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Chapter 1.43 - Suspectible to flights of fancy...

"What are you still doing up?" Shannon cried in surprise when she found Kearney reading at 4 in the morning. 

Kearney glanced up ruefully, holding up his handyman book to show her.   "I just got into reading this, I guess." 
"Oh bless your heart," she laughed, giving him an amorous hug. "Get to bed right now! You are going to be so tired today!"
Kearney blinked, feeling exhausted now that he wasn't reading.  "You're right," he said.  "I might just sleep the day away.  He held her hands and squeezed them.  "Want to come join me?" he asked.

Shannon chuckled, pointing to the bedroom.  "Bed! Now!" 
Kearney didn't even pull the sheets down, he just collapsed on top of the covers.


Daisy threw the covers off and started to get out of bed.  Glancing down, she saw a garden gnome at the foot of her bed. 

"DAAAAAAD!" she screeched, quickly yanking her feet back up into the bed where the gnome couldn't reach her.


Breandan locked the cage and pocketed the key.  "Keep an eye on him," he told Spike.  "Make sure he doesn't get away this time."
Entering the kitchen, he started breakfast,  Peanut butter jelly sandwiches sounded good.


Shannon's phone rang.
"Hello?" she answered, surprised to be getting a call from the station on the weekend.  She wasn't the head of the department anymore, so it was usually Breandan that was called in at random hours.

It was Dillon Lawless, a relatively new recruit.  "Hi, Shannon.  We're here at the supermarket and we sure could use your help," he said sheepishly.

"What's the problem?" she asked. 

"Well, it's like this. There's been a mix-up with some puzzle pieces over here and we were hoping you could come help us sort through it all."

Shannon sighed.  It still felt strange to go from being in charge to having the opportunity to sort through puzzle pieces.

"I'll be right over," she told him.


Tearley kicked his feet, enjoying his fresh-baked muffin out on the porch by himself.  Sometimes he liked to slip away to eat on his own.  Especially on beautiful mornings like this.
He glanced up at the sky.  He didn't know what he would do when winter started, though.  It'd be too cold.
Jumping up, he hurried inside.  He wanted to check the weather forecast.
I knew it, Tearley thought sadly as he listened to the weather report.  The next few days would bring heavy snow.  Maybe school would be canceled...
 He brightened at the thought.


Daisy stared at the beautiful scenery in awe.  "Look Spike, it's beautiful!" she said reverently. 
Summer Hill Springs seemed like a magical place, especially with the Aisling tree.  No other tree like it grew in Dragon Valley.  But here, at the Summer Hill Springs, it grew tall and proud, reaching high into the sky.  Local legend said that it was a sacred place... a place where fairies lived. 

Daisy marveled at it's beauty.
Setting Spike down by the patch of heather, she pulled out her fishing pole and cast her line.  She hoped she could catch a new type of fish... something spectacular!


"Violet, be nice to your sister," Breandan called over his shoulder when he overheard Violet complaining to Holly about the dishes as he walked by.
Violet huffed indignantly, "I am! She said she'd do the dishes today!"  Angrily, she stomped off.

"Shannon, how did the puzzle mix-up at the supermarket turn out?" Breandan asked.  
Shannon glanced up from the book she was reading briefly. "It went well. I had it all sorted in short order," she told him. 

Tearley hopped up from the couch.  "Hey dad! It's supposed to snow tomorrow.  I bet I could ice skate better than Marigold.  When do you think the river will ice over?"
Breandan smiled at his son.  "Well, I'm not I remember. Maybe after a month of cold temperatures."

Tearley sighed heavily.  "That'll take forever!" he complained.  "I want to do it tomorrow!"

"With time and effort, you can do anything you put your mind to," Breandan counseled his on.  "But most of all, you need to work on patience."


Daisy blinked, realizing it had grown dark.  You weren't supposed to stay at the Aisling tree after dark or else the fairies might steal you away! 

She was about to leave when something caught her eye.  A seed.  An uncommonly big seed...
She picked it up and gazed at it.  I wonder what kind of seed this is.  Perhaps it was a seed to the Aisling tree!! she thought excitedly.  Wouldn't that be fantastic?!

She knew just who to ask, as well!

Marigold yawned as she dabbed her paintbrush in the paint again.  I really want to finish tonight, she thought tiredly.
"Marigold?! What are you still doing up? It's almost midnight!" Mackenzie said when she'd found her youngest daughter outside with her easel.  "You're going to be exhausted at school tomorrow!"
"Aw, Mom, I just want to finish this picture," she argued. 

