Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chapter 1.11 - In the heat of the moment...

In the heat of the moment...

Kearney closed his eyes as he held the small dart in his hand, making a few small practice movements.  All at once, he opened his eyes and let the dart fly from his hands, landing close to the center of the dartboard he'd bought..

Not good enough, Kearney thought with disgust.  Although, to be honest, he was finding it hard to concentrate this morning.

Breandan had not come down for their morning workout regime.  Again.   It seemed now that his lover had moved in, everything would change.

Taking a steadying breath, Kearney took the next dart and lined up his aim.


It was those first moments after waking that Breandan enjoyed the most.  Sometimes he pulled Mackenzie to him for a morning bout of love-making and sometimes they snuggled in bed and spoke of their memories and their dreams.

Mackenzie sighed heavily as Breandan got out of bed.  She hated it when their mornings together came to an end.  "I guess it's time to get ready for work," she said sadly, watching as he pulled on his shorts. She said as she pressed herself against him wrapped her arms around him. "Unless we call in sick today!" 

Heaving a sigh of regret, Breandan reached for her hands and turned her to face him.  "I am a member of the Garda, Mackenzie.  It's my duty to protect..."

Mackenzie reached across and put her finger against his lips.  "I know, Breandan!" she said, leaning forward to kiss his cheek. "I just love the time we have together!"
Breandan dressed quickly and followed Mackenzie from the house, his thoughts already centering on his work.  He would need to speak with his partner, one of his closest friends, about whether he'd had any luck routing out the Thieves Den.  They were looking for a band of criminals in Dragon Valley that seemed selective in their targets - always going after rich households. 


Kearney pushed hard, fighting gravity to lift the heavy weights from the ground.  His muscles screamed in protest.   His strength training methods always paid off in the end, though.
 "You push like a baby!" Breandan said as he walked in the room.

Kearney glanced up, surprise ruining his rhythm.  "Perhaps your vision needs to be checked!" he threw back by route, then added, "I am surprised to see you.  You seem to spend any spare moment with the foreigner."
"Her name is Mackenzie," Breandan said, a little more heatedly than Kearney had expected.  "And I'm going to marry her!"
"So it's like that, is it?" Kearney asked with regret, pausing to ask, "Have you thought this through? Mary Moloney has always interested in you."
"Mary Moloney?!" Breandan scoffed. "As though I would let that woman sink her claws into me! She is just desperate for any man!"  Breandan crossed his arms.  "Does it bother you so much to have her here that you would wish Mary Moloney on me?" he asked.

Kearney sighed.  "No. It is not her," he said, attempting to explain his feelings on the matter.  "I fear that the road you walk will be fraught with perils and hardships.  What do you truly know of her besides what she tells you?!"  He shook his head sadly.  "I worry for you."

Breandan clasped his brothers shoulders. "All the more reason I need my brother by my side," he said quietly.

Kearney and Breandan stared at each other long moments before Kearney reached up to cover his brother's hand.  "I will always be at your side," he swore.

Breandan beamed.  "Good! Now let's see which of us is the better man!"  Smiling, as they each began attempting to best the other.  Plumbbob, he had missed hanging out with his brother!
"Now who is pushing weights like a baby?" Kearney taunted as he ran on the treadmill.

Breandan scoffed. "I added twenty pounds to the measly weights you used!"
Kearney was the first to stop for the night.  "I worked out for an hour before you came home," he said tiredly, having tried to workout for six hours but only managing to make four.  "You would have to work-out alone for another hour to match me!"

Breandan watched Kearney haul his arse off to bed and let the weights hit the floor.  He could keep going for another hour and best Kearney by proclaiming that he had worked out for four hours.   

Or he could go find Mackenzie..
"You should move the dragon rook to protected your knight," Breandan said, watching her move the pieces around.

Mackenzie glanced up, "Don't tell me! I'm never going to get better if I don't learn it myself!" she huffed as she grabbed the dragon rook and followed his advice.

"Did you have a nice day?" he asked.

Mackenzie nodded.  "Yeah, while you and your brother where hanging out, I went shopping! Just wait until you see downstairs!"

Breandan frowned as he pictured the changes she could've made, but realized that as long as it wasn't pink, he really didn't care.
Breandan cleared his throat. "I have something for you," he told her as pulled the gift for her from behind his back.

