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...And the heir for the 2nd generation is Tearley O'Shea!  Hopefully he'll find his wishing star that will make all his dreams come true!

*AN - The lifetime happiness points were scored as soon as the children aged up to teenagers.  You can see their scores dwindle the more Simmies I had to control in the household! Lol!  I was hoping for Holly, truthfully! But I think I'll enjoy Tearley, as well!

Chapter 1.46 - Sweet, sweet hijinks...

Violet lounged in bed in the morning, only slightly hungover, mooning over the bartender... what did he say his name was?

He'd been such a gentleman, driving her home and then walking her up the front steps.  She vaguely recalled flirting with him and asking him to come in, but he'd declined.  She frowned.  What if he wasn't as into her as she was into him...

Shrugging, she dismissed the thought.  If he wasn't into her, then she'd just move on to the next man that caught her fancy.  Thorax, who? she thought smugly.


Mackenzie headed to her laboratory to tinker with the potion she was working on for the crime scene analysis.  She felt she was very close to a break-through using crushed dragon scales.  Goodness knows, dragons shed enough of them to be useful!  Their house was littered with shiny, sequin-like scales from Spike!
Eureka! It worked! She had discovered a potion! She waved her hand in front of her nose. Ew, it was a tad bit stinky...

Perhaps she could present it at the first opportunity she had to the counsel! They would be meeting within in the month at City Hall to listen to presentations, lectures & hold meetings regarding La Garda's operating policies.

This was sure to impress them!


Kearney settled into his chair to try to finish reading his manual on handy-man skills.  There were only a few chapters left....


"Keely, are you ready for school?" Shannon asked her daughter, leaning heavily on her cane.  The cold weather always made her bones ache a little bit more than usual.  There was nothing to be done for it, though!

"I don't feel very well," Keely said.  "I've consulted the medicinal book and based on my symptoms, I believe I might have the flu."

Shannon reached over to feel her head, frowning.  "You don't seem to have a temperature," she said.  "But, it's probably best to have a doctor look at you. Just in case."
As usual, Keely didn't want to hold her mother's hand as they walked up the front steps to the doctor's office.  Shannon smiled at how independent and self-sufficient her little girl could be.
A short while later, mother and daughter made their way back into the snow.

Keely frowned. "I could have sworn I was sick!" she said, pouting at her botched diagnosis.

Shannon put her arm around Keely's shoulder.  "Sometimes the mind is a powerful thing. It can make you feel sick if you think it enough. But, at least now you have your flu shot for the season!"

"Do I have to go to school now?" Keely asked with a serious frown.

Shannon smoothed her daughter's bangs.  "No, I think you would be fine if you stayed home today since you're not feeling very well."  She caught the look of relief that shone on her daughter's face.

Eureka! He'd done it! He'd finished reading the Handy-man's Volume III!  Now, according to this book, he was a Master Handy-Man


"Daddy, can I talk to you?" Holly asked her dad, interrupting Breandan as he did some light cardio.

Breandan smiled and switched off the stereo. "Sure, I was just making sure these creaky bones don't turn into dust on me! What do you need?"
"I wanted to tell you about what happened to Keely last night..." she began,describing the children that had been teasing her and how unhappy Keely had been on the way home.

Breandan nodded thoughtfully.


"Do you know the childrens' names?" Uncail Breandan asked with a narrowed gaze.  "If we know who their parents are, we can make sure that they're properly punished." After all, he was the Chief of La Garda.  He was not without his resources!

Keely shook her head. "No, I've never seen them before."

Aintin Mackenzie pursed her lips "You could describe them. I'm sure we can figure out their family based on their coloring."

Keely shook her head again, about to protest when her mother cut her off. 

"I think the important thing here is to assure that it never happens again. Perhaps I should speak with her teacher," Shannon mused aloud to Breandan and Mackenzie.  

Breandan nodded, "Oh, that's a fine place to start..."

"NO!" Keely shouted, her cheeks flushed.  "I just want to forget it happened! It wasn't a big deal!"  She hurried from the room, embarrassed and hurt all over again. 