Mackenzie shook her head.  "Absolutely not!" she told Marigold.  "To bed!" she said firmly, pointing towards the door.

Marigold grumped the whole way to her room.  When she saw the bunk bed was empty, she wailed, "Why do I hafta go to sleep if Tearley doesn't?!"


Mackenzie hunted Tearley down and found him with his father.  "To bed!" she told him, pointing towards the stairs. 

Tearley sighed, but headed to bed without complaint. 

When Tearley was out of earshot, Mackenzie raised her brow.  "Now the kids are all in bed," she said suggestively to her husband, wiggling her eyebrows. 

Breandan asked with a smile.


Daisy found the perfect space for her new Great Goldfish, Esmerelda.
Hearing Holly walk into the room, she turned quickly.
"Holly! I wanted to ask you a question about a seed!" she said eagerly, showing her sister the seed she'd found and telling her how she'd found it.  "...And I think it might be another Aisling tree! Wouldn't that be fantastic?!"
Holly pushed her glasses up her nose.  "It's unlikely to be an Aisling tree seed. But, perhaps you could find a book at the library that you could compare it to?"  Holly paused, biting on her bottom lip.  "Daisy, I don't want you to get your hopes up, okay? You know you get excited about these fantasies and then are crushed when they don't live up to your dreams.   It's probably just a common oak or something like that."  Holly counseled her sister, probably her closest friend. She hated to see Daisy disappointed.  Daisy tended to be susceptible to flights of fancy whereas Holly was much more grounded in the realm of realism.

Daisy cradled the seed to her chest. "Oh, no. I know," she lied with a sigh. "But this time it's different. It was right there under the Aisling tree.  What else could it be?"

Completed Wishes:
Mackenzie- Hang lights
Breandan- Nothing
Kearney- Hang lights
Shannon- Amorous hug with Kearney, Hang lights
Violet- Nope
Holly- Be friends with someone, Be friends with Daisy
Daisy- Catch great Goldfish
Tearley- Check the weather, Hang lights
Marigold- Hang lights, talk to Mackenzie

Pending Wishes:
Mackenzie- Earn promotion
Breandan- BFF with Daisy & Marigold, Tearley & Daisy get on honor roll
Kearney- Workout 12 hours, Be worth 300k, Master Handiness skill
Shannon- Earn promotion, Be worth 300k
Violet- Attend party, Jam out with someone, BFF with Breandan, Be friends with Holly
Holly- Attend party, Be friends with someone, Be friends with Daisy, Stay on honor roll 3 days
Daisy- Catch new type of fish, Talk to Mack, Learn Gardening skill, Learn Cooking skill
Tearley- BFF with Breandan, Skip school
Marigold- Go to Museum, BFF with Breandan, Reach Level 4 Painting skill
Keely- Nothing

*AN - Kearney's been busting his butt trying to max his handiness skill!  Boy has that been hard!  He slept all day long since he was so exhausted!

Mackenzie didn't roll anything except 'hang lights' today! She just wants to earn a promotion, maybe I'll have her talk to her husband...

I'm considering dropping a few wishes that I haven't been able to fulfill - such as Attend a party & Holly's jam out with someone. I haven't figured out how to tell if someone else has a musical instrument to jam with her.

Loving Daisy's storyline right now! She found an uncommon seed & wants to learn gardening. So, we'll have to get her gardening skill high enough to plant it!  I also thought it was funny finding the pesky gnome by her bedside staring at the fish.  Lol.  Wonder how long it'll stay under lock and key this time!"

Poor Breandan really wants to be best friends with his dad, but it's taking sooooooo long. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chapter 1.42 - Chaos rules!

Daisy woke up early in the morning, smiling at her little anchovy, swimming around in circles.  She couldn't wait to find more great fish to keep!
 And there was nothing like fishing before dawn to catch the best ones!
She proudly held up the best minnow she'd caught to date, a great, big minnow!   She bet he and Mr. Anchovy would be the best of friends!

Her only problem was, what was she going to do with all these fish she was catching?!


 Keely woke up, silently slipping from her bed.  She didn't want to wake her col gaoltas.
She slipped downstairs.  "Good morning, m├íthair," she said softly, grabbing a book to read.

Shannon glanced up and smiled fondly at her daughter.  "Good morning, how did you sleep?"

Keely did not return her mother's smile, she tended to be a much more serious child, taking everything at face value.  "Very well. May I read with you?"

