Saturday, March 5, 2016

Chapter 1.56 - Sunday, Lazy Sunday...

"Morning, Dad," Violet said, walking into the kitchen with a coffee cup in hand.
"You're up early!" Breandan said in surprise.
Violet smirked at her father.  "Haven't been to bed yet," she admitted. 

"Violet!" Breandan started to lecture her about her wild, partying ways. 
Thankfully, the doorbell rang.

"Who could that be?"Breandan wondered, getting up to check the door.
"A MAID?!" Violet heard her Dad thunder from the entry hall.  "Who hired you?"

The maid glanced down at the paperwork in his hand.  "A Miss Daisy O'Shea."  He motioned inside.  "Can I come in and clean?"

Violet's eyes followed the maid as he walked into the kitchen.  Mmm....  a male maid!  Delicious!
Daniel sighed as he glanced around the kitchen.  It was going to take a lot of scrubbing to clean this place up!

Tearley was pleased that his mother came up to play chess with him. It had been awhile since they'd spent quality time together.  Sometimes she felt like a stranger to him and it made him uncomfortable.

"Good move," Mackenzie said after he took her bishop.  "You've really improved your Logic skill!"

Tearley sent his mother a shy glance. "Thanks," he told her, beaming with pleasure.  Maybe there was hope for them, after all.

Holly had finished eating and was cleaning the table up when her uncail excused himself to answer a call.

"Hello?" he asked. 

"Hi, Kearney. It's me, Marian.  I was wondering if you wanted to get together."

Kearney beamed with pleasure. "I would love to!"  He loved hanging out with Marian.
"Marian! It's lovely to see you again!" Kearney said, greeting his friend with a kiss to the cheek.  "So, what should we do today?!" 

Mackenzie and Tearley stared at Keely.
"Where you using my lab station again?" Mackenzie demanded. "I've told you already not to mess with it! I am doing important testing and you're just going to muck it up!"  She threw her hands up with exasperation.

"I'm sorry, Aintin Mackenzie! I was just trying to help..." Keely apologized with tears in her eyes.

"Well I don't need your help!" Mackenzie thundered.

Tearley quickly interjected, "Mom!" trying to catch his mother's attention. "Maybe we should let Keely get washed up and we can go see if anything was ruined."  He tugged on his mom's arm and pulled her away, sending Keely a sympathetic look.  He knew what it was like to be on the wrong side of his mom's wrath. 

Especially lately. She seemed to be getting worse.

"I heard you were playing with your aintin's lab station again, Keely," Kearney said.  "I'm very disappointed.
"I wasn't playing! I know what I was doing, Dad! Truly!" Keely said.  Why did everyone assume that because she was a teenager that she didn't understand basic science.

Kearney raised an eyebrow.  "Perhaps because you are covered in soot, my dear."   

She sighed. "I'm sorry, dad. I'll get permission," Keely told Kearney grudgingly.

Tearley left his mom muttering about her lab station and headed downstairs to check on Keely.  When he didn't see her, he wondered into the living room and plopped down on the couch with Daisy.

"What are you watching?" he asked.
"Fishing!" she said with a smile.

Tearley smacked himself in the head. "Dang it! I forgot! I'm supposed to get fish for that stupid science project of mine!"

Daisy eagerly stood up.  "That's easy! I can take you! Come on! I'll show you the perfect spot!"

Tearley glanced at the clock.  "It's after midnight. Are you sure it's okay?"

Daisy tugged him to the door. "Of course! I'm an adult now, silly!"

"It's my Ainthe Tree! It's where I saw the unicorn!" Daisy explained.

He'd never really believed his older sister had seen a unicorn or that she'd found a special seed, but standing here with her, he believed it.  He could tell it was a special place.  There was just something in the air...

"It's beautiful," he whispered to her.

Daisy nodded solemnly.
Handing him a fishing pole, she cast off and showed him how to do the same.
Then they fished in a companionable silence under the glittering night stars.  This was her favorite time to fish, in the still of the early morning, long before the dawn

Completed Wishes:
K- Form group with Marian
D- Go fishing before 6 am, Have a great group outing
T- Hang out with Mack, Improve Logic Skill Opportunity - Catch a fish
K- Talk to Kearney

AN: Oh my gosh, Violet slept all day long and apparently it was just a lazy Sunday!