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Chapter 1.41 - Case Closed!

"Marigold, are you awake?" Tearley asked quietly, trying not to wake the baby up across the room.
Marigold squeezed her eyes shut and groaned, "Tear-ley... I'm trying to sleep!" she complained.

"I was just wondering if you were awake," he said defensively.
 "Well, I'm up now," she sighed heavily, rolling out of bed.

"Wanna play chess?" he asked eagerly, shimmying down the bunk bed ladder.


Shannon glanced in the mirror and tucked her hair into her cap. She still held out hope that her old friend Seamus would be found, safe and sound.  They needed to find him and bring him home.
Then she could retire with a clear conscience and spend her silver years with Kearney.


Kearney enjoyed the time he had to spend with his family.  As head of the military, he was only required one day a week for a brutal eighteen-hour shift. After everyone else had run off to work or school, he had time to spend with Keely.
"More milk, please, daddy," Keely said sweetly, looking up at him.  Kearney smiled and handed her the bottle.

"I'm going to go downstairs to read a few chapters," he told her.  "Come get me if you need me, okay?"

"Okay, daddy! I read, too!"
Kearney chuckled as Keely scooted over to read her book.


Kearney settled into the chair downstairs and thumbed through the craftsman book that Holly had picked up for him from her job.  Now where did he leave off? Oh yes, upgrading fixtures...


Bad news always travels like wildfire...
"Shannon? Are you okay?" Breandan asked, his voice thick with emotion.

Shannon stopped on her way into the house, leaning on her cane.  "No," she said simply.
"Mackenzie is heading over to investigate the scene," he told her, "We'll know more in a few hours."  What little help that was to soothe the pain.

Shannon nodded. "Find the bastard," she said with a hardened-edge in her voice.  "Just find him."


The girls left school, all headed in different directions.  Daisy headed to old Feudal Fishing park to check out the waters.

Holly headed straight to work, eager to get her day started.

And Violet had the opportunity to attend a master guitar class presented by world-renowned Von Andres during her guitar club.  The best prepared student would receive a signed record to hang on their wall!  Violet was psyched!


Daisy arrived at the park and just stopped to stare in amazement.  It was such a beautiful spot.. there seemed to be something magical about this place!
Seeing the fish jumping, she headed over and cast her line.  Maybe she would find a great goldfish to live with Juniper the Anchovy... or a great minnow!  There was something about fishing that just made her feel so peaceful and serene!


"YES!" Violet cheered as she walked from the school assembly.  "WOO HOO!!"  Let them look at her like she was crazy, she thought smugly.  "I f'ing killed it tonight!"
Von Andres has loved her!  "ROCK ON!" she shouted, pumping her arms in the air in victory.
At home, she reverently hung up her signed memento and gazed at it admiringly.  She was going places!

Mackenzie left the crime scene.  They had finally found Seamus' body and it was up to her to figure out if the murdered left behind any incriminating evidence.  She was good at what she did, though.  She found the clues and pieced it all together. 

She hurried home to tell Breandan.


"When will you be back?" Kearney asked, worried for his wife's safety. 

Shannon patted his arm. "It won't take me long. I'm just going to City Hall for the council meeting.  I'll be perfectly safe."  Breandan had asked her to go and clear the way for their plan.  Seamus' death would not go unpunished.


Shannon strolled by the man on her way into City Hall, not even giving him a second glance.  
Perhaps she should have...
A short while later, she came out and sighed with relief.  Along with Breandan's circumstantial evidence & Mackenzie's crime scene evidence, the city council had given their blessing for the raid.

 She called Breandan to report the good news.

She still had it, she thought, twirling her cane around in the air.  


Breandan rushed to his car and jumped in, lights blaring.
His hunch was that he would find his suspects holed up at the Mithrilen hideout.  He hurried inside the hideout with his gun drawn, ready to disarm the criminals.


"I'm going to finish first!" Tearley said as he raced through his homework. He was one page ahead of Marigold.

"Oh yeah, well I took an art class today," Marigold bragged, seeing that he had less work to be completed than her.  "The teacher said I had really improved my painting skill!"

Not to be outdone, Tearley retorted, "Oh  yeah? Well I signed up for Scouts! I'm going to learn all about gardening and fishing!"

Marigold made a face. "Ew, who wants to learn about that?!"

