Monday, February 29, 2016

Chapter 1.55 - An opportunity to make the grade...

Kearney woke up when he heard the strange noise.
Crouching down, he ran his hands over the dragon egg.  Was it just him or did it feel warm?  It seemed as though the noise was coming from inside the egg. 

He'd brought it home with him so that they could keep an eye on it.
He stepped back when the egg began swiveling around and sparks started coming from a smaller opening.
It seemed that they now had a green dragon...

Breandan and Holly did a workout together in the morning.
All of a sudden, Holly looked at her watch.  "Oh shoot! I'm going to be late!" she cried.
She took off jogging at a fast clip to reach work before her shift started.  She could shower there...

Kearney headed to a home he hadn't visited in years.  Since losing Shannon, he'd felt adrift in life.  Perhaps re-establishing his old friendships would help him.
And who but a fellow widower?

"Kearney!" Marian Hooley said, giving him a hug in greeting.  "How have you been?"

Kearney's smile crumpled.  "I miss her every day," he said simply.

Marian hooked her arm through his and led him inside.  "And you always will," she told him.  "I find keeping busy helps me on the hardest days."
Kearney spent the morning catching up with Mariann. 

"Too much time has gone by! My Knotty is a young adult now! And Keely, she's on the verge of womanhood, too!" Marian was saying.

Kearney glanced at his friend Marian in surprise. "No! Keely's still young yet. She might be a teen, but she's still a child!"

Marian's eyes twinkled with mischief.  "Och now, Kearney. You can't expect her to stay your little girl forever!"

Uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, Kearney glanced away.  His attention was caught by the small tv in front of him.
"Let me upgrade your tv.  It should boost your channels," he said, hopping up.

Marian smiled.  "Oh, it's nice to have a man in the house again!"

Daisy headed to The Local Grocer.  Her teacher had told the class that having a part-time job helped students perform better at school.  She'd jumped at the opportunity.

For the very same reason, Keely walked into Tome Traders and applied for a position.  All while she was there, her new boss sang Holly's praises. 
Stepping from her new job, she sank to the floor and began her homework.

"Kid! You're in the middle of the walkway!" Aiden O'Connell said tersely as he moved around her. "You're gonna get stepped on!"

"Sorry," Keely said shyly.

Tearley was now known around school as the best tutor available.  He wasn't sure how he felt about it.  But, his Study Club mentor encouraged him to step outside of his comfort zone.
He took a deep, steadying breath, he stepped inside to help Curt O'Reilly and Pierre O'Connell.  They sat down and opened their assignments.
Tearley settled at the kitchen table and opened his own assignment book.
Abby McCarthy walked in and plopped down across the table from him.  "Doesn't it work better to actually study with them?" she asked, pointing to the teens in the other room.
Tearley groaned and cast his eyes upward.  Of course the girl he had a crush on would be here...  "Er... I thought they could come in here if they had questions," he admitted, feeling ridiculous.
Abby raised her eyebrows. "Mmm... sounds like a plan.  They're lucky to have you as their tutor..."  With a laugh, she stood up and walked away.

Tearley sighed and glanced away.  Why did he always wind up looking silly when he was around her?

Breandan greeted Mackenzie at the door.  "I've been waiting for you to get home," he said, reaching for her hands.
Mackenzie melted as she gazed into her husband's eyes.  Their love had stayed strong through the years.  "I love you," she told him. 

"I love you, too," he said, "More than life."

Keely tucked her finished assignment back into her backpack.  She was standing up to go when she saw one of the popular boys at school.  She glanced down shyly.
"Hey! You're in my math class. Kelly, right?" he asked, walking up to her when he saw her. "You're the smartest kid in class!"

Keely blushed. "Keely," she corrected him.

"I'm Ali," he said, shaking her hand.

"Oh, I know!" she breathed, suddenly feeling her heart fluttering.
Ali grinned. "So are you here getting your smart books?" he asked

"Actually, I just got a new job here," she admitted. 

"Right on!" Ali said.  "My mom's been on me to get a job, too.  But, I'm in the Athletics Club at school. You should come to one of our games."

Keely blushed.  "Oh, maybe. If I can..." she told him. She always thought she would fall for someone's intelligence and kind personality, not a jock with muscles and mediocre intelligence.  She flushed.

"Yeah, well, cool.  I'll see you in math class!"  he said, trotting into Tome Traders.

Working out not only helped Holly improve her athletic skill, but it relaxed her.  She wasn't sure how long she jogged, but when she stepped from the treadmill, her legs were weak with exhaustion.  She reached out and grabbed the machine to steady herself.

No pain, no gain, she told herself.

Violet had heard through the grapevine that there was going to be a wild party over near the Dragon Tavern.
She wasn't invited, but she figured she could talk her way in.  She glanced at the house in front of her.  It didn't look like there was a wild party here...
Knocking on the door, she waited patiently.

