Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chapter 1.6 - A mysterious stranger...

A mysterious stranger...
    Warning: Language

Mackenzie was a little surprised that Breandan blew her off after work.  She was getting used to spending most of her time with him.

"I'm sorry, Mackenzie. I need to speak with my brother," he said distractedly. "I'll call you later if I get a chance," he promised.

"Whatever, I've heard that before!" she snapped irately.  "Well I'm not waiting around all night for you to call, Breandan O'Shea!" she called after him, pleased that his back had at least stiffened.  Stupid, self-centered, cheating men, she grumbled, feeling sorry for herself.

Although, to be honest, it probably wasn't really Breandan - it probably had to do with her being overstressed at work.  Seriously, they'd hired her to be a receptionist, not a glorified errand girl - filing, typing up reports, answering the phones.  Mason even asked for her help making sure a suspect didn't go anywhere while he ran to lunch!  Okay, granted, it was the harmless Daric Ordhen who needed to sleep off a few pints, but still!

More hurt than she cared to admit, she headed home with a purpose.  Go out to a hotspot and get wasted.  Wait, she stopped.  Were there even any hotspots in Dragon Valley? 
After heading back in and checking with Mason about where she could go for some fun, and gently turning his company down, Mackenzie headed out to McAfferty's Pub.  She glanced around the empty joint, not much of a hotspot, was it?
Bored, she wandered over to the foosball table and began whacking the ball around.

Take that, Breandan, Mr. I'm-Too-Busy-Tonight, she thought sourly as she jerked the handle hard, causing the ball to go sailing across the room.  It stopped at the feet of a stranger.

"Sorry about that," she said with a heavy sigh.
"No problem," she said, picking up the ball and wandering over to the game.  Dropping the ball in the middle, she quirked her brow and asked, "Wanna play?"

"You're on, sister!" Mackenzie said, gripping the handles.  She smirked. She was going to spank this chick's socks off!
 "I lost?!" she cried out in disbelief.  "I can't believe I lost!"

She rounded the table and jabbed her finger in the lady's face. "You cheated! Didn't you?!"
The lady held her hand up, attempting to hold Mackenzie at bay.  "I do not want any trouble with you." she said cautiously.  "I did not cheat."
"Dirty, rotten cheater!" Mackenzie roared as she launched herself  at the woman.  Both women swore as slaps were traded, hair was pulled, and Mackenzie was pretty sure the other woman was trying to gouge her eye out.   God, this was an out-an-out brawl!
"I don't want to hurt you, little girl," the woman said, twisting Mackenzie's arm behind her back and holding her steady.  "Your fight is not with me."

Mackenzie roared with fury as she tried to get herself free, finally dropping her head to her chest.  "Alright! I give!" she snapped.

"You will apologize," the woman said, releasing her so abruptly that Mackenzie fell to the floor.

She turned to face the stranger and felt incredibly embarrassed for having lost her temper. "I'm sorry. I guess it was just one of those days," she apologized lamely.  Really, what could she say? I think my non-boyfriend is already cheating on me, I dropped from the sky into town, and I'm not handling the adjustment well?

The woman pointed to the chairs at the chess table.  "Come, let us sit and see if we cannot work out whatever problem you have."
Mackenzie cautiously sat down across from the woman.  Why did she want to help her?

"My name is Maeve Eames. I have the stranger in town.  Where do you come from?"

Mackenzie blew out a breath. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you," she scoffed.

Maeve looked her straight in the eyes and moved her first piece, quirking her eyebrow.  "You would be surprised what I know. I traveled many places with my father when I was young."

Mackenzie met Maeve's steady gaze and she swallowed.  Could this woman really have some answers she was looking for?  Breandan had suggested that she keep her origins secret, especially with the committee hearing coming up.  She nibbled her lip, desperate for someone who could help her.
"...And so that's the last thing I remember," Mackenzie said, finishing the story of how she found herself in Dragon Valley.

Maeve tapped her lower lip thoughtfully.  "Interesting."

"Interesting?!" Mackenzie exploded. "Is that all you have to say after what I told you?!"

Maeve turned her yellow eyes on Mackenzie.  "I have heard rumors before.." she said at last, trailing off in thought.

Mackenzie anxiously squirmed in her seat.  "Rumors? Of what?" she demanded.

Maeve glanced over at the bar. "I could use a drink," she said.

"Umm... okay?" Mackenzie glanced over at the bar. "There's no bartender right now."

"Then perhaps you should get me one from outside," Maeve suggested.

"Oh for the love of..." Mackenzie swore. 
She huffed outside and poured a drink for Maeve.  She didn't make it very strong because she wanted to get some information from her! What rumors?!

She hurried back inside with the drink...

...and Maeve was gone.

"FUCK!" she cried out, slamming the drink down on the bar.
The bartender, who was now apparently on duty, sent her a side-long glance.

"Did you see where she went?" Mackenzie demanded.

The bartender shook her head. "I just got here, I didn't see anyone."
Mackenzie collapsed on the stool with defeat.  "Just gimmie me something to eat," she said petulantly, ordering some bar food.  "And keep the drinks coming."
Feeling more at a loss than she had earlier in the day, Mackenzie slammed back her drink... and another... and another...
Finally the bartender cut her off and escorted her outside.  Mackenzie stumbled down the stairs and glanced up and down the empty street.  Now which way was home?

Wishes Completed:  Gain a Logic Point, Order Food at Bar, Have a Drink, Go to a Hotspot, Get in a Brawl

Wishes Pending:  Get married (working on it!), Buy Something Worth $100

*AN: So, poor Mackenzie had a rough time at the Pub.  I didn't have a bar set up when she first got the wish to go to a hotspot, so I ran into Edit Town real quick to turn McAfferty's Pub into a Dive Bar.  I was never able to figure out how to start an actual brawl, so I think the fight should count. :)  Mackenzie got really hot-tempered after an argument with Maeve. I clicked on the buffer and she launched herself at Maeve. Way to over-react Mac!  It also took a bartender forever to actually show up! Mac wanted to order some food and order a drink, but I couldn't order it.  Finally, sick of waiting, I sent Mac out to grab a drink from the juice bar to see if that satisfied her thirst. While she was outside, Maeve ran away and the bartender showed up for duty.  Niiiiiice.  


  1. Mackenzie is pretty hilarious with her wishes.

    1. Yeah she is. Hot-tempered Sims are hilarious. :)