Everything seemed to be a competition between the kids.  Who was better at hopscotch? Who was better at chess? Who finished their homework first? Who could spit the furthest...
"I'm totally going to check mater you!" Marigold crooned. "Prepare to lose!"
"Hold on," Tearley said cautiously, examining the pieces. "I haven't made my move yet."

"Doesn't matter! I win!" she said, starting to jump up.

Tearley's eyes went back to that one piece in the corner. If he... he worked through the movements in his mind. Yes! If he moved his piece there, he would win in three turns!

Triumphantly, he shifted his piece over and snickered at the look on Marigold's face.
"No fair! You cheated!" Marigold accused angrily, swiping at the chess pieces and then running to their room.

Tearley let her go, trying not to gloat.  But he'd done it. He'd finally beaten Marigold!


Keely was old enough now to know something big was happening.  Her parents and her Oncail Breandan and Aintin Mackenzie were rushing around with serious faces. It didn't take a genius to figure out that something BIG had happened.  She sat quietly in her room, trying not to be in the way. 


Holly yawned and stretched as she walked through Freedom Books doors.  "Goodnight!" she called out to her manager.  She was so tired and she hadn't even done her homework yet!  She turned to head home...
...but stopped in her tracks when she saw him.  Niall McMillan.
"Hey kid," he said with a small smirk as he walked past. "How's it goin'?" 

She shyly tucked her hair behind her ear and started to hurry away rather than talk to him.  He was probably just being polite. He probably didn't even think twice about her!  She was silly to be so infatuated with him just because he said 'hi'! 
Or... the word wiggled to the front of her mind.  Or he could find her just as interesting as she found him! She stopped and nibbled her lip trying to decide whether or not to flee. 
Her shyness was voting strongly in favor of the fleeing... 

Before she could change her mind, she whirled around. 
"Um, hi," she said awkwardly. "I'm Holly!" she said.
Niall grinned. "Yeah, I know. You're Violet's little sister."

Holly's heart sank.  He thought of her as "Violet's little sister."  She stared at him dumbly, trying to think of something to say in response.  What in the world had made her think that she was brave enough to start up a conversation on her own?! 

Blushing, she fidgeted nervously.  "Yeah, well, I just wanted to say hi. So, hi," she stammered.

Niall chuckled.  "Hi back at ya, babe." He winked before turning back to the bookshelves.
Twirling around, Holly hurried away before she could say anything else idiotic.  Oh cursed Orb, he was probably going to have such a laugh with her sister!  Why had she ever thought someone like him could like someone like her?


Breandan's hunch had paid off.  He cornered Maurice O'Reilly in the front of the hideout.  "There's nowhere to go from here, Maurice.  We have the evidence to convict you in the high courts of murdering Seamus O'Connell."
"Aiden!" Maurice snapped over his shoulder to the hulking man behind him, "Take care of this!"

Aiden cracked his knuckles and glared. "You killed my father?" he demanded angrily.
"You knew we had to do it! I did it for you! For our cause!" Maurice snapped. "This is not the time to quibble over it. Destroy him!" he pointed his finger at Breandan.
Just then the door swung open and an equally buff man stormed from the hideout.  "Did I just hear that straight?" he demanded.  "Did you actually confess to killing our fucking father? Are you demented?"

"Boys! This is not the time!" Maurice said, trying to sound firm despite his underlying fear.

"I'm going to kill him!" Aiden said, lunging at the small, little man.  Brien held him back. "No, not in front of the cop," he said, indicating his head towards Breandan.  "Although, if you want him to meet with an accident, nobody needs to know."
Breandan shifted his gaze between the O'Connell boys.  "You truly had no idea this was part of his plan?"

Brien shook his head, unable to talk for a moment.  "We might not have always gotten along with our dad, but he was still family.  We've been looking for him just as hard as you have," he told Breandan. 

"It would've worked a lot faster if you had shared any information you had."

Brien shrugged. "You thought we killed our father. We were working at cross-purposes."

"Everything we do is for the Royalist movement," Aidan piped up. "But you're not murderers."

Breandan noticed that he conveniently left out the other criminal activities they were most likely involved with.  

Maurice gained their attention by squeaking, "You can't turn on me! I did this for us! I made you rulers!"

