Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chapter 1.27 - Master of disguises...

Mackenzie woke up with a groan.
Why was she so tired all the time?!
"Just five more minutes," she said under her breath as she laid back down on the bed.


Violet O'Shea hopped on her bike and pedaled across town to school.
She was hoping to make some friends today! 


Daisy wailed, desperate for someone to let her out of the crib.
"No Daisy! No cry!" Holly said, sticking her fingers in her ears.  Babies were so loud!

"MAAAAAMA!" Daisy wailed even louder.
"I'm coming! I'm sorry!" Mackenzie said as she rushed into the room.  "I'm sorry! I fell back asleep!"
She quickly lifted Holly from the crib and set her on the floor with a bottle before letting Daisy out, as well.
Mackenzie sighed heavily, worn out from only 5 minutes with the girls.

Since the girls were playing nicely, Mackenzie headed downstairs for some Mommy-time. She just didn't have the energy today to teach Holly to talk or Daisy to walk.. 
She found herself downstairs, watching a silly children's show, relaxing.

Amazing how much that seemed to boost her mood!


"Congratulations, Top Gun," Breandan saluted his brother, Kearney.  "Everyone's talking about your promotion!"

"Thanks!" Kearney said, pleased with himself.  Only one more promotion needed to reach the top of his career, and hopefully securing financial freedom for himself and his family.
The door to the Garda headquarters opened and closed and the twins glanced to see who had come out.

Breandan whistled low under his breath when he saw Shannon.  "I'll make myself scarce," he said, pulling out the book Master of Disguises that Shannon wanted him to read.  And that was some disguise!
"Shannon, wow..." Kearney finally managed to say.  He looked her up and down, amazed by her transformation.
Shannon made a face. "I know! I look slutty! I just pulled something out of Teagan's closet!"

"Yeah," Kearney agreed, his eyes appreciatively devouring all the skin that he could see across her chest, down her stomach...  Registering what she'd said, he instantly corrected himself, "I mean, NO! You don't look slutty! You look... nice... really, really nice..."  His gaze traveled downwards again.
Shannon smiled wickedly.  "You like it when I'm a little bit naughty, Kearney?" she whispered.

Kearney shuddered.  "Plumbob, yes!" he responded huskily, squeezing his eyes shut.  He might just be suffering from sensory overload...

Shannon pressed herself against him and reached up to run her fingers through his hair.  Kearney's reaction to her outfit made her feel so powerful and feminine! This heady feeling probably explained a lot about her sister...

Kearney's hand settled on Shannon's waist... her naked waist.. and he sucked in his breath.  This was Shannon! He couldn't treat her like a sex object! Abruptly he lifted his hands off of her and started to back away.
Shannon just followed his retreat and kissed him passionately. "Take me home and f*&# me, Kearney!" she whispered as she bit his lip.

Kearney didn't think he'd ever moved as fast as he had in that moment.  In the blink of an eye, they were back at her house.
They'd barely made it through the front door when he'd turned around and pressed her against the door, kissing her and running his hands over her body.
"More," Shannon said, yanking at his belt.
Kearney spun her around and backed her up towards the stairs. Lifting her in his arms, he carried her upstairs to her bed.
They fell on the sheets, barely pausing to pull their clothes off in their haste to make love.
They fell asleep with their arms and legs entangled, sated and peaceful.

Completed Wishes:
K- Woohoo with Shannon!!

Pending Wishes:
M- Teach Daisy to walk, Have a baby, Go to spa, Holly ages up well
B- Master athletic, Reach Lvl 10 career, Teach Daisy to talk, Holly ages up well
K- Workout 12 hours, Be friends w/ Violet, Be worth 200k
V- Attend party, Throw party

*AN - YAY! Get it, Kearney!  I tried to send them in to tour the military headquarters to woohoo (you know, fastest place available), but they couldn't woohoo or makeout in there.  Darnit.  So, they headed back to Shannon's place!  I'm not going to lie.  I did a happy dance!  Apparently all Shannon had to do was dress a little slutty to catch his attention!  Dammit Kearney - you horndog!

