Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chapter 1.5 - This is the start of something good!

 This is the start of something good!

Mackenzie stretched lazily as she came awake, smiling before her eyes even opened up.  He liked her, was her first thought.  He really, really liked her!

Rolling over in bed, she placed her hand on the pillow where he'd laid. If only she hadn't been so damn tired! Last night would've turned out much different! she thought smugly.  He'd still be here in her bed and she could...

Damn!  She hadn't made plans with him for the day and it was a holiday, so she wouldn't see him at work!  Sighing, she threw the covers off and got out of bed. Good going, Mac.

"So what am I going to do today?" she asked herself.


Not knowing what else to do, Mackenzie jogged over to the park.  Isn't that what people did on holidays? Go have a picnic at the park and barbecue?

Apparently not, she thought with disgust when she saw the empty park.
Seeing nothing better to do, she sat down at the chess table and started moving around pieces. Everyone swore that playing chess would raise your IQ.  Right.  Like moving around some pieces would raise your logic skill!  She glanced across the park discontentedly.  I wonder what Breandan is doing right now...


Breandan hummed as he casually walked along the road, in a better mood than he'd been in a long time.
He was quite oblivious to everything else around him.  "Hi Breandan!" Mason's sister, Susie, called out flirtatiously.  He didn't even hear.  His thoughts were centered on Mackenzie.  I wonder what she's doing now...


"You might have fooled the O'Shea boy, but I see you for what you are!" someone hissed.

Mackenzie shot up out of her chair. "What the hell are you blathering about?" she demanded angrily. 
"You're an abomination! A curse sent to Dragon Valley! Mark my words!" he addressed the people around them.  "She will bring nothing but ill tidings!"
Mackenzie stuck her finger in the blue guy's face.  "I don't know who the hell you think you are! But the only curse in this park is you!" she yelled.  "Now back up out of my space!"
"Who am I?" he laughed, "I am Fintan Mithrilen! One of the oldest families in Dragon Valley!" He glared at the other-worldly woman with distaste.  Addressing the crowd, he yelled, "You did not listen when I said we needed to protect our defenses. And now look! A spy in our midst!"

Seamus O'Connell, stepped forward.  "Quit your ranting, Fintan. It's upsetting my digestion!" The tall, imposing man said calmly.  "This is a matter for the committee."

"The committee?" Fintan scoffed. "As though those old fools would go against the Great O'Connell Leader," he sneered.

"Come, let us take this matter somewhere private to discuss," he said, shooting her an apologetic look as he latched onto Fintan's elbow and lead him away.
On weak knees, Mackenzie sank back down to the chair.  A committee? An abomination? Is that what people thought of her?! she thought frantically.

Then another thought crept into her mind.  Oh God, is that what Breandan thought? She pushed the pieces away from her.  Where was he when she needed to talk to him, she silently fumed.


 Breandan whistled as he headed down the street. 
 Then, glancing across the street at the park, he saw her.
 He smiled.  Just who he wanted to see!

 "Mackenzie! You look well this morning!" he said in greeting, smiling flirtatiously.
He knew with one look at her face that something was wrong.  She looked worried and sad.
"What is the matter?" he asked her, closing the space between them with a few strides and grabbing her hands in his own. 

"Am I an abomination?" she demanded, distressed.

"What?! Of course not!" he responded, "Who dared say that to you?!"

"I didn't catch his name, some big blue guy," she said without pausing to take a breath.  "He said that I was an abomination and that I would bring curses to Dragon Valley!"

"Ah, that sounds like Fintan," Breandan guessed. "Nobody pays attention to Fintan's rants anymore."

"Breandan, I'm scared. There's going to be a committee hearing about me!  What's going on?" she asked.
"I will not let any harm come to you, Mackenzie. Do not worry." Breandan stroked her cheek.

Mackenzie wanted to believe him. She reached up and held his hand to her face, closing her eyes when the heartache hit.
Seeing the pain in her face, Breandan pressed, "Do you trust me?"

Mackenzie sighed. "I think you think you can keep me safe.  But what if that Fintan manages to get everyone worked up about me?" She paused, fully prepared to end things with him.  "Look, I don't want to get you in trouble. Maybe we shouldn't..."
Breandan didn't let her finish her sentence.  He pulled her to him and kissed her in full view of all the townspeople.  Let it be known that she was under his protection!
"You were saying?" Breandan teased when they finally came up for air. 

Mackenzie fanned her face. "Well you certainly know how to make a point!"
He grasped her hands in his and squeezed, "This is the start of something good, Mackenzie. I can feel it."

Mackenzie suddenly realized the heroines in romance novels swooned so much! She felt a little weak in the knees!

"Come on," Breandan said, tugging her arm.  "Let's enjoy today and not worry about tomorrow."

Wishes Completed:  Jog, Gain Logic Skill

Wishes Pending:  Get married, Buy Something Worth $100

*AN: I almost died waiting to see where Breandan was going! He was just strolling down the street without a care, starting near his house.  I didn't have a wish to invite him over or have an outing, so I didn't have a way of getting him to the park with Mac!  And then, just as I thought he was going to pass by the park, he glanced over towards the park and crossed the street. SQUEE!  He headed straight for Mackenzie and started flirting with her.  YES!  I was so ridiculously happy!


  1. Yay, I'm glad Breandan decided to cooperate with your plans and came to the park on his own.

    1. I was positively giddy! Lol. It was certainly an interesting day for her! I also loved that Fintan Mithrilen came over and yelled at her for no reason. :)

  2. He came to the park on his own? Score! The two of them were meant to be :)