Shannon indicated the empty chair by her side.  "By all means.  What will you be reading?" she inquired.
Keely hopped up on the chair, showing her mother the book.  "It's a book about Logical Thinking," Keely replied, opening to the first page. 

Shannon nodded. "That is a good one," she replied, so proud of her daughter's inquisitive mind.
Mother and daughter read in companionable silence.  Keely thoroughly enjoyed her book, learning much about logic in the process.


"Come on, sleepyhead, get out of bed!" Marigold told her brother when a glance at the open window revealed sunlight streaming into the room.  "We're going to sleep the day away!"

Tearley groaned, "What's wrong with that?" 
 "I'm going to beat you at chess today! Come on, get dressed and meet me outside!"
 Tearley groaned as he followed his sister outside grudgingly. 


 "There's no way you're going to beat me!" Tearley announced smugly, moving his piece.
Marigold studied the board.  She and Tearley were evenly matched. She was sure she could beat him.  Seeing his spot of weakness, she crowed.  "Oh yeah? Well, what if I do this?!"
"How'd you do that?!" Tearley asked upset, staring at the pieces long after Marigold had skipped away.   She beat him!


"She beat me at chess, Dad! It's not fair! That was the one thing I was better at than her!" Tearley complained to his father

Breandan nodded understandingly.  "I know how you feel.  When your uncle and I were boys, we used to always compete to see who was better.  Good thing we grew out it!" he said in all-seriousness.  "You just have to develop your own interests and let her develop her own interests.  What kind of things do you like?"

Tearley shrugged. "I dunno... catching bugs, playing catch," he listed off a few of his favorite things. "Oh hey, Dad! Will you play catch with me?!" he asked excitedly.
 "Okay, now catch the ball when I throw it to you!" Breandan called from 10 feet away.
"I'm ready Dad!" Tearley said, bending his knees and holding his hands out like his Dad had shown him.

Breandan wound up the ball and lobbed it towards his son.
 "Oh crap! Oh crap!" Tearley cursed when he saw the ball coming towards him.  Desperately he turned to the side and put his hands up to protect his face. The ball thumped harmlessly to the ground.

Breandan called out, "You're supposed to catch it, Tearley!"


Marigold snickered while she watched her Dad and Tearley threw the ball back and forth as she painted.  She bet she'd be better at that, too.  But, right now she wanted to finish her painting so she could hang it in her room, just like Violet!

One day her artwork would be hanging on the museum walls, too!  She knew it!


Mackenzie had headed out after breakfast to visit with an old friend.  "Mason, it's so good to see you," she said with a smile.

"Come on in," Mason said, leading her into the house.
"So, how are you enjoying retirement?" Mackenzie asked.  After they'd arrested Maurice O'Reilly for the murder of Seamus O'Connell, Mason had told Breandan that he was getting too old and needed to retire.  It seemed all the old-timers had stuck around to see justice done. 


Back home, Kearney stayed out of everyone's hair by upgrading the shower in his room to be self-cleaning.  There was a new gizmo you could install that would release a small amount of cleaning agent into the pipes every time you used it.  It wasn't supposed to be toxic, so that was a good thing!

Once finishing with that, he went around to all the other sinks and toilets and showers and made sure they were all in good repair.  He was surprised by the number of objects he found! He supposed a house of 10 would be hard on even the best plumbing!

Being a repairman kept him busy well into the evening hours.


Violet looked at her phone and nibbled her lip.  She could only invite one person over. Who should it be?  The obvious choice was her boyfriend, Thorax.  But that was so safe and boring.  She could invite the younger, but obviously enthralled Hooley boy, the mystery bad boy Pete O'Reilly, or the smoking hot, good-times Niall. 
She typed in a text message to Pete.  "Wanna come over & hang?"  It wasn't cheating if she didn't flirt!

She waited anxiously for the reply and giddily pulled up her text messages when the sound beeped.  
"Don't feel like it? What the hell?" she asked with indignation. 
Okay, time for plan B, she thought, dialing a familiar number.

 "Hey! Long time no see!" Violet joked, greeting Niall.
"Hey right back atcha!" Niall said, pretending to fire off fake pistols at her.  She laughed at his antics. 
Niall cut straight to the chase.  "So you still seeing that doofus boyfriend of yours?" he asked, stepping into her space.
"You're so bad!" she exclaimed, slapping flirtatiously at his chest.  Smiling coyly, she added, "But yeah, I'm still seeing him."

Niall shrugged. "Too bad. We might've had some real fun," he told her.

