Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Chapter 1.58 - Swollen Hearts

Kearney and Mary's date lasted well into the morning hours.  Kearney was smitten.  He would never be able to replace the love he'd felt for Shannon - it was too all-encompassing.  But, it also felt nice to enjoy a light flirtation. 

Marigold woke in the morning and went outside to paint.

"Good morning, my love," Breandan said, giving Mackenzie an amorous hug.

Mackenzie purred.  "Well good morning to you, too!  Were you planning on arresting me with that thing or are you just happy to see me?"
Breandan grinned back at her.  "Have I ever told you how lucky I am that I found you?" he asked her.

Mackenzie winked.  "Not lately," she teased.  She fluttered her eyelashes at him, hoping that she might entice him upstairs to bed.
And a backrub was the best place to start!

Daisy winced when she heard the ribald talk between her parents.  Ew!  "Guys! I can't hear the show!" she protested.
That's better, she thought as they giggled, hurrying from the room like frisky teenagers.  She turned her attention back to the cooking show.  She'd learned a lot about cooking from watching the Frisky Chef Show!

"See? So you just throw the horseshoe and try to get it on the pole," Holly explained to Keeley.

Keely gazed at the contraption that Holly had bought.  "And why are we doing this?" she asked. It just didn't make sense. What was the point of the game?

Holly shrugged. "It's supposed to be relaxing."

Keely remained unconvinced.  "By throwing a horseshoe at a pole?"

"Look, let's just throw the horseshoes and try, okay?" Holly said exasperated.  She picked up a horseshoe and tossed it, landing far off from the mark.  She frowned.  Maybe this wasn't going to be so much fun after all...

Breandan found Tearley by himself, staring at the chess board.  "Mind if your old man joins you?" he asked.

Tearley glanced up.  "Sure. I need all the wins I can get!"  He always loved hanging out with dad.

"Hey! You think you're going to beat your old man?!" Breandan asked, his competitive spirit flaring up.

He won 5 games against his dad.

Having abandoned the silly horseshoe game, Holly found herself thinking about Thorax.

She quickly dialed his number, biting his lip as she waited for him to answer.  "Hi Thorax," she said when he picked up.  "I was just wondering if you were interested in going out to watch a movie." Trailing off, she quickly added, "Not as a date! I'll pay for myself. Just two friends going to see the same movie at the same time!"  As she spoke, she covered her face with her palm, dying with embarrasment.

Thorax laughed.  "It's a date," he told her.

Kearney was quickly running out of things in the household to update, but he still hadn't upgraded 10 objects yet.

Daisy tried to think of new locations that she could go fishing.  She wanted to catch every type of fish and put them in her room! It would be so beautiful!

"I had a great time," Holly said shyly when they stepped out of the theater.  They'd gone to see Swollen Hearts.  As they sat side by side in the darkened theater, she hadn't even been able to pay attention to movie.  She kept imagining Thorax pulling her into his arms and kissing her.  When the lights had come back on suddenly, she'd been embarrassed that he caught her ogling him!
Taking a deep breath, she leaned forward and pecked his lips.  "Thanks for coming," she said, her cheeks blushing bright red before she hurried away.
Thorax caught her before she went too far.  "I had a great date," he told her huskily.  "Thanks for inviting me."

Chapter 1.57 - It's Not a Date!

Tearley had left hours again, leaving Daisy alone in her special place.  She'd caught an amazing fish - a kissing gourmi.  It was so cute! They were her new favorite fish!
Hungry, she wandered over to the wild tomato plant and grabbed a big, juicy red tomato from the vine.  Mmm.... fresh vegetables were delicious!
She wondered what type of bait she needed for the kissing gourami.  Perhaps it would tell her in the Guide to Magical Fish.  She pulled the book out of her knapsack and began reading.

Kearney made his way back over to Marian's house.

"How lovely to see you again!" she said, inviting him inside.
"I just wanted to make sure that I finished upgrading your TV," he lied.

Violet could hardly wait to play her gig.  She rushed to the pub and called up her friends.

Bored and with nothing better to do, Breandan began working out.  He wanted to stay as healthy as possible.
As usual, his dear wife had other plans.

Holly, inspired after making breakfast, wanted to learn a new recipe.  So, she headed down to the bookstore and perused the recipe collections.

Even though her Aintin Mackenzie had told her not to mess with her lab station, Keely found it hard to stay away.  She was drawn to it!

When all of her friends showed up, Violet led them onto the stage and began playing.

(This was an attempt to play a gig, but didn't realize there was a schedule for the gig.  So, Violet just jammed with Pete instead, with a little help from Maria & Josephine!)

Man, she was killing it! She could really play the guitar!

A chance meeting with Thorax made her pulse beat quickly. 
"Ah, young love!" Moira O'Connell said with a smile nearby.

Holly and Thorax glanced at each other with surprise.  "Oh! No! This isn't a date!" she protested with embarrassment.  The last thing she wanted was Thorax thinking she was going to throw herself at him!

Thorax added with a blush, "We're just friends!" 

Moira smiled a secret smile.  She imagined they would be married within the year.

Meanwhile, Kearney still tried to safety-proof the home.  He didn't want to lose anyone else.

Breandan sat down next to Marigold as she watched a show.  "What are we watching?" he asked.

"Just some dance show," she told him.   As they watched, she leaned her head on his shoulder.

He smiled and put his arm around her shoulder.  He was glad that they were good friends again.

Daisy thought that she'd finally figured out the best bait for catching the Kissing Gouramis!  She was excited, she couldn't wait to try!

Casting the goldfish into the water, she held her breath and waited.
Success!  She rapidly caught 5 Kissing Gouramis in a row using her new bait!  She couldn't wait to put one in her room!

Kearney stepped off the treadmill after working up a sweat, surprised that his phone was ringing this late at night.

He shrugged.  He remembered Mary being a bit of a pill when they were younger, but people changed over the years.  He decided to take a chance.

He drove. And drove. And drove.
She'd wanted to meet him out at the Weather Stone. He was surprised to see a gypsy caravan set up nearby.  What could they be doing in Dragon Valley?
He turned his attention to Mary.  She was lovely!
"Kearney. It's been a long time," she said.  "It's good to see you again!"

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