"It's open!" she heard someone call out from inside.

Hesitantly, she stepped inside and looked around.  "Uh... is this where the party is?"

Corrine O'Reilly glanced up from the book she'd selected in surprise. "Oh! Who are you? I wasn't expecting you!"
"Sorry. I'm Violet O'Shea. I heard there was going to a huge party over here," she glanced around.  "Maybe I got the wrong address."

Corrine sighed. "No, that was here. I was actually pretty bummed no one showed up!" she admitted sadly.  "Guess I'm not as popular as I thought."

"Aw, come on. It happens to all of us at some point!" Violet told Corrine, trying to cheer her up. 

Corrine looked Violet up and down skeptically. "I bet it never happens to you!"

Violet had to admit, it hadn't happened to her, but she wasn't going to say that outloud.  "Well, I've crashed your party now! What do you want to do?!"

It was clear that she'd made a new friend.

Marigold invited Mandy Delaney over to the spa after work so they could hang out.  The girls had giggled and agreed to stay out past curfew

Mandy looked around.  "So what are we going to do now?"

Marigold followed Mandy's gaze.  It was kind of boring here.  "Oh! I know!" she said to her friend.  "Let's play truth or dare! You go first!  Truth or Dare!"

Laughing, Mandy eagerly announced, "TRUTH!"

Marigold pursed her lips, trying to think of a good question.  "Who's your secret crush?" she finally asked.

Mandy gasped.  "Omigosh! I can't tell you that!"

"You picked truth!" Marigold teased in a sing-song voice. "Come on! Just tell me!"

Daisy made it home from work and sighed.  It was harder working than she'd thought.  She could see the river behind the Grocer's clearly from the windows and itched to be outside.  Her boss had caught her daydreaming at least 5 times today, each time getting more and more disgruntled. 
She was determined to grow up and act her age and stop daydreaming like a little girl.  She was going to keep this job and work hard!
In the kitchen, she prepared some Fish N Chips.  It was one of her new favorite meals to cook!  She could prepare this meal daily!
Frowning, she glanced down at the mess on the countertop. 
She didn't like cleaning and apparently nobody else in the house liked cleaning.  Maybe it was time for them to hire a maidShe could pay for it with the money she earned with her part-time job! she thought excitedly.

Completed Wishes:
K- Be Friends with Marian
B- Marigold earns an A (canceled - she currently has a C & has no hope of ever earning an A), Daisy gets on Honor Roll (I don't know if he got this wish or if it disappeared because Daisy aged up)
M- Earn a raise (canceled)
V- Crash a party, Become Friends with someone
H- Go job, buy horseshoe court, Workout until exhausted, Improve Athletic skill
D- Opportunity - Get Part-Time job, Prepare meal, Hire a Maid
M- Spend $100 (music box), Friends with Mandy, Stay out after curfew
T- Meet someone new (Curt O'Reilly)
K- Opportunity - Get Part-Time job, Talk about new job

Pending wishes:
K- Workout 12 hours, Upgrade 10 objects, Have 5 friends
B- Tearley gets on Honor Roll, Holly gets married, See Tearley be a Genius
M- Violet gets married, Be Friends with Tearley, Daisy gets Married, Tearley ages up well
V- Perform a gig, Talk to Pete
H- Earn a raise, Play horseshoes, Become friends with someone
D- Improve cooking, Catch 10 kg fish, Garden, Go fishing before 6 am
M- BFF Mackenzie, Beat Breandan, Get a promotion, Earn a raise
T- Win 5 games, Hang out with Mackenzie, Improve Logic skill, Opportunity - catch a fish
K- Make Sleeping Elixir, Make Bladder Flow potion, Talk to Kearney

*AN - Aw, that was so sweet that Kearney wanted to hang out with Marian.  She's another one that I've enjoyed hooking up with Kearney when I've played.  We'll see if that goes anywhere.

Daisy grew up so pretty!  And thank goodness she rolled the wish to hire a maid! Phew! This place is always a pig sty! Lol.

Violet crashed the lamest party ever! Lol. Nobody else was there! I've never crashed a party before, so I was curious how it worked.

Oh! And the green dragon has been named Puff. :)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Chapter 1.54 - Meeting someone new...

"Daisy! What in the world is that?!" Holly asked in horror, watching her sister slide something slimy into the new fish bowl.
"It's sea sludge!" Daisy said brightly.  "Isn't it adorable?!"
Holly eyed the sea sludge with a shudder.  "Can you move it further away from my bed?" she asked with revulsion.
Daisy headed downstairs, miffed that Holly didn't like Bronson.  The sea sludge.  She flicked on the television and watched her favorite channel. 