Brien barely restrained himself from attacking his squirmy brother-in-law.  "AT THE EXPENSE OF MY FATHER!" he roared.  Tilting his head and cracking his jaw, he added, "I'm not killing you for Fiona's sake," he said.  "But if I you ever run across my path again..." he threatened.  "Come on, Aiden. Let's go break the news to the family." 

Aiden shook his head sadly.  "This is going to kill ma."
"You can't leave me with him!" Maurice called out to his compatriots.  He'd done it for them! So that the O'Reilly's would be in power with the O'Connell's and the Mithrilen's.  He hunched in on himself.  He'd done it for Connie...
"Come on," Breandan said, handcuffing Maurice and leading the man to the jail.  They'd solved the Seamus murder mystery, and it seemed that Dragon Valley was safe... for now.  Time would only tell whether the O'Connell boys were as innocent as they claimed...

Completed wishes:
Mackenzie: Opportunity - Solve Crime Scene
Breandan: Opportunity - Disarm Doomsday
Kearney: Keely ages well
Shannon: Keely is a genius, Keely ages well, Opportunity - Attend Conference at City Hall
Violet: Opportunity - Guitar Master Class
Daisy: Go to park, LTW selected - Presenting Perfect Aquarium
Tearley: Sign up for after school activity (scouts), Win a game against Marigold
Marigold: Learn painting skill, Take painting class

Pending wishes:
Mackenzie: Hang-out with Mason, Earn a promotion
Breandan: BFF with Daisy, BFF with Marigold, Tearley earns A, Daisy earns A
Kearney: Max Handiness skill, Be worth 300k, Workout 12 hours, Upgrade shower
Shannon: Earn promotion, Be worth 300k
Violet: Attend a party, Jam with someone, BFF with Breandan, Invite someone over
Holly: Attend a party, Be friends with someone, Stay on honor roll
Daisy: Catch a great goldfish, Catch a great minnow, Learn gardening skill
Tearley: Skip school, Play catch, Talk to Breandan, BFF with Breandan
Marigold: Paint, Win game against Tearley, Go to museum, BFF with Breandan

*AN - Oh my goodness, all my opportunities played into each other to help create this intriguing story-line.  :)  Maurice was coming out of City Hall as Shannon walked in. I thought that was too hilarious not to use.  He totally looks like an evil genius, doesn't he?!  He's got to have the insane trait because he was yelling at nobody, which made for great pictures!

And the O'Connell boys - they certainly look like bruisers! They're built and ready to crack heads! I'm sure it won't be the last we see of them!  They might be guilty of trying to have one family (or two... or three) rule the valley again instead of voting in elections (the Royalist movement), but they were certainly not guilty of knocking off their father. Corruption, thievery, other petty crimes - yes.  Murder - no.  We'll have to keep our eyes on them!

I caught Keely reading her toddler book and just about died from the cuteness factor! She is such a cute little girl!  She aged up well & is a genius.  She is going to be effortlessly intelligent.... if I can pull it off. :)

Niall was seriously there when Holly went to go home.  Since she wants to be friends with someone, I had her approach him.  In my mind, she's asking "why are you stalking me?"  No heart farts between them. *sighs* I had so hoped! But, he's really into books & chess, so maybe there's nope for them after all! 

Violet cracked me up when she left school. I don't know if she was cheering because she won the competition because she randomly decides she's hot stuff. :)

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Chapter 1.40 - The missed opportunity...

This will not do! Shannon fumed, staring around the dirty dishes strewn around the kitchen.  The place was so filthy that there was only one open counter to cook on - and even that was filthy!

They needed to clean this place from top to bottom for the Feast Day that Mackenzie planned!
"Good morning," Shannon said to Breandan, busy gathering the dirty plates that littered the room.

"Morning," Breandan returned cheerfully, taking out the garbage.   He had a few chores to get through today that Mack wanted done - starting with the clogged toilet downstairs!
 The things he did for love!


Violet woke up and smiled as she glanced across the room.  Her folks had bought her a brand new guitar that she couldn't wait to play!
All of that playing on the xylophone as a kid must've paid off, or Violet was just a natural, because she easily managed to pick her way through the first chords!  


 "I'm going to finish before you!" Marigold said, quickly writing down her answers.

Tearley furiously scribbled, trying to beat her.  "No you're not!" he said, not even caring if the answers he wrote down were right.  He wanted to beat her!  Why did she have to be better at everything they did?!