After school, Tearley challenged his sister to a cut-throat game of Gnubb. 
"Tearley, hurry up, it's freezing out here!" Marigold called out impatiently.

Tearley aimed his baton slowly, taking his time. "Don't rush me Marigold! You just want me to mess up!"  He tossed the baton...
"SWING BATTER, BATTER, BATTER!" Marigold called out, attempting to throw his aim off.

Tearley's face screwed up with panic as he let go of the baton.  "No fair, Marigold! You cheated!" he screamed, upset.

They both watched as the stick flew in a perfect arch and knocked over the King Gnubb!
"YES!" Tearley cried out in triumph! "I beat you!"

Marigold quickly recovered from her loss, putting her hand on her hip. "Well, it only took you all afternoon!" she sassed.

Doesn't matter, Tearley thought with a grin.  It was worth it.

Now that they weren't focused on the game, though, the cold seemed to chill them to their very bones.  They hurried inside to warm up.
After all, they were in the middle of winter, almost Snowflake Day!  He paused to smile up at the beautiful hanging lights.


Tearley and Marigold eyed the brightly wrapped presents on the table excitedly. Who knows what their mother had bought them?!
Tearley looked around the room, already uncomfortable with the birthday cheers and attention.  Thank goodness it was only their family!

Marigold looked around the room, disappointed that there were no friends!  Why couldn't her parents  have invited anyone else? It's not like it was just Tearley's birthday!!

"Open your presents!" Mackenzie called out.
Marigold whooped as she tore into her present.  "Alright!" she called out. "An ExoEdge Gaming System! Awesome, Mom!"

Tearley opened his gift more slowly, gamely holding up the games and the controllers to the game system.

Marigold sighed. "Oh, look, a shared present!"


Violet did her duty, clapping and cheering for the twins birthday.  But, her heart was ready to fly!  "Mom, I'm going to take off and check out the Pub tonight."

Mackenzie smiled at her wild child.  Violet was just like her when she was young - ready to have fun and party.  "Have fun! Call if you need us," she told her.  "Be careful!" she added as an afterthought.  "And don't accept drinks from a stranger!" she said, stopping Violet again.

Violet grinned, attempting to hurry from the room before her mom could think of any other rules she wanted her to follow.


Violet walked up the steps and glanced around.  It was pretty quiet. Probably because it was a Wednesday night.  Everyone was at home getting ready for work!  Her pulse started to throb.  That just meant she would have more alone time with... him!
Slate was reaching under the bar to grab a glass when he heard her.
"Hey, how's it going?" Violet asked, tucking her hair behind her ear. The bartender stood up, nodding curtly to her.
"I.. umm.. wanted to thank you for helping me home last night," she told him. "That was really sweet."

Bartender grunted.

Violet just smiled as she slipped onto the bar stool.  "So? What do you suggest I try tonight?" she asked, quirking her eyebrow saucily.

He just grunted again, but Violet had seen the flash of amusement.

"Maybe something tough-as-nails like a Morcobus Molotov," he suggested.

Violet rolled her eyes. "Uh, do I look like the kind of girl that likes tough-as-nails?" she asked flirtatiously.
Slate's gaze slowly slipped down her body, taking note of her lush curves.  "No, you certainly don't look like a tough-as-nails girl," he said, his voice husky with desire.  He cleared his throat, "Sweet Hijinks, it is," he told her.

Violet hid a grin as she watched him mix her drink.  He'd actually checked her out
Bartender held out the glass to her.  "Thanks," she said, making sure their hands touched as she took it in her hand.  He jerked his hand back quickly, as though burned.  "So, are you ever going to tell me your name? Or am I going to have to keep calling you Bartender in my head?

His lips quirked up slightly in smile. "Bartender?"

She shrugged nonchalantly with a coy grin.
Shaking his head, he stepped away to serve another customer, but as she sipped her fruity drink, she could feel his eyes on her. 
Slapping down money for the drink, a generous tip, and her phone number, she slipped off the stool without another word.

She was going to make him like her!