Mmm...that fish and chips meal sounded really good.  She would need to get a recipe for it first, though.

Keely still hadn't managed to get the right combination of chemicals to create the invisible fingerprinting solution.  But, she had managed to make a Radical Reparum potion.  She eyed the milk blue potion.

I wonder if it works, she thought, slowly swirling the potion.  Only one way to find out!
Only one way to find out...

Daisy headed into town to find the perfect Fish N Chips recipe book.  Unfortunately, she needed to brush on her cooking skills first.

Meanwhile, Holly had some reading to do, too.  She headed down to the library to read The Gift of Life in relative peace.  It was too easy to get distracted at home!

Marigold spent the day working on a painting.

Tearley took advantage of the school holiday and went down to the park to practice chess.
He was so intent on his game that he didn't hear her when she asked if he could join him. 
Startled, he looked up and saw a girl he'd never met before.

"Can I join you?" she asked again, motioning towards the chess board.

Tearley stuttered nervously.  "Err... chess?"  Oh no... a pretty girl...

Abby McCarthy made a face.  "Uh, yeah.  Chess," she said, gesturing impatiently to the chessboard again. 

"Oh! Sure..." Tearley said, putting all the pieces in their starting places.

Violet received an invitation to a party.  Woo! Party!

"Hi Maria," Thorax said as he walked into the library. 

Holly glanced up, and catching his eye, gave a small smile.

"Hi, Holly.  What are you reading?" he asked, grabbing a book and coming to sit next to her.

"Oh, just something for work," she said.  "I'm almost finished.  You?"

Thorax showed her the front of his book.  "Just a little light reading," he said, flipping open his book.
They continued to read in companionable silence.

"I can't believe you beat me!" Abby grouched. 

Tearley awkwardly stood up.  "Sorry," he mumbled uncomfortably.  He was never sure how to act around pretty girls.  Maybe he should've let her win.
Abby must've seen his unease in his face, because she hurried after him.  "Hey, it's not a big deal. I guess I just need to practice a little more before we play again."

"Again?" Tearley asked, his chest thumping happily.

Abby shrugged.  "Sure, I've got to win my spot in the Chess Tournament back!"

Tearley watched her walk away with his mouth hanging open.  He'd won a ranked match and hadn't even known it!

Violet didn't think this was much of a party.  She glanced around the empty room at Orion's house.  Seems like he must've invited her over for a private party. 

She took a moment and checked him out from head to toe.  He was pretty cute. She wondered if she'd ever met him before, even though he looked strangely familiar.  "Have we met before?" she asked flirtatiously.
Orion scowled and shook his head.  "Yes, this makes the 3rd time you haven't remembered me," he said flatly.

Violet cringed. "Oops..."

Just then, Orion's wife, Sophie walked in.  "Hi sweetheart.  Did the band show up yet?"

Orion gave Violet a withering glance and then turned to his wife. "Just one." He turned back to Violet.  "Where's the rest of your band?" he asked impatiently.

"Er... I must've misunderstood the invitation..." Violet said.  "Just gimmie a minute..."

When Holly finished her book, she tucked it back in her book bag and stood up.  "It was nice seeing you," she said shyly, standing up.

Thorax hopped up and stood in front of her.  "It was nice seeing you, too."

"Maybe we can do this again sometime," she suggested with a blush.

Thorax grinned.  "I'd love to."

It didn't take long for her band mates to arrive.

"Where's Maria?" Violet asked her good friend Josephine

Josephine shrugged. "She said that she had to stay home with her toddler. He's teething."

Violet threw her hands in the air with frustration.  "We're supposed to be Wild Berries!"

Josephine shrugged again.
Violet turned to her friend Pete.  "What are we going to do? They're expecting us to play and we're not ready!" she asked him.

Pete cocked his head to the side, considering their dilemma.  "We can either cancel or just play with the three of us.  What do you think?"
"Let's just do it," Violet said. 

Tearley ran all the way home, feeling a mixture of excitement and dread.  She wanted to see him again! Sternly, he tamped down the elation and reminded himself that she just wanted to play chess with him. 

But she wanted to see him again!
"Tearley, I'm sorry I embarrassed you in front of that girl the other day.  I guess I need to get used to the fact that you're growing up and you're not a little boy anymore," Mackenzie said when she saw him. She just wanted him to come to her with his questions like he used to do when he was little.  She missed being his friend.
"Thanks, Mom," he said.  "I just..." he sighed heavily.  "I don't understand girls!"

Mackenzie lit up.  Ah! Something she could help him with!  "Tell me all about it!" she pressed him, eager to help him sort through his new relationship.

The second Daisy got home, she hit the kitchen and tried to prepare a meal of Fish N Chips made with yummy fresh fish

"You played awesome!" Niall said, presenting Josephine with a white bouquet. 

