Shea!" she said, snuggling her newborn against her chest.
After cleaning up a bit, she took her newborn daughter into the nursery.  "Meet your new sister, girls!" she called cheerfully when she entered.  She gently laid the newborn in her crib with her very own stuffed bear.
"Time to eat!" Mackenzie said as she picked Violet up.
Mackenzie settled Violet into the high chair.  "Mmm... cereal!" she said, enticing the little girl to eat. 
"With your spoon!" she called out across the room as she got Holly her bottle.
After their meal, Holly went back to playing with toys as Mackenzie worked on teaching Violet to walk.

Before too long, little Daisy began whimpering.
Mackenzie stood, straightening her back.  Maybe she should hire a nanny to help her take care of the girls!  She thought it was hard with two under the age of two!  Now, three?!

Kearney stepped out of the Garda office and sighed.  He'd stayed a little later to attend a mechanical instructional seminar.  Unfortunately, he didn't learn anything new to improve his handiness skill.  But, it wasn't a total waste... maybe he'd run into Shannon...
While he was waiting, he turned eagerly to see who exited behind him. "Sha...?" he stopped and stared at Enya. "Oh," he said, his voice tinged with disappointment.
Kearney was trying to decide what to say to Enya when Shannon stepped out.  "Oh, excuse me," she murmured with dismay, looking for an escape route.
"Shannon! Wait.." Kearney said, but Enya was already approaching him.  

Shannon looked down and moved away, giving the couple privacy.  Kearney watched her go with a sinking heart.  This probably looked really bad to her...
"...sorry about the other night," Enya was telling him as he watched Shannon walk away.  "It was just a bad time."

Kearney snapped his eyes back to Enya and tried to pay attention.  "What was going on?" he asked.  "I was concerned."

Enya didn't meet his eyes, hesitating  a moment before answering, "Ellen had someone over."
Something didn't feel right, Kearney thought. "Look, Enya," he said, trying to think of the kindest way to say this.  "I've really enjoyed the time we've spent together."

Enya's eyes lit up. "Oh, me too! I'm so glad..."

Kearney cut her off.  "But," he emphasized, "I'm looking for a real relationship.  Not just a casual romance."

"But, I thought you wanted me!"  Enya looked troubled. 

Kearney's cheek flushed. "The problem isn't with desire," he tried to explain.  "It's just that something is missing... the companionship... the friendship..." he trailed off, glancing across the way towards Shannon.

"You don't think we're friends?" she asked with confusion, just now noticing his distraction.  Following his gaze across the commons, she grimaced.  "Oh. I see."

Poking him in the chest, she snapped, "Three's a crowd!" before she angrily stalked away, leaving Kearney feeling slightly guilty.
He closed the distance between Shannon and himself.  "Shannon?" he asked quietly.  "Can we talk?"
Shannon whirled around, glancing behind him to see that Enya had left.  She closed her eyes to brace herself for Kearney to tell her that the letter had been a mistake.  I can handle this because I am a strong woman, she told herself.
Kearney didn't know how to tell Shannon his feelings tactfully or with grace, so instead, he just blurted it out.  "What you said the other day, it got me thinking," he told her.  "And now I can't stop thinking about you!"
Shannon looked at the ground.  "I'm sorry," she said quietly.  She hadn't meant to come between him and Enya.  She'd only wanted to let him know her feelings.  And that she thought Enya didn't appreciate him the way she would.  "I shouldn't have..."

"I'm not," Kearney interrupted her quickly. He wondered if he was going to botch this conversation as bad as the one he'd had with Enya.  Sighing, he tried to explain, "I'm not a young adult anymore.  I'm not interested in a casual relationship."
Shannon shut her mouth and swallowed nervously.   "So? What are you saying?" she asked.
Kearney reached for her hands.  "I'd like a real relationship. One where we go on dates, out to the movies or out to eat, and get to know each other before becoming... intimate.  I want something more than just the physical connection.  Does that sound okay to you?"

Shannon was so overjoyed that she wasn't sure she could speak without crying.  Instead, she just nodded her head eagerly.
 Kearney pulled her into his arms for a hug. 


"Okay girls, time for bed!" Mackenzie announced, changing Daisy's diaper and making sure she was fed and snuggled before bedtime.
Next, she scooped up Holly and settled her into her crib with a kiss to her forehead.
"And you," she said, turning to Violet.  "Come here! I have a surprise for you!"  Violet ran over to her and threw herself into her mama's arms. 

"Surprise?!" she asked eagerly.  "A pony?!"

Mackenzie chuckled, "No, no pony. But I think you're going to like it anyways!"
Bouncing Violet on her hip, (She was almost getting too big to carry this way!), Mackenzie headed down the stairs to the room below the nursery. 

Knowing that Violet would be growing up soon and needed her own space, Mackenzie had talked Breandan into making this room the children's room.  He might've said she could spend $500... she might've spent more!
"How do you like it?" she asked her daughter excitedly.  "You even have your own big girl bed!" 
"I love it!" Violet cried out,  "Down! Down!"
"No, it's time for bed right now.," Mackenzie said as she laid Violet in her toddler bed.  "Sleep well, my little flower."

"But I wanna play!" Violet argued, scrubbing at her eyes with her little fists.

"First thing in the morning," Mackenzie promised.  "Sleep now."
Within moment, Violet had fallen asleep.  Mackenzie pulled the covers over her daughter with bittersweet feelings.  She was growing up so fast...


Breandan sleepily came inside, mentally and physically exhausted after the long day.  He'd been on his way home from work that afternoon when he'd gotten paged back in.  It was past dark by the time he'd finally managed to slip away again.  That's what happens when you got a promotion, he thought. Added responsibilities!
 Quietly, he slipped into the nursery before heading to bed.  There she was in the crib.
His daughter, Daisy.  Breandan snuggled her close, rocking her in his strong arms.

Wishes Completed:
M- Have a baby, Have a baby boy (cancelled), Snuggle Daisy, Pick up Violet, Spend $500
B- Snuggle Violet, Buy toybox, Have a baby, Earn promotion, Snuggle Daisy
K- Form group, Talk to Shannon

Wishes Pending:
M- Violet ages up well, Teach Violet to walk, Potty-train Holly, Teach Holly to walk
B- Master Athletic skill, Violet ages up well, Lvl 10 career
K- Workout 12 hours, Improve handiness skill, Be worth more than 200k

*AN -  Look at my sweet little Daisy! She is a cutie patootie! Didn't realize I was going to be growing a flower garden when I started this round. :)

Poor Breandan was dead on his feet exhausted, but still went in to feed Daisy when he got home autonomously. What a good daddy!

And Kearney - could he have made his decision? Finally?  When he was talking to Enya, he actually rolled the wish to form a group.  *clears throat*  It didn't say to form a group with Enya... so I took liberties to send him over to Shannon. Lol.  I was quite glad he didn't roll a want to woohoo with Enya the moment he saw her!  He hasn't rolled any wants to kiss or marry Shannon, though. So, apparently he does want to take it slow.  (Any slower and they're going to be elders!)

Good thing Love Day is coming in a few days!


  1. Great use of the 'group' wish. =) I hope Kearney rolls more wishes for Shannon.
    The girls are all adorable, too.

    1. I know! I felt slightly cheater-beater-ish, but it didn't say to group up with Enya! Lol.