"Breandan! You're spoiling me!" she exclaimed as she opened the box.  Inside was a beautiful red ring.  She glanced up at him.  "It's beautiful, Breandan!"
Breandan reached for her hand.  "My mother had two rings crafted when we were children. Mine was made from emeralds and Kearney's made from amethyst," he told the story as as he slipped the ring onto her finger.  "We were to keep the rings safe until we met the person we wanted to one day marry,"  he trailed off as he gazed into Mackenzie's eyes.  "And I have found woman."
Mackenzie's breath hitched and she threw herself into Breandan's arms.  "Oh Breandan!" she cried, "Sometimes this life feels so perfect that I'm afraid it's a dream and I'm going to wake up! I love you so much!"

"I love you, Mackenzie Foster."
Feeling wild and elated, Mackenzie pulled back.  "Let's just get married!" she proposed.  "Why wait around forever being engaged. Let's just skip straight to married! We love each other! And.." she trailed off, slightly embarrassed, "And I want to have your babies."

Breandan swallowed past the lump in his throat, nodding. The image of Mackenzie nursing his child was almost enough to bring him to his knees.  He reached for her hands.

"I, Breandan O'Shea, son of Tearley and Viola O'Shea, brother of Kearney O'Shea, commit myself to Mackenzie Foster in joy and adversity, in wholeness and brokenness, in peace and turmoil, eternally faithful," he said, sealing their lives together with his vow.  "Now you repeat," he encouraged, giving her a ring from his pocket. "My father's," he said by way of explanation.
Mackenzie nodded. "I, Mackenzie Foster," she said, awkwardly pausing when she remembered that she had no family to list.  Her eyes flew to Breandan's with panic.  Now what?!

Breandan squeezed her hand.  "Commit myself to Breandan O'Shea..." he prompted, leading her through the marriage vow.

"...eternally faithful," she echoed, slipping the ring on his finger. 
"It's done?" she whispered. "We're truly married?"

Breandan held her face in his hand.  "Don't you feel it? Two hearts beating as one," he whispered back, feeling awed by the solemn moment.  He was married, he thought with satisfaction.  A wish he never even knew he had until the moment he met Mackenzie!

A thrill went through her.  She was married!  She had a family!  She had long dreamed of being surrounded by family! She threw herself into Breandan's arms, passionately kissing him for giving her dream a chance.  She couldn't wait to have his baby

Wishes Completed:
Mackenzie- Buy something worth $250 (living room decor), play chess, group up with Breandan, GET MARRIED to Breandan!
Breandan- Be friends with Dermot, hangout with Kearney, give gift to Mackenzie, GET MARRIED to Mackenzie!
Kearney- Buy dartboard, play darts, do strength workout

Wishes Pending:
Mackenzie- Be friends with Mason, Have a baby, Join Forensic Branch
Breandan- Workout 4 hours, Athletic Skill Lvl 8, Join Special Agent Branch
Kearney-  Workout 6 hours, get promotion, be friends with Marian

*AN:  It was so sweet that Kearney and Breandan both rolled wishes to hang out with each other while they were at work.  Aw, they miss each other!  What good brothers!  In my story, right after Kearney suggests Breandan reconsider Mary Moloney, the game popped up an alert.  Mary Moloney is now Mary Delaney!  Phew! The competition is over!  (May I add that I thought it was hilarious how similar their coloring is!)
In the story, I kind of glossed through the proposal and marriage.  It was supposed to be spur of the moment because Breandan had gifted Mac with the family ring.  In the game, Mackenzie is the one that got down on one knee, proposing marriage to Breandan.
Breandan immediately rolled the wish to get married to Mackenzie, so he was the one who actually proposed the private wedding.  Apparently he didn't want to wait one moment longer, either!

Yay! They're married and have a wish to have a baby!  This wishacy is going to be seeing generation two soon!


  1. Aw, so sweet! I'm so happy Mackenzie and Breandan tied the knot. And you already have the baby wish.
    Can't wait to see the baby!

    1. I love what a cute couple they are! First thing in the morning when they wake up, Breandan heads over to Mackenzie like a puppy dog, flirting and complimenting her! They are just perfect!