Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chapter 1.50 - A Prom to Remember

Unable to sleep, Violet spent a good deal of time tossing & turning.  Finally disgusted enough, she got from bed and threw her jacket on.  She wanted to do something daring and unexpected...
And she had the perfect idea!
Violet turned back and forth in front of the mirror, eyeing her new tattoo.  Pastel musical notes curved from under the cup of her left breast and spread up and across her other breast.

She'd made quite an impression on her tattoo artist, who had told her anytime she wanted another tattoo to come back and see him.  She suspected when he tucked his card in the top of her swimsuit halter that he'd been fishing for a date.

Who knew...  maybe she would take him up on his offer...

"I'm sorry I didn't pay attention yesterday when you were trying to talk to me," Holly apologized when she ambled into the kitchen and found Daisy.  "Were you talking about the Aisling tree again?"
Daisy sniffed, still miffed that no one had paid any attention to her.  "What do you care?" she demanded crankily.
"Daisy, I do care. I'm sorry!" Holly said quickly.  "We're not only sisters, we're friends, right?"
Daisy could only hold on to her hurt feelings for a few more seconds before she clapped her hands together happily and dished.  "So, it started when I had a dream..." she began excitedly.

Marigold rolled her eyes as she came into the room.  "Oh Plumbbob, not the stupid unicorn story again," she said snidely.  "Daisy, there's no such thing as unicorns!"
Violet overheard Marigold, and even though she'd said the very same thing to Daisy the other day, she decided to defend her gentle younger sister.  "Marigold, lay off!  Just let her dream, okay?  Everyone's got to have a dream!"

Marigold sniffed and turned on her heel, marching away in a blur of affront.

Violet left Daisy and Holly in the kitchen talking about unicorns, because seriously, there was no such thing.  She sat down at the computer and took a deep breath.  I wonder if he answered...
She clicked on her profile and saw the messages icon blinking.  "Oooo..." she said excitedly as she clicked on the folder.  "Ew... Ew..." she flipped through the messages from guys that were too old, too weird, or too whatever until finally she came to the one she'd been hoping to see.

I always love making new friends. Especially when they're as beautiful as you. Call me sometime. - Brien

No time like right now, Violet reasoned as she punched in the phone number he'd provided.  It's not cheating if we're just hanging out, she reminded herself.
"Yeah," a deep, male voice tersely answered on the 5th ring.

Violet smiled widely, taking her voice down to a seductive pitch. "Hey, this is Violet," she said somewhat nervously.

"I don't know a Violet," the terse voice responded, clearly annoyed to be bothered.

Violet stood up straight, surprised, "From the personals," she explained hastily, just in case he hung up.

There was a pause.

"Ah, Violet," he answered smoothly, all traces of annoyance or terseness had dissipated.  "You got my message!"

Violet relaxed.  Clearly he'd just forgotten her name, that was all.  "Yeah, it's me.  I was wondering if you want to meet up for coffee or something."

"I'm looking forward to it," he answered.  "2 pm. At the McCafferty's Pub." 

He was clearly used to making decisions and having them followed. But, Violet didn't care.  She was going to meet Brien O'Connell!!
"YES!" she said with a fist pump as she hurried to go get ready.

Mackenzie interrupted Breandan and Tearley's hushed conversation. 
"Eh? What was that you're talking about?" she teased, poking her cane in Tearley's direction. 
Tearley jumped back, frowning.  "Aintin Shannon is going to mad at you for taking her cane again, Mom! HEY!" he cried out when her cane swiped a little too closely to his mid-section. "Quit harassing me with the cane!"

Mackenzie chuckled under her breath.  "I should get me one of these for myself! It's so much fun!"

Kearney headed upstairs to attempt a 12-hour workout once he was finished with breakfast.  This time, no one was going to interrupt him.

"If you've eaten your lettuce for breakfast, we can go head over to the salon," Mackenzie joked with her vegetarian daughter.
"MOM! I don't just eat lettuce! I'm not a rabbit!" Marigold said, clearly exasperated.  "PLUMBBOB!!"

Mackenzie sighed.  Who knew teenagers were that sensitive?!

1.63 hours into his workout, Kearney got a call, stepping from the treadmill.  "Hello?" he asked, pulling out his cell and flipping it open.  "Hello?" he repeated.  Huh, unknown number.  (It was actually Ellen Curry asking him out on a date. Er... NO.)
Shrugging, he headed downstairs and attempted to finish a life-long dream of making the shower self-cleaning.  All he had to do was get this sprayer installed...
"Kearney, you're backing up the potty line! Get outta here!" Mackenzie snapped.  "I gotta go pee before I meet Marigold at the car!"

