Friday, February 20, 2015

Chatper 1.17 - Apologies...


Breandan found it difficult to sleep, even after slipping in bed beside his wife.  Mackenzie had turned towards him in her sleep and curled her body against his. 
His gut clenched and he rolled over to watch her sleep.  She looks so peaceful, he thought.  It was now his duty to protect her and their daughter.
Mackenzie shifted, "Are you just going to stare at me all night?" she asked with one eye open.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," he apologized, pulling back.
Mackenzie wasn't going to allow him to retreat from her again.  She pushed him back against the the mattress and hovered over him.  "Are you ever going to tell me what's bothering you?" she teased playfully.

Breandan turned his head, refusing to meet her eyes.  "It's nothing," he stoically insisted.

"Ugh!" Mackenzie snapped, climbing off of him and throwing her hands up in the air.  "How am I supposed to help you if you won't talk to me?!" she vented.

"We should get ready for work," he told her, practicing his "divert and deflect" maneuver.

Mackenzie stomped into the bathroom and slammed the door.


Breandan was lost in his own thoughts when Lieutenant MacAnna approached him.  He greeted her absently, and was surprised when she pulled him to the side.

Shannon had told herself that she wasn't going to ask.  But, when she'd seen Breandan, the words had escaped before she had a chance to stop them.  "Has Kearney been busy?" she'd asked.  She hadn't heard from him since the night he'd met her to tell her about the dragon imprint.  She was beginning to think any attraction he'd felt towards her had been imagined!

Breandan's eyebrows had shot up.  Kearney and the Lieutenant?  Clearing his throat, he told her, "I believe he was going to work out today..."


Kearney ran on the treadmill, keeping a good pace so that he'd be able to work out six hours.


Breandan trailed into the house behind Mackenzie, aware that she was still mad at him from this morning's debacle.  He should've just told her what was bothering him rather than pushing her away.. 

"So, the Lieutenant said you were promoted today?" he asked, hoping to entice her into talking to him.
Mackenzie turned to him with fire in her eyes.  "Oh, so you're talking to me now?" she snapped.  Like she wanted to discuss her promotion and raise with Breandan right now!  For that matter, she didn't even want to tell him that she'd decided to join the Forensics branch, either!  If he wanted to know, he could talk to the Lieutenant since that was apparently were he got all his information!  I bet the Lieutenant knows what's bothering him, she thought angrily.
Breandan was stopped from replying when someone cleared their throat softly nearby.  "I'm sorry for interrupting," the babysitter said hesitantly,  "Should I just go put her upstairs?"

"No, I'll take her, thank you," Mackenzie said.  Why did the babysitter always catch them in an argument?! she thought with some frustration.  She turned her back on Breandan and shifted Violet into her arms.  Without another word, she headed upstairs to the nursery.
Once in there, she snuggled Violet against her and took a deep breath, attempting to calm her racing heart.  What a mess, she thought sadly.


Kearney was just finishing his Quick Burst technique when his brother came in.

"Hey, do you have a minute?" Breandan asked.
Kearney hopped off the treadmill and swiped the sweat from his brow.  "Sure, what's up?" he asked.  Man, he could really feel his improved athletic skill from such an intense workout. 
"I've ruined my marriage," Breandan said despondently.

Kearney scoffed.  Unlikely, he thought. "Mackenzie loves you madly. What could you have possibly done to have ruined it?" he asked.

Breandan chewed on his bottom lip, embarrassed to confess his troubles to his brother.  But if there was someone that could help him out of this mess, it was Kearney.  Finally, he blurted out his confession. "I haven't told her about Mithrilen's rants!"

His brother scoffed again, "Which ones? The ones where he claims she should be arrested for treason for imprinting with the dragon?  Or perhaps the one where he claims she has cursed the Valley on purpose to start  a war?"  Right now it wasn't that big of a deal since none of the council members took Mithrilen seriously.  However, if too many Dragon Valley townies began to believe him, then there could be a serious problem.

Breandan looked at his feet, "None of them," he acknowledged.
Kearney stared at his brother incredulously, "Wait. You're serious! You haven't told her anything?! Not even that you and the Lieutenant stepped in to keep her from being arrested?!"

Breandan shook his head.  "Nothing. I didn't want her to worry..." he trailed off, aware of how childish that sounded.

"Plumbbob!" Kearney exclaimed.  "But how can she protect herself if she doesn't know! Mithrilen has practically painted a bulls-eye on her back and you've kept it from her!"  Kearney shook his head sadly.  "You're right, you've really botched your marriage."

"You're not helping!" Breandan replied angrily.

Kearney shoved his brother. "I'm helping by telling you that you're being a dim-wit!" 

Breandan's shoulders slumped.  It wasn't anything that he hadn't figured out on his own.  "So what do I do?" he asked miserably.

Kearney didn't hesitate with his response.  "Get down on your knees and beg her forgiveness."  He clamped his hand on his brother's shoulder. 


Kearney quickly showered and then headed over to Enya's house.  His brother was not the only one with apologies to make.
He was surprised when someone he'd never met answered the door.  For a moment, he worried he'd gotten the wrong address.  "Does Enya live here?" he asked hesitantly.

The woman looked him up and down, almost undressing him with her eyes.  "She's inside," she said, stepping aside to let him pass. "I'm Ellen," she purred.  "It's always nice to meet someone new!"

Kearney headed inside, Ellen on his heels.  He glanced back at her and caught her staring at his ass.  "Which way?" he asked, feeling extremely uncomfortable. 