Josephine pulled a face and declined.  "Sorry, my husband would be mad if I accepted flowers from another man."  She waved to Violet.  "See ya next time, Vi!"  She hurried down the steps.
Turning, he then presented Violet with a bouquet of red roses. 
Not to be kept from the conversation, Pete leaned forward and joked about all of Niall's roses.  "I've heard he gives all the girls flowers. Where the heck does he keep them all?"

Violet giggled.
Niall glared.  He'd been here before, playing quien es mas macho with Thorax over Violet's attention.  "Screw it," he snapped. "I'm outta here."
Violet watched Niall stomp aware.  "I'm sorry Pete, I need to go after him," she told him quickly, then hurried down the stairs after Niall.  "Niall! Wait up!" she called out.
"I'm sorry, Niall," she told him sweetly.  "They're beautiful roses."

Pete hurried away, casting a longing glance towards Violet as he walked by.  Niall was a lucky man...
Violet and Niall sat down in the grass, cuddling together as they watched the stars

"Happy Love Day, by the way," Niall told her with a kiss to her shoulder.

Violet looked up in surprise. "It's Love Day?" she asked him.
"I think I need to give you a better Love Day kiss," she said, standing up and pulling him up with her. 

"Oh yeah?" Niall asked with a saucy grin.

"Oh yeah," she said, leaning into him and wrapping her arms around his neck before their mouths met.

Niall pulled back a smidgen.  "Wanna get out of here?" he huskily asked.

Keely hesitantly stepped into the Game Room.  "Dad?" she asked, noting that he was on the treadmill again.  "Can I interrupt you?"

"Sure," Kearney said, stepping off the treadmill and wiping his brow.  "What's going on?"

She shuffled her feet.  "I miss Mom, but sometimes I'm not as sad as I should be.  Does that make me bad?"
Kearney felt his heart tug and pulled his worried daughter into his arms for a comforting hug.  He wasn't entirely sure what to say.  Shannon was always better at this type of thing.  Slowly, he started out, "No sweetheart," he told her, kissing her brow.  "That makes you human.  We'll always miss her.  But she would've wanted us to go on with our lives and to be happy. Right?"

Keely nodded.  "Right."

He smoothed her hair back from her brow.  "Feel better?" he asked.

Keely nodded again.  "Thanks Dad. I love you! You're my best friend!" she said happily.

With Shannon on his mind, Kearney went to the graveyard to visit his wife.  There were going to be so many more moments like that with Keely where he wasn't going to know if he was saying the right thing. 

He missed Shannon with every fiber of his being.
He never made it to her grave to visit, though.  On his way there, he ran across something more alarming. 

The dragons were breeding...

Completed Wishes:
K- Go to graveyard
M- (working on being friends with Tearley)
V- Meet someone new (I don't know why she never remembers Orion), Be Good Friends with Josephine, Talk to Pete, Becomes Friends with Pete, Flirt with Someone, Ask Niall to watch stars
H- (worked on Opportunity - Read The Gift of Life), Flirt with Someone
D- Buy fish bowl, Put Sea Sludge in fish bowl, Learn a new recipe, Prepare a meal using Fresh Fish, Make Fish N Chips (from learning recipe)
T- Win a ranked chess game, Get part-time job (canceled - he has afterschool activity)
K- Make Radical Reparum potion, Be Best Friends with Kearney

Pending Wishes:
K- Workout 12 hours, Upgrade 10 objects, Have 5 friends
B- Marigold earns an A, Tearley & Daisy get on Honor Roll, Holly gets married
M- Violet gets married, Be Friends with Tearley, Earn a raise
V- Play a gig, Jam with Pete
H- Earn a raise
D- Improve cooking, Catch 10 kg fish
T- Win 5 games
M- Be Best Friends with Mackenzie, Beat Breandan at a game, Be Friends with Mandy
K- Make Sleeping Elixir, Make Bladder Flow potion

*AN - It was Love Day, so everyone rolled wants to flirt with someone!  Poor Mack & Breandan had their spaces filled though, so no loving for them! 

I'm happy that Thorax and Holly might be getting together.  I always thought he was too good of a guy for the flighty Violet. He needed someone stable and mature... like Holly.  :)

Breandan met a quite pretty girl! She's Michael Murphy's daughter - not sure where the black hair came from, though.  It's certainly striking, though! I wonder if we'll ever see her again!

I was excited that Violet was invited to a party. I laughed when her "meet someone new" wish ticked off when she met Orion.  Like he said, they've met 3 times now and she hasn't remembered him at all! Silly Violet!  I ad libbed a little and suggested that they performed at the party - they didn't.  They just sat out on the porch talking until evening.  Pete and Niall kept competing for her attention, though. I wonder if this means Violet made up her mind who she's in love with!