Or not, Kearney thought as he excused himself.

Around 2 pm, Violet headed over to meet Brien.  She might have been a little bit early, she thought as she slipped onto the chair facing slate.

"Look, about last time..." Slate began somewhat nervously, cracking his knuckles and appearing ill-at-ease.
"Look, don't even say anything," Violet said, cutting him off.  "It was fun, we made out a little. Whatever."

Slate lowered his voice. "It wasn't whatever to me," he said.

"Too bad. I didn't come here for you," she answered, ignoring the thrill that went through her at his husky words.  "I'm meeting someone..."

Slate reared back, surprise written all over his face.  "You're meeting..."

I only had moments to feel slightly guilty when I heard that smooth voice behind me.  "Veronica!" Brien said in greeting.
I swiveled in my seat and greeted Brien. "It's Violet," I corrected him. "Nice to meet you."  He was even more handsome in real life!
Brien was busy checking me out from head to toe, too.  "You're as beautiful as you claimed," he said lightly, leaning in flirtatiously.  "I like a girl that keeps herself in shape."

"Well, you're not too bad yourself," I cooed, tapping his chiseled upper arms, checking out Slate's reaction from the corner of my eye. "Looks like you work out a lot!"
If looks could kill, Brien would be a dead man.
"Come on, let's grab a drink!" I said, turning back to Slate and shooting him a smug smile, eager to show him that someone found me desirable even if he didn't.

(AN: Whoops, I forgot & left Marigold & Mackenzie on their own at the Salon.)

Inside the salon, Mom & Daughter treated themselves to a mani/pedi, just in time for Marigold's upcoming Prom dance.  She wanted to feel ultra feminine and pretty!

"I hope you know what you're doing," Slate warned under his breath as he all but slammed the Cherry Casanova Drinks on the bar in front of her.

Violet looked at the pretty red drinks, rimmed with sugar with little heart drink stirrers.  "Aw!  Those are so cute! You should have made these for me before!"

Slate just glared at her.
Right, Violet grabbed the drinks and headed over to Brien.  We clinked our glasses together.  "Here's to a beautiful friendship," Violet announced.

"You bet," he replied, knocking back the entire drink.  

Glancing down at her phone, she realized it was getting close to party-time.  Her best friend, Maria, had recently moved in with her boyfriend and wanted to show-off her new place.

"Hey, you wanna go with me to a party?" Violet asked.

Brien shrugged, "I thought we'd find something together alone, but I guess I'm game."
Violet felt Slate's eyes on her as we left, Brien's hand possessively around her waist.

"Mom! Guess what! I told them that I was artistic, and they totally asked if I could be a Spa Technician Specialist!  I got a job!" Marigold bragged when they'd finished their mani/pedi's.

Keely spent the entire day fiddling with the notes Aintin Mackenzie had left at the lab station.  She'd accidentally figured out how to make what she coined 'Liquid Horror.'  She shuddered at the memory.  But, she still hadn't managed to make the invisible fingerprinting potion as she'd set out to do.

Marigold poked her head in the room, "Aren't you going to get ready?"

"For what?" Keely asked, carefully pouring the liquid.

"PROM, silly!" Marigold shook her head with disgust.  How could Keely forget PROM, of all things!
Within a short time, all her siblings were ready for the Prom, dressed in their finest clothes.
"Come on guys, we're going to be late!" Marigold complained.
Somehow, once their limo dropped them off, Marigold managed to slip ahead of the crowd and was the first one dancing the night away.  The rest of the siblings waited as the other guests trickled in.

Marigold really made a good impression on Eam with some epic dance moves.  She was deemed Prom Queen.  She thanked everyone and started talking about how what she really wants is world peace.

Daisy was looking forward to seeing her crush at the dance, but he spent the entire time ignoring her.

Keely had a mishap on the dance floor and feel flat on her face.

Violet approached Maria's new place with Brien in tow.  On the car ride over, she'd had to steadily dodge his roaming hands as he hinted about finding somewhere they could go to be alone.  It was pretty clear that Brien had one thing on his mind...

At first Violet hadn't minded, in fact she was looking forward to fooling around.  But, now, she just felt dirty.  Besides, she was pretty sure he wasn't thinking long-term.  He kept calling for Veronica, for Plumbbob's sake!
"Hey Maria," she quickly greeted her friend with a hug.  "Where's the bathroom?" she asked quietly.  She needed to splash some water on her face and figure out what to do with the dude latched to her side.