"DONE!" Marigold crowed, slapping her pen and notebook down on the floor.

He was going to beat her at something someday!


Holly had really wanted to finish her homework yesterday.  She hated having homework due on the the holidays or weekends - it felt like she had a deadline looming over her!  But, she just didn't have enough time before work to get it all done!

She blinked tiredly.  Maybe she was pushing herself too hard...
Violet ambled up and plopped down at the desk next to her.  "So, are you ever going to tell me who lover-boy is?" she asked.

Holly studiously ignored her, attempting to focus on her homework.

Not used to being ignored, Violet crumpled up a piece of paper and chucked it at your sister. "Hey, Holly! Yoo hoo! Hoooooooooooooooooooooolly!"
"What?!" Holly snapped, "I'm trying to do my school work!"

Violet scoffed. "You and your school work! What is getting on the honor roll going to do for you? You need to loosen up and live alittle!"

"I am quite fine, thank you!" Holly snapped pertly, annoyed that her sister was pestering her.  It wasn't her fault that she wasn't as out-going or confident as her beautiful sister.  People didn't react to her the same way...
 "Geez, what crawled up your butt and died?" Violet groused, flouncing away in a pique.

Holly sighed. She was really making in-roads to being friends with Violet, and this might've really messed that up.  She'd have to apologize later.  After her schoolwork was done. 
"Hey Holly! Mom asked if you could take me to the bookstore. I really want to get that book on fishing! Would you? Oh please say yes!" Daisy begged.  

Holly sighed. It looked like she wasn't going to get any work done today!


"Okay, remember, don't embarrass me! I work here!" Holly said as she led her little sister into Freedom Books. 

"I won't! Promise!' Daisy said sweetly.  She was just so excited that she was finally going to get the book about how to catch anchovies!
"Okay, stay right here and read while I finish my homework," Holly said, turning her back on her sister and settling into a comfortable spot.

"Okay, Holly! I promise!" Daisy said, cracking open the book.


"Come on, play hopscotch one more time. I bet I'll beat you!" Tearley said, grabbing his trusty rock.

Marigold sighed.  "Fine. One more time, Tearley! But you're never going to beat me!"
Tearley successfully completed his turn, shouting "HA!", only to find that Marigold was gone.  How was he supposed to beat her at anything if she wouldn't stick around and get beaten?!
"I beat you!" he crowed happily.

Marigold rolled her eyes as she painted.  "That doesn't count Tearley.  Hopscotch is not a game!"

Tearley's shoulders sank.  What did he have to do to beat her at a game? Geez!


And Daisy had forgotten about staying put.  She'd read that anchovy's like tomatoes and minnows liked apples.  That had made her giggle.  It was silly to think that fish liked fruit and vegetables just like her!

She hurried down to the grocer to see if she could get one of each!

While checking out, she'd happened to glance out the window to see fish jumping. 
Forgetting everything else, she ran outside and used cast her line by the jumping goldfish.  She'd always wanted to catch a goldfish!  They were so pretty and bright!
She did it! She caught a goldfish, she thought triumphantly. Just wait until she showed... uh oh... Holly was going to be mad!


Holly sighed with relief and slapped her notebook shut.  "Done with the homework!  Are you ready to go home Daisy?"  She glanced around with a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.  Had she lost Daisy again?! "DAISY!"


Mackenzie put the finishing touches on her home-cooked meal for the Feast Day party.  She'd decided on sushi. It wasn't the traditional stuffed turkey, but it was always a family favorite.
Heading out to the entry hall, she laid the platter in the first spot.  Soon, the table would be full of goodies that her guests had brought over!

The door opened and slammed shut.  "Mom? Is Holly home?" Daisy asked breathlessly.
Mackenzie couldn't help it. Daisy just looked so cute, she headed over and pinched her little cheeks.  "Oh! Don't ever grow up!" Mackenzie told her. "Stay my little girl forever!"
 Daisy frowned, rubbing her cheek. "Mom! I'm not a little..."

"THERE YOU ARE!" Holly said, stamping inside.  "I told you not to leave without me!" she said, flushed from worry and anger.
"Mom! Daisy ran off without me again! She doesn't listen to me..." Holly began to rant to her mother about how Daisy was flighty and didn't pay attention to anything around her.
Daisy flushed with embarrassment and ran for the stairs.  "I'm not a little kid anymore!" she yelled, slamming her door shut.