"Are you okay, princess?" Shannon asked her daughter as Keely got ready for bed. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Keely shook her head. "It's nothing. They just don't understand me," she said.  "If I bring attention to it, they'll only tease me all the more."

"Okay," Shannon said slowly, prepared to defer to her daughter's wishes. "However, if the teasing continues, or escalates, I want you to come to your father or I.  There's no need for you to put up with bullying!"

"I promise, Mother," Keely said seriously, relieved that she had managed to make her point.
She clambered into bed and pulled the covers over her.  "Goodnight Mother."

"Goodnight, princess."
Shannon met her husband in their room and immediately walked into his arms for a soothing hug.

"She'll be okay," Kearney assured his wife, kissing her temple.  "She's strong, like you."

Shannon nodded, still hurting for her daughter's pain.  "I just worry about her. She's so self-sufficient! She kisses her own hurts before asking for a kiss from her mother!  Sometimes I think she's 9 going on 30!"
Kearney tenderly tilted his wife's chin up and kissed her softly.  "She's self-sufficient because she's had a good mother," he told her.


Slate scrubbed the counter-top of the bar after the Pub had closed.  He'd been sent to the Dragon Valley through the mists for a purpose.  And now it seemed that he was one step closer to achieving his goal. Her phone number burned a hole in his pocket.

It was time to take it to the next level...
Completed Wishes:
Mackenzie-Discover potion, Buy something worth $100, Hang Snowflake lights, Lifetime Wish - Surrounded by Family!!
Breandan- Do cardio workout
Kearney- Master Handiness skill, Kiss Shannon
Shannon- Talk to Keely, Talk to Keely, Amorous hug with Kearney, Kiss Kearney
Violet- Have a drink, Meet someone new,
Holly- Talk to Breandan
Daisy- None
Tearley- Win a game against Marigold, Hang Snowflake lights, Warm up
Marigold- Reach Level 4 Painting skill
Keely- Get a flu shot, Hang Snowflake lights

Pending Wishes:
Mackenzie- Holly ages well, Violet gets married (keep on wishing, Mack)
Breandan- Marigold earns an A, BFF with Marigold, Tearley & Daisy get Honor Roll
Kearney- Workout 12 hours, Be worth 300k
Shannon- Keely earns an A, Be worth 300k, Keely ages well
Violet- Be friends with Slate, Go to 5 hotspots, Meet someone new, BFF with Breandan
Holly- Stay on Honor Roll 3 days
Daisy- Prepare meal with fresh fish, Catch a new type of fish, Talk to Mackenzie, Garden
Tearley- Get a part-time job
Marigold- Get a part-time job, Go to museum, BFF with Breandan
Keely- BFF with Kearney, Discover potion

*AN:  What an exciting update!! Tearley & Marigold aged up to teens!  Yay!  Now we'll see who the most poorly adjusted child in the bunch is. :)

Also, I was excited to realize that the Surrounded by Family Lifetime Wish only requires you to raise FIVE children from babies to teens! Mackenzie did it!  For some reason (Sims 2), I thought I needed 6 kids, but didn't have the heart to make Mackenzie pregnant again. :)

And what the heck is Slate, the Bartender, up to?

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Chapter 1.45 - Just the tequila talking...

 "Good morning, my love," Shannon greeted her husband first thing in the morning. "What are you going to do today?"
Kearney grinned. "I was going to try to finish that Handy volume!" he told her.  "Maybe work on some of the plumbing around the house."  He hugged her.  "Be safe at work!" he said, waggling a finger at her.

Shannon scoffed, "Oh yes, those desk jobs are so dangerous!"


Kearney left his wife to get ready for work and headed downstairs.  He knew that Shannon had trouble adjusting to her new position at la garda, but he couldn't say he was sorry she wasn't risking her life on the job.  He settled into a comfortable chair and began reading.


"You know, I totally covered for you at school," Marigold told her brother again. She wouldn't let him forget it. Ever.  "I lied to our teacher!"

"I know!" Tearney said, disgruntled.  "Although Dad still found out," he grumbled under his breath.

Marigold put her hands on her hips. "What is your problem anyways? Why don't you like school?"