Maria pointed, "Upstairs and to the right."  Her eyes widened when she saw Brien.

"What?" she mouthed.

"I'll tell you later," Violet mouthed back.
Turning to Brien, she gave him a quick smile.  "I'll be right back," she promised.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me, she thought uncharitably when she walked straight by Niall upstairs.

"Violet!" he greeted her with that wicked smile of his.  "Nice to see you again."

She turned on her heel and hurried to the bathroom.  She was still mad at him. The big jerk.
By the time Violet got back downstairs, Niall was having a hushed conversation with Maria and Brien was nowhere in sight.

Maria glanced over when she made it down the stairs and made a shooing motion to Niall.  "I'll just be over there if anyone needs me," she announced loudly before hurrying away.
Oh plumbbob, what next? Violet thought miserably.
Niall's gaze seemed to burn into her from across the room.  She shifted uncomfortably.  "What?" Violet asked with annoyance, tired of him staring.
Nial cleared his throat and approached her, almost nervously.  "The thing is, Violet.  I know you're mad at me. And I totally deserve it."

"Damn right you do," Violet interrupted with her hand on her hip.

Pretending she hadn't spoken, he pulled out a bouquet of red roses and thrust them towards her.
"Do you forgive me? It was a shitty thing for me to do.  I just thought it'd be funny.  I'm sorry."

Violet stared at the roses in her hand.  "You got me flowers?" Violet gushed. "Omigod, you got me flowers?!"

"Yeah, I did," Niall said abashed. "So, do you forgive me?"
"Yeah I do," I said softly, reaching forward to grab his hand.  "Do you want to get out of here?" I asked all of a sudden.

"Uh, okay? What do you have in mind?" he asked.

"Just come with me!" I told him, slinging my jacket on and heading for the door.
Niall quickly grabbed his jacket and raced after me.  "What about that guy you came with?" he asked.

"Who cares? Do you want me to go home with him?" I called over my shoulder.
"Good point!" Niall said affably, jogging down the steps to catch up.

Back at my house, I held up my finger to tell him to be quiet, then hurried to the back of the house.
"What are we doing...?" he started to ask, but he became distracted when I threw myself into his arms.

Holding his face in my hands, I kissed him passionately.  "I was wrong the other night, too," I told him.

Niall looked so adorable when he was confused.  "What...?" he asked, still reeling from making out.

I put my finger against his lips.  "I said I wasn't ready to go all the way, but I am..."

"You are?" he repeated dumbly.
Nodding, I grabbed his hand and lead him into the igloo.

Completed Wishes:
K- Go jogging (cancelled)
M- Harass the world
V- Get tattoo, Meet someone new, Meet someone from online, Woohoo in igloo
H- Be friends with Daisy, Be friends with someone, Go to Prom
D- Go to Prom
M- Get a job, Go to Prom
T- Buy Logical book (cancelled)
K- Go to Prom

Pending Wishes:
S- Keely gets on Honor Roll, Meet someone new, Talk to Kearney, Prepare Autumn Salad
K- Work out 12 hours, Make shower self-cleaning, Make oven self-cleaning
B- Marigold earns an A, Tearley & Daisy gets on Honor Roll, Holly Graduates
M- Holly ages well, Violet gets married
V- Watch a movie
H- Stay on Honor Roll for 3 days, Earn a raise
D- Prepare meal using freshly caught fish, Find seeds
M- Best Friends with Mackenzie, Win game against Breandan
T- Donate money to Charity, Win 5 games, Win ranked chess match, Get part-time job
K- Best Friends with Kearney, Use telescope, Make Sleeping Elixir, Make Bladder Flow potion

AN:  Mackenzie has been going around and picking fights with everyone.  She's apparently in a bad mood.  I gave her a cane and she's been having fun harassing people!  Naughty Mackenzie!

This update really wound up being about Violet! Lol. I couldn't believe I forgot about Marigold & Mackenzie at the spa! They'd almost finished their twin igloos! But, Violet was the only one with wishes I could actively finish! Plus, I had to see what happened with Brien.  I nearly died when she went upstairs and saw Niall.  Soon after, Brien announced he was headed to work and left.  He must have felt uncomfortable around her friends.  Niall managed to save the day by giving her a big bouquet of roses.  What girl wouldn't want to woohoo in an igloo after that? Right? ... err...

Right! HUGE prom! Only Marigold impressed the guy she was dancing with - Eam, of course! They are now romantic interests.