Before Mackenzie could respond to either girl, they both stormed off in separate directions.

Oi.  Teenage daughters!


Breandan snuck up behind Mackenzie and surprised her with a sweet kiss.
"Are you ready for the party?" he asked, reaching for her hands.

Mackenzie smiled. "As ready as I'll ever be!" she told him.

"Are the girls going to be over their tiff?"

She shrugged. Who knew!
The doorbell rang and Mackenzie hurried to open the door.  "Hi Marian. And Knotty! Come on in. I'll call Daisy down for you," Mackenzie said, turning towards the stairwell and yelling up, "DAISY!"

"COMING!" Daisy yelled back.
 Knotty watched Daisy come down the stairs, unable to take his eyes off of her.
 Daisy blushed, smiling shyly at Knotty.  "Hi," she said sweetly.


The Feast Day party was a big success.  Everyone ate, some ate two servings, and no one seemed to mind that there was no stuffed turkey! 
When the food was finished and parents sat around the table talking, Tearley excused himself.  Sometimes it was weird being in a room full of people...
"Thank you, the meal was delicious," Knotty said politely, putting his plate at the end of the table.  Daisy blushed.  It didn't even matter that he hadn't been talking to her!  She just couldn't take his eyes off of him!

" think of the..." she vaguely heard her father asking. 
 "Hm? What was that Daddy?" she asked, pulling her gaze from Knotty.

When she'd finished her conversation with her father, Knotty was gone.  "May I be excused, daddy?" she asked, eager to search him out.

Breandan stood up slowly, "Help me get these plates cleaned up first, sweet pea."


Violet ran into Knotty in the entry way and checked him out.  "You're pretty cute for a freshman," she told him.  "Do you have a girlfriend?"
"No!" he answered quickly. Knotty nearly swooned from the attention from Daisy's beautiful older sister.  He was in love

Violet grinned. "Well, I have a boyfriend," she teased, wiggling her eyebrows playfully.  "But you make me wish I didn't! Maybe we could get to know each other better anyways, though!"

"How are you at math?" she asked, tiling her head to the side and pursing her lips.

Completed wishes:
Mackenzie: Throw feast party, Daisy ages well, Serve home-cooked meal, Throw great party, Chat with Breandan
Breandan: Repair toilet, Kiss Mack, Daisy ages well
Kearney: working on handiness skill
Violet: Learn guitar
Holly: do homework, talk to Mackenzie
Daisy: Learn bait for Anchovy, Buy apple, Buy tomato, Catch goldfish

Pending wishes:
Mackenzie: Earn a promotion, Play chess, Opportunity - Investigate Crime Scene
Breandan: BFF with Daisy, Tearley gets an A, Daisy gets an A, BFF with Marigold
Kearney: Workout 12 hours, Be worth 300k, Master handiness, Keely ages well
Shannon: Earn a promotion, Be worth 300k, Keely ages well, Keely is a genius
Violet: Attend a party, BFF with Breandan, Invite a Sim over
Holly: Attend a party, Be friends with someone, Stay on honor roll
Daisy: Catch a great Goldfish
Tearley: Win game against Marigold, BFF with Breandan
Marigold: Learn paint skill, Take paint class, Go to art museum, BFF with Breandan

*AN - VIOLET! You're not supposed to flirt with the boys I set aside for your sisters! Seriously! He's a baby compared to you!  She rolled the wish to invite someone over - who should she invite?! That's a hard one! Thorax, Niall, Pete or Knotty?! Hmmm...

And Daisy grew up absent-minded! Perfect for her dreamy, outdoorsy, waif-like personality. :)  I am in love with her hair, by the way!

I love how competitive Tearley and Marigold are, shades of Breandan and Kearney! He kept trying to beat her at hopscotch, but she kept running off.  Poor guy. I'll make her play chess with him tomorrow!  He's got to beat her at SOMETHING!
I didn't put it in the story, but this is what Kearney was doing all day! There are no clogged toilets in the household now & he improved the speakers on the stereo in the exercise room! Good job - but still no perfect handiness skill.  Thank goodness Holly picked him up the Handy Volume 3 book while she was at the bookstore. That was so considerate of her! :)