Saturday, April 11, 2015

Chapter 1.28 - A dream come true...

"I had the worst dream this morning," Shannon said after waking.

Kearney raised an eyebrow, "After last night?" he asked in surprise.   Their lovemaking had been spectacular and he'd slept like a baby.


Shannon continued, "I dreamed that my neighbor came over..."
"...and he shut his eyes real quick when I opened the door..."
"It was only then that I realized I was naked..."
"I was so embarrassed!"


Kearney couldn't help chuckling as Shannon's blush spread across her body, "You'd better not be answering the door naked! Only I'm allowed to see you like this!" he said, gazing downward to better appreciate the view.

Shannon joined in his laughter, reaching up to stroke his hair.  "No one else could compare!" she told him huskily.
All traces of play and laughter fled as Kearney felt his desire growing again.  He pulled Shannon into his arms.  "I can't get enough of you!" he told her in amazement. 
They fell on the bed with their arms wrapped around each other, eager to enjoy their love-making once again.


"Come on, it's time to get up and get being lazy bums," Kearney said much later.  His stomach growled.
Shannon came up behind him and leaned to whisper in his ear.  "Or we could..." she whispered her suggestion in his ear.
The love-sick couple wound up back in bed... they could eat later...


"I'm not ready to wake up," Mackenzie moaned when she heard the girls starting to fuss in the nursery. Sighing heavily, she left her husband's arms in the warm bed.  When she'd sat up, she paused while her stomach roiled unhappily.
"Are you okay?" Breandan asked, hurrying to her side.

Mackenzie nodded, "I think I'm okay," she said, pressing her hand to her stomach.  "Oh, Breandan, I think I'm pregnant again!" she gushed with despair.  She'd always wanted more children, but she'd been thinking about having a wider spread in their ages!
Breandan gulped and looked down at her pregnant belly.  Pregnant? Again? So soon? "How about I take care of the kids today and you get some rest and relaxation," he offered. He knew it was hard on Mackenzie staying at home with the babies all the time. 
"That sounds like a wonderful idea!" Mackenzie said eagerly.  It had been ages since she'd left the house! Some days she felt like she was going stir crazy!  She rushed over to her dresser and started trying on clothes.


Breandan hummed as he entered the nursery.  He was sure that Mackenzie's mood was about to improve by 100%!  When mama was happy - everyone was happy!  "Come on, Holly.  Time for breakfast," he said as he lifted his little girl from her crib.

"You too, Daisy," he added after he lifted her from her crib.  "You guys are going to play with Daddy today!"


Mackenzie finally found an outfit that seemed to fit her well at the back of her drawers.  She tried it on and scowled.  "I look like a friggin' gnome!" she grumbled, glaring at the gnome on the dresser.  "What are you looking at?" she demanded.
Mackenzie hurried into the spa for a nice, relaxing massage. She couldn't wait to feel those amazing fingers kneading away her stress!


Breandan didn't know how Mackenzie dealt with the girls all day, every day! Only a few hours in and he was already feeling overwhelmed!  "Come on, Daisy, just say 'papa'," he cajoled. 
Violet was so bored!  She couldn't find Uncle Kearney, her Dad was busy trying to teach Daisy something, and her mom was out.  For lack of anything better to do, she plopped down in front of the TV and flipped through some kids channels.  Only lame baby shows, she thought irritably, even though she kept it on the Rabbit Show...
"What are you watching?" Mackenzie asked when she stepped in the room. On the screen, multi-colored rabbits hopped around the screen singing in baby voices. It was awful!

Violet jumped up and quickly turned off the Rabbit Show.  "Nothing!" she said hurriedly. "Daisy wanted to watch it!" She pointed at her baby sister. 

Mackenzie laughed.  "Uh huh? Well, you looked pretty interested in it..."

Violet shook her head back and forth in denial. "Nuh uh, Daisy just made a big fuss whenever I tried to change the channel."  Violet handed her mom the remote. "Here! You watch with her!"  She hurried from the room.
Mackenzie sat down and flipped to the weather channel.  "Sorry, kiddo. I'm not watching that with you."


Violet was so embarrassed her mom caught her watching that dumb Rabbit Show! Thank goodness Daisy had been in the room with her! She headed upstairs to her easel to practice painting. 


"I've had a wonderful day," Kearney told Shannon, reaching for her hands.  "What were we waiting for?" he asked ruefully.  He wished he hadn't wasted so much time trying to take things slow with Shannon.
"It doesn't matter," Shannon said, reaching up to run her fingers through his hair. "It's only important that we're together now. I lo..." Shannon broke off, paling considerably. 
"I'll be right back!" she said, turning on her heel and hurrying from the room.

Kearney's eyes lit up when he saw her headed to the bedroom.  "Do you want me to come with you?" he asked playfully.

"NO!" Shannon stopped by the stairs and shouted. "I mean, I'll be right back! Just wait here!" She hurried away again.

Weird, Kearney thought.  Perhaps she's particular about her space...
Shannon hurried up the stairs and ran into her bathroom, making it to the toilet just in time...
After rinsing her mouth and heading back downstairs, she found it a little hard to resume amorous play with Kearney.  When he reached to pull her into his arms, she pulled back slightly, "I'm sorry Kearney. I'm not feeling well. My stomach is so upset..."

Kearney frowned with concern. "Do you need to lie down for a little bit? Do you think you need to eat something? Do you think a massage would help?"  he asked, wanting to make her feel better.

Shannon wasn't used to being fussed over, so she glanced down, shaking her head. "Let's just go to bed," she said, offering her hand.  "Will you hold me tonight?"

Kearney's gaze softened. "I would love to," he said as he took her hand in his own.


Kearney and Shannon slipped into bed, content in each other's arms.


Violet proudly hung her new picture on the wall above her bed.  She'd drawn a picture of their house.  She couldn't wait to show Mom & Dad!  She'd really gotten a lot better at painting!

Completed Wishes:
M- Get massage, Check weather
K- Woohoo with Shannon, Woohoo with Shannon (Try to for Baby!!)
V- Improve painting skill

Pending Wishes:
M- Teach Daisy to walk, Holly ages well, Have a baby, Potty-train Daisy
B- Master Athletic, Reach Lvl 10 career, Holly ages well, Teach Daisy to talk
K- Workout 12 hours, Be friends with Violet, Be worth 200k
V- Attend a party, Throw a party, Have a sleepover, Throw a slumber party

*AN -  The happenings at Shannon's house had me laughing!  First, Shannon walked out and answered the door butt-naked.  She was quite embarrassed when she realized. Although, I'm not sure who was more embarrassed - her neighbor or herself!

And yay for Kearney rolling tons of wishes to woo hoo with Shannon! We finally got to try for a baby! I wonder if he's going to be a devoted dad like Breandan!

Also funny was when Teagan snuck up behind Kearney and scared him. 
 And remember this outfit? It really made an impression on Kearney the other night!
Well, apparently Shannon raided her sister's closet...