Violet felt a thrill and edged closer to Niall...
 "Oh, God, I'm sorry, excuse me, I was just going!" Holly said, averting her eyes from her sister and Niall.  She couldn't believe she'd stumbled on them all but kissing.  The tension between the two was thick!  A blush stained her cheeks.  Oh God, I wonder if he told Violet about the other night when she talked to him. Stupid, stupid crush!
"Hey Holly," Violet greeted her sister uncharacteristically warmly.  "That wasn't what it looked like. You weren't interrupting anything," she said, taking a step away Niall.  "I'll just go grab my homework, Niall," she said, hurrying into the house.
"Right," Holly grumbled.  Looking towards Niall, she winced, "Sorry if I interrupted anything. I was just heading out to the Standing Stones to see if I can find some ore samples. I'll get out of your hair so you can do your 'homework'."
Niall shrugged nonchalantly. She couldn't tell, but was that a blush across his cheeks.  "No worries, girl.  You didn't interrupt anything.  I had to get home soon anyways.  Tell Violet I said 'hey'."  He hurried away before she could say another word.

Sighing, she headed towards the Standing Stones.  She wanted to find the ore samples to finally return to the lab for the science center's opportunity!


The minute she returned home from completing the opportunity at the science center, Violet pulled her to the side.  "Look, Holly, that totally wasn't what it looked like!" her sister told her.  "I was just hanging out with a good friend!"
"It's fine, Violet. You don't answer to me," Holly said uncomfortably.  Her relationship with her sister had never been the best, but this just made it awkward.  "I won't say anything to Thorax," she promised.
Violet laughed, "What's there to tell? That I was talking to another guy? Ha! Whatever!"
 "Oh shut it, Violet. You can do what you want to, but at least be honest with yourself and Thorax.  He's a really nice guy and if you want to run around and date other guys, you owe it to him to tell him!"
Violet scowled. "Why did I even think we could be friends?" she asked sadly.  "We have nothing in common!"

Holly glanced down at her toes and shrugged.  "I dunno," she said weakly, feeling like she'd disappointed her sister.  "I'm sorry..."

Completed Wishes:
Mackenzie: Hang out with Mason

Breandan: Nada
Kearney: Upgrade shower
Shannon: Nothing - not even the amorous hug!
Violet: Invite someone over
Daisy: Go fishing before 6 am, Catch great Minnow
Tearley: Talk to Breandan, Play catch with someone
Marigold: Beat Tearley at a game, Paint
Keely:  Buy see-saw, Learn Logic skill, Read book about Logic

Pending Wishes:
Mackenzie: Earn a promotion

Breandan: Be BFF with Daisy & Marigold, Tearley & Daisy stay on honor roll
Kearney: Workout 12 hours, Be worth 300k, Master handiness
Shannon: Earn promotion, Be worth 300k, Amorous hug with Kearney
Violet: Attend a party, Jame out with someone, Be BFF with Breandan, Be Friends with Holly!
Holly: Be Friends with someone, Be Friends with Daisy, Attend a party, Stay on honor roll
Daisy: Catch Great Goldfish, Learn Gardening skill, Catch a new type of fish
Tearley: Be BFF with Breandan, Skip school
Marigold: Go to museum, Be BFF with Breandan
Keely: Nothing

*AN:  Ah! Chaos! This day was SO hard to get through because everyone was going in completely different areas!  One thing I try to do when writing up the challenge is try to make my story seamless, which is hard to do when 10 different sims are doing completely different things! Hehe, I tried watching Daisy to catch her getting a fish and then Marigold won the chess game before I could get a picture! (Seriously, they don't cheer when they win a game. Was such a let down!)  I forgot Daisy at the pond fishing & Mackenzie over at Mason's, as well! At this point, I just feel lucky I'm alive after trying to manage all that!

I'm not going to lie. I was disappointed Pete didn't come over!  And then I was disappointed in Violet for flirting with Niall! Of course, he flirted right back until Holly came out. Awkward.  Lol. Actually, Violet had just decided she had to use the restroom.  Niall came over and threw a water balloon at Holly, but then he wrinkled his nose and left (I assume the old newspapers was just too much for him to bear.. because old newspapers smell... *eye roll*)

Violet really did roll the wish to be friends with Holly. I sent her to talk to Holly after she got back from the science lab, but the conversation did not go well.  It went downhill quick!  Violet kept trying to gossip with Holly, but Holly didn't want to hear it. (Aw, so sweet!)

SO, deep breath! We'll see what tomorrow brings!