And this is the only wish I managed to complete today! Everyone was so grumpy and tired today!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chapter 1.26 - Go on and KISS the girl...

Go on and KISS the girl...

Mackenzie woke up, feeling exhausted and grumpy.  Why did she always feel like she never got a full night's rest?  (It couldn't have anything to do with waking up in the middle of the night to care for her young children, could it?!)
She picked up Holly and settled her on the floor, giving her a bottle. 
Already Daisy was wailing for attention.  Mackenzie squeezed her eyes shut and covered her ears. "I'm coming, Daisy! I'm coming!"
She hurried over and lifted Daisy from the crib, feeding, burping and changing her diaper. 
Gently, she laid Daisy back in the crib and sighed.  The morning rush was done, now I just have to get through the rest of the day! she thought with a sigh.

Hurrying back into her room, Mackenzie dressed quickly and headed downstairs to get breakfast started.
Breandan had been doing his morning workout with Violet playing quietly nearby.  He was still jealous that Kearney had maxed his athletic skill before him!  But to be fair, Kearney didn't have a wife and children that needed him, either!
Mackenzie pulled out the pancakes, wishing she'd thought about making little hearts for Love Day.  Everyone was lucky she managed to fit in a shower this morning! 

Heading to the stairs, she called up, "BREAKFAST'S READY!" She waited a moment and listened, satisfied when she heard scampering feet and a heavier tread following.  Good, they'd heard her.
"I'm going to beat you!" Violet said, hurrying to the dining hall.

Breandan beamed at his daughter.  She was a chip off the old block!  "Last one to the table's a rotten egg!" he teased, as they both broke into a run.
"I would've been first, but daddy was longer legs!" Violet complained.

Breandan laughed as he shoveled a bite into his mouth. "You never stood a chance, half-pint!" he teased lovingly.

Violet scoffed, grumbling under her breath about cheaters and long-legs.
After they finished eating, Mackenzie wrapped her arms around Breandan and pulled him against her in an amorous hug.  "So what do you want to do today?" she asked him expectantly.   "Maybe we can sneak away upstairs?"
"Ew! I know what that means!" Violet said with an eye roll.

"Oh? What's that?" Breandan asked, turning to gaze at his eldest daughter.

"You guys want to KISS!" she announced.

"You're right!"  Breandan agreed.  "So go find something to do! Mama and I need a little alone time on Love Day!"

Violet sighed, exasperated and put out.  "Fine!" she pouted as she left the room.
Remembering her new easel, she skipped up the stairs and started to paint.


"Kearney! What are you doing here?" Shannon said, surprised to find him at her door.  They hadn't made plans to get together today and she hadn't wanted to assume
Kearney stepped forward and grabbed her hand.  "You really thought I wouldn't come by after your declaration of love last night?" he asked.

Shannon blushed and looked down abruptly.  "I didn't know what to think," she admitted.  Sometimes Kearney could be so hot and cold...

Kearney was surprised Shannon still had so little faith in him!  Unsure of what to say to make her believe him, he fell back on proving his feelings with his actions.
Kearney pulled her into his arms and kissed her as he'd been dying to do last night.
At last, he lifted his lips and gazed into her eyes.  "I've been waiting to do that," he told her softly.

Shannon played with his hair and smiled.  "I've dreamed of it, too," she admitted shyly.  "And it was more wonderful than I could have imagined!"

"Can I come in?" Kearney asked.

Shannon blushed, "Of course! Come in!" They walked inside, hand in hand. 
"Happy Love Day," Kearney said as she settled on the couch beside Shannon. 

Shannon had never felt happier in her life!