Tearney turned his head and came down the ladder. "I like school just fine," he said defensively.  Plumbobb, would Marigold quit it already?!  He peeked over at her to see if she was still staring.  Yup. Still staring.

"Well?" she demanded.  As competitive as they were with each other, he knew that she would fiercely defend him against the whole word, if need be.

Shrugging helplessly, he said, "It's stupid," he said, trying to change the subject.  His mom had suggested writing in a journal to help him with his feelings.

Marigold narrowed her eyes as he left the room.


It was almost time to go to work.  Before Breandan left the room, Mackenzie grabbed his sleeve and tugged him back to her.  "Be safe out there, okay?" she told him before kissing him passionately.


Shannon was about to head to work, but first she wanted to talk to Keely.  She wasn't in  her room, so she'd thought to look for her in the den.

"There you are!" she said happily when she spotted her daughter with a book in hand. 
"School was cancelled today because of the heavy snow.  Finish your homework & make sure you ask permission before going anywhere. Do you understand?" Shannon told her daughter.
 "Yes, mother. I was just going to read a little bit more about logic."

"That's my girl!" Shannon said, kissing her cheek.  "I love you!" Raising her voice, she called out, "Goodbye Kearney!"

Kearney grunted in acknowledgement.

SNOW DAY!  Marigold hurried outside with her paints.  She couldn't wait to finish work on more artwork!
SNOW DAY! Keely headed upstairs to practice her chess game, despite the cold.  She sneezed and wiped at her nose.  She hoped she wasn't getting sick!
SNOW DAY! Tearney hurried to the knook in the den that had a writing desk and the family computer.  He started a new document and started writing.  His mom had suggested he write about his feelings when he started feeling overwhelmed.
SNOW DAY! Holly sat down at the desk to work on her homework.  She wanted to make sure she made the honor roll again!  That would make 3 times in a row!
SNOW DAY! Daisy stepped out of the taxi and glanced up at the imposing building.  She hoped to get some answers her about her little seed.
With a smile, she remembered when Holly had first brought her here looking for rocks.  She shook her head.  She'd been so young and flighty! Putting her hand in her pocket, she palmed the seed.  She could do this!

She headed inside for the gardening seminar...
SNOW DAY! Violet was greeted by Niall at his front door.  "Hey, how's it going?" he asked.  "I didn't know you were coming over."

Violet smiled at her friend. "Is Eam home?"

Niall's eyebrows shot up.  "Eam?!"

Violet shrugged. "Yeah, we were in the same study program. I just thought I'd say hi."

 "Sure, come on in," Niall said slowly, obviously still surprised Violet wasn't there to see him, but his little brother.
"Hey, Eam," she said.

Eam glanced down. "Hi," he lowered his voice. "I hope you didn't get in any trouble," he said, referencing the night her boyfriend, Thorax, had caught them flirting.
Violet shrugged.  She didn't want to talk about it.  "So, how's it going?" she said, changing the subject firmly.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw saw Niall dropping to the floor to do his homework, blatantly eavesdropping.


"Holly? Could you please take me to the bookstore?" Keely asked sweetly.  "I'd like to buy another logic book."

Holly glanced up from her homework and then glanced down at her watch.  "Sure, Keely.  I have to head to work soon anyway.  Do you want to stay there while I work?  I won't be able to bring you straight back home."

"Oh, that would be wonderful. I can wait ever so patiently!" Keely assured her cousin.

"Okay, go let your dad know and I'll go get ready."


Back home, Daisy went to her room to think about all the information she'd learned about gardening.  She still didn't know what kind of seed she had.  Nobody had ever seen anything like it before.  She couldn't help but think she had a fairy Aisling seed!

She fed her fish absently.
"How was your day?" Breandan asked, stepping into her room.

"Daddy! Hi!" she said excitedly, eager to talk to him.  "It was wonderful!"  She told him all about her uncommon seed, her gardening seminar, and about how she hoped to grow an Aisling tree!

Breandan grinned as he listened.  All of his children were different in their own way.  Daisy had always been his wistful dreamer!  It's one of the things he loved most about her.