Ellen grinned and pointed towards a small alcove off the dining room.
 Kearney hurried in that direction. The sooner he made his apology, the sooner he could leave!

"Recruit Enya," he said in greeting as he approached. 

Enya glanced up in alarm and jumped to her feet.  "Officer O'Shea!" she gasped, quickly saluting him. "I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting you!"  A blush stained her cheeks.

Kearney shifted, "I'm sorry to drop by unannounced. I was wondering if there was somewhere we could talk..."
Glancing behind him, he added, "...Alone?"

Kearney was right, Breandan thought.  He'd been an absolute idiot not to share his worries with Mackenzie!  He found her in the nursery with Violet.
Before Mackenzie could dismiss him again, he forged ahead with his apology.  "I'm sorry I shut you out.  I'm not used to sharing my... feelings..." he finished, scrunching his face with distaste.  He really had to improve his speaking skills if he wanted to make his relationship work!  "If you'll forgive me, I swear it will never happen again!"
Mackenzie didn't say anything, but turned from him.  In that moment, Breandan felt his heart twist with pain.  She would never forgive him, he thought sadly.
But just as suddenly, he found her in his arms.  "Do not do that again," she told him.  "We are a team! You have to treat me like your partner, not your babysitter or your child."

Breandan nodded quickly, agreeing eagerly, "You're right.  I promise -  From now on, I'll tell you everything," he said, taking a deep breath.  "It all started after the dragon hatched..." he started.


"In here," Enya said, tugging Kearney behind her into the dark room.

"Where are we?" he asked.
Enya turned and lit the sconce behind her.  "My bedroom," she told him.

Kearney swallowed thickly as his gaze went straight to the bed.  No, that is absolutely inappropriate, he lectured himself, when his thoughts turned towards Enya in the bed... with him...
Shaking his head forcefully, he turned to face her. "I came by because I consider us good friends and I wanted to apologize for last night..." he started.

"I'm not sorry," Enya said softly, leaning closer to him.

Kearney stopped and blinked. "I'm sorry?" he asked, befuddled. "What?"

Enya reached forward and grabbed his hand.  "I'm not sorry," she told him. "I'm only sorry I reacted the way I did.  What I would really like is for you to kiss me again," she confessed.
Kearney didn't stop to think, he just pulled Enya into his arms and kissed her passionately, running his hands up and down her back. 

When she pulled back, he felt a keen sense of disappointment. He wasn't done yet! He felt like he could kiss her for hours...

"This way," she said shyly, leading him into the bathing alcove
Kearney watched in awe as she dropped her clothes and stepped into the shower.   With a sultry grin, she crooked her finger at him, beckoning him to join her.
Kearney didn't hesitate.

Breandan cursed with frustration when his pager went off, interrupting his confession to Mackenzie. He hadn't even finished his first sentence!  "Plumbbob, I'm  sorry! Lieutenant MacAnna needs me," he grated, looking at the number on the display.  "I need to go," he said with disappointment as he turned to leave.  "I swear, we'll talk when I get home," he promised.
"It can wait," Mackenzie said as she watched him go. At least we're talking again, she told herself.
"Da... Da..." Violet said from her crib, calling out.

"Did you say daddy?!" Mackenzie asked, her mouth dropping open in astonishment.  "Oh! Just wait until I tell Daddy!" she added excitedly.   "Say it again!"

Sensing that she'd done something right, Violet happily called out "Da! Da!" again and again.


Night had long since fallen and dawn would come soon.  But Kearney did not want to pull himself from his Enya's arms.  He tenderly cradled her face in his hands.  "I should go," he said with some reluctance.

Enya grabbed his hips to hold him to her.  "No, stay..." she begged him. "Please..."

Wishes Completed:
M- Join Forensics branch, Earn raise, Get promotion, Snuggle Violet
B- Improve charisma
K- Workout 6 hours, Improve athletic skill, Opportunity Quick Burst for 3 hours, Meet someone new, Be Good Friends with Enya, Kiss Enya, Woohoo with Enya

Wishes Pending:
M- Learn recipe, Have a baby, Teach Violet to Walk
B- Have a baby, Have baby girl, Workout 10 hours, Give Mackenzie Amorous Hug
K- Master Athletic skill, Workout 8 hours

*AN:  Wow! When Kearney makes a decision, he really goes with it!!  I was so excited he actually rolled a wish to kiss Enya and wasted no time making that come true.  But, I was quite surprised when he immediately rolled a wish to woohoo!  Lol.  Looks like Enya has won his heart! (Poor Shannon!)

Breandan had a wish to improve his charisma, so I had him chat with his brother and Mackenzie to bump up charisma.  Thankfully, compliments build charisma, too!  I laughed when he got the page from work to go in since it came at such an inopportune time, but at least they made up and were able to flirt with each other again!
And look! My Violet! She is such a cute little girl!


  1. Yay, I'm so happy Breandan decided to talk to Mackenzie and tell her what was up.
    And Kearney finally getting some!
    Violet is asorable. So cute!

    1. I know! Sometimes their wishes don't line up together! Lol. I was so happy Breandan rolled the wish to improve his charisma.

      And yeah Kearney did! Whewie!

  2. Wow. Violet was a really appropriate name for that baby girl. It didn't actually sink in until just now that she's literally purpley-pink.

    Glad Breandan finally smartened up. <3

    1. Hehe... she is definitely aptly named Violet! Purple skin, purple eyes, purple clothes. :)