Violet finished her painting.  "There! Perfect!" she announced as she finished the final strokes.  Cocking her head, she look at the painting and frowned.  Hmmm...not quite how she thought it'd turn out.  Disappointed, she set the canvas aside.  She'd really thought that her painting skill had improved, but obviously not as much as she'd thought! 
Still bored, she glanced across the yard towards the treehouse her dad had bought herPlaying in the treehouse would be way more fun than painting!  She hurried down the back patio steps and ran to climb the ladder.
Pulling out the telescope her dad had stored in the fun box, she glanced around at the stars, then towards the house.

Was that her parents in the nursery?  EW!  Why were they always kissing?!


"Happy Love Day," Breandan said as he ran his hands up and down Mackenzie's back.

"I love you so much, Breandan," Mackenzie told her husband huskily.  Too bad we didn't hire a babysitter to put the little ones to bed

Breandan tilted his head down to kiss his wife when Daisy began wailing for attention.

The couple sighed and reluctantly pulled apart. 
Breandan quickly picked up Daisy and tossed her in the air, making her laugh while Mackenzie headed to pick up Holly who was running around the room trying to evade her mother.
"Why did we teach her to walk?" Mackenzie asked with frustration after she'd nabbed Holly.

"Do you think they're ready for bed?" Breandan asked.

Mackenzie sighed wearily.  "I don't know, but I know that I am!"  She didn't know if she had enough energy to make love to her husband tonight or if she'd just fall asleep!
"What do you think, Daisy? Are you ready for bed?" Breandan asked.

Daisy shook her head as she yawned.  "No! No bed!"

Mackenzie and Breandan shared a look, knowing that although she protested, Daisy would soon be asleep.
"Good night, daughters!" Breandan said quietly as he snuck from the room.

"No bed!" Daisy protested as the door shut. "NO BED!" she said more loudly, whimpering.


"I had a wonderful Love Day," Shannon said as she walked Kearney to the door. "I love you."
Kearney clasped her hands in his own.  "I had a wonderful day, too,"  he said, pausing awkwardly. "I.."

Shannon seemed to realize that he was having trouble with a declaration of love because she held her finger to his lips.  "You don't have to say it, yet."

Kearney swallowed roughly.  "I.. I'm not good at talking about my feelings," he admitted haltingly.  "For so many years it was just my brother and I competing with each other all the time.  And then Mackenzie came along.  While Breandan fell in love and started a family, I felt like I should find someone, as well.  I wanted to find love anywhere," he admitted.  "Then I met Enya and I thought that I might have a connection with her."

Shannon pulled back, attempting to pull her hand out from his, but Kearney held on tight.

"I'm bumbling this, I know!" he said, adding quickly, "But, the point is that I haven't been sure about what I wanted or why I wanted it.  I don't want you because I'm competing with Breandan.  I don't want to kiss just anybody.  And I don't love you because I want a family."

Shannon gasped and Kearney pulled her closer. 
"I love you, Shannon," he said, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her.

Completed Wishes:
M- amorous hug, teach Holly to walk
B- teach Holly to walk, bought treehouse
K- KISS SHANNON!, kiss someone (who else? - Shannon!)
V- Play in treehouse

Pending Wishes:
M- Have a baby, Holly ages well, Teach Daisy to walk, Go to Spa
B- Master athletic, Reach Lvl 10 career, Teach Daisy to talk, Holly ages up well
K- Workout 12 hours, Be friends with Violet, Be worth 200k
V- Attend party, Throw party, Improve painting

*AN - Kearney and Shannon sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!  Although I was quite happy they kissed and flirted all afternoon, I was a little disappointed he never rolled any wishes to ask her on a date or woohoo.  I guess he's still taking it slow! They'll definitely be dead and buried before he considers getting married!  Thank goodness his brother wasn't so inept!  :)

Breandan and Mackenzie are so cute together still!  Although, Mackenzie is starting to get a little frazzled with being a stay at home mommy! I have a feeling that having another baby is going to make her crazy!