"Good, I thought he'd never leave!" Violet joked when Niall finally grew tired of watching them and left the room.
She flirted with Eam a little bit, but her heart just wasn't in it.  "We're friends, right?" she asked.

Eam blinked, "Of course," he assured her.

"Thorax broke up with me and I miss him," she admitted unhappily.

"Then... what are you doing here?" Niall asked in confusion.  He'd been psyched that Violet had expressed an interest in him and was a little miffed that she was thinking about Thorax.

"Look, he was the one to break up with me! That doesn't mean I'm going to sit around pining for him!" she argued defensively.

Niall pressed his advantage, "I know a way we can make him jealous," he suggested.

Violet narrowed her eyes with annoyance.  How juvenile.  "Um, no..." she said firmly and watched his shoulders sag.  "Umm... maybe I should go..."


"Okay, Keely. So remember, you need to stay right here until I'm done with work.  Will you be okay?"

Keely arched her brow.  "Of course, Holly," she said with a trace of irritation.  After all, she had a very high IQ.  She could follow simple commands easily.
 Trotting back outside after buying her book on logic, she sat down and began to read.

"Whatcha reading?" a boy across from her asked.

Keely looked up and then looked around.  "Are you talking to me?"

The boy rolled his eyes. "Uh. Yeah!" He snickered with the girl next to him.

Keely pursed her lips.  "I'm reading about philosophy and logical reasoning," she told him.

"BOR-ING!" the girl laughed.

Keely's cheeks flushed and she buried her nose in the book.  If she didn't see them, they didn't exist.


Mackenzie was glad that she'd convinced Breandan to set up a chemistry table in the old bathroom.  Easy water source in case her potion caught on fire, she'd joked.
Since going into Forensics, she'd been learning more about chemical properties.  Right now she was trying to make a solution that would render thumbprints visible to the naked eye.  It would be a great way to check crime scenes!


Daisy hummed as she prepped dinner for the family.  She'd gotten the idea of a salad from her gardening seminar.   They'd talked about how versatile gardening was - you could use produce for fishing & cooking!
She slid the food onto the serving plate and grinned with accomplishment.  She was really learning to cook!

Holly headed out the bookstore, proud of her new promotion. Glancing towards her cousin, she saw two kids surrounding Keely and tossing something back and forth.

"Give it back!" Keely demanded, kicking at the girl in front of her.

"What is going on here?!" Holly demanded, hurrying to her cousin's side.

The other girl handed Keely back her book with a sheepish look on her face.

Keely's face, however, was streaked with tears.

"We were just having a little fun..." the girl said lamely.

"You should be ashamed of yourself!" Holly snapped. "Come on, Keely. We're going home," she said tightly reaching for Keely's hand.  Why did everyone pick on people just because they were different?
"I'm sorry!" the boy called out, earning a glare from his partner in crime.  "What?" he demanded. "I feel bad! She was just trying to read a stupid book!"


Violet left Eam's house, but she wasn't ready to go home.  She was feeling out of sorts since Thorax had broken up with her.  What if she wasn't cut out to love only one man? she worried. 

She headed across the street to the bistro, hoping to find a diversion.  It's definitely no hot spot, she thought looking around.  Behind her, she spotted a handsome guy hanging out alone.  Hello! she thought with a grin. She was primed to meet someone new.
 She headed over to introduce herself, but struck out.  Happily married - bleh!
Sitting down at the bar, she wearily ordered a drink.  "Hit me with your hardest drink," she told the bartender.
"One Kneecapper, straight up, for the lady," he drawled, reaching for a glass and the liquor.

Despite her funky mood, Violet chuckled, "Do I even want to know what's in it?" she asked.

"Nope. You sure don't,"he teased as he handed her the drink.
"Well, here goes nothing!" she said as she looked at the orangish liquid.  Holding her breath, she swallowed a mouthful.  "Oh Plumbob," she said with a gasp.  "That's awful!"

The bartender laughed. "It might not taste that good, but it'll make you feel real good."

She took another sip.

"Let's test it. How you doing now?" he asked, leaning against the bar.
Violet looked up from the glass into the most beautiful green eyes she'd seen before.  "You know," she said slowly.  "I think I'm feeling a lot better already!" His jeans fit those thigh muscles like a glove! she thought dreamily, raking her eyes up and down his muscled form.

The bartender slapped the bar and gave her a thumbs up sign. "That's my girl!" he teased. "Bottoms up!" he said, reaching to clean a glass.

Violet took another drink, watching the bartender under her lashes. Propping her chin in her hand, she leaned against the counter heavily, starting to feel... relaxed... "So you come here alot?" she asked with the slightest slur.

He laughed.  And when she said he laughed, he really laughed. He threw his head back and guffawed.  It was amazing to watch his adam's apple as it moved.  "Maybe I should cut you off!" he told her, handing her some pretzels.  "Here. Eat some of those. They'll help take the edge off the liquor," he promised. 

"What if I want the edge?" she purred as she popped a few pretzels in her mouth.  Mmm.. bar food... yummy!

The bartender stopped and looked at her.  She preened under his attention. She could tell he was interested.

So she was surprised when he glanced away.  "You look like a real nice girl, but I have a rule about dating chicks I pick up at the bar.  It can get... messy..." he said in way of explanation. 

Mmm... messy... Violet thought with a shiver. She shook her head. It felt so clunky...

"Look, it's closing time, do you need me to call you a cab? You good to get home?" he asked with concern.  If he wasn't mistaken, she was still wet behind the ears. He'd bet money this was her first time drinking.
Violet slid off the stool, only stumbling slightly.  "Yeah, I'm good," she told him. She flashed him a smile, waving him away.
Walking away, she tripped over her feet and fought to keep her balance.  Her hands shot out to the side as she wobbled back and forth.  As soon as she was vertical again, she glanced back with another smile. "See!" she said proudly, "I'm fine!"

I want to call Thorax, she thought as she reached into her purse, fumbling for her phone. Dropping it, she swore, then dropped to her knees, managing to spill her purse in the process.  "PLUMBBOB!" she muttered, trying to shove everything back in.

The bartender swore viciously under his breath.  "Wait. Let me lock up. I'll take you home," he told her, reaching for his keys.

Completed Wishes:
Mackenzie: Kiss Breandan, Earn promotion, Get chemistry table
Breandan: BFF with Daisy
Kearney: (working on maxing handiness skill)
Shannon: Talk to Kearney, Talk to Keely, Earn promotion
Violet:Be friends with Eam, (canceled Jam with another Sim wish), Meet someone new, Have a drink, Eat bar food
Holly: Earn promotion, Become friends with someone (Daisy)
Daisy: Learn gardening skill, Learn cooking skill
Tearney: Practice writing
Marigold: (working on reaching level 4 painting skill)
Keely:Play chess, Read Logic book, Buy Logic book

Pending Wishes:
Mackenzie: Discover potion
Breandan: BFF with Marigold, Daisy & Tearley on Honor Roll
Kearney: Workout 12 hours, Be worth 300k, Master Handiness skill
Shannon: Be worth 300k, Keely ages well
Violet: Be friend with Holly, BFF with Breandan, Go to 5 Hot Spots
Holly:Talk to Mackenzie, Stay on Honor Roll for 3 days
Daisy:Catch new type of fish, Talk to Mackenzie, Cook meal with fish
Tearney:Win a game against Marigold, Take writing class
Marigold: Talk to Mackenzie, Reach Level 4 Painting skill, Go to Museum, BFF with Breandan
Keely: Get a flu shot, Discover potion, Hang christmas lights

*AN - SNOW DAY! Yay! My little sims got a free day to work on some of their wishes! Although, they all got in trouble for skipping Field Trip Day. ( Make up your mind school system!) 

I thought it was funny that Violet wanted to be friends with Eam.  Niall must have been very surprised when she was there to see his brother instead of him.  Doh!

Poor Keely! She just doesn't know how to relate to people it seems!

AND now Violet's an adult! She seems pretty interested in Bartender. We'll see what happens there! Is it just the tequila talking? :P