Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chapter 2.1 - Agent for the Stars

Tearley shifted uncomfortably on the couch.  Vaguely he heard Puff squawking at him.  "Just a minute," Tearley mumbled, squeezing his eyes shut and trying to slip back into his dreams.
But Puff could be quite insistent when he wanted breakfast. 
Tearley pushed himself up, rubbing his eyes wearily.  "Alright. Alright. I'm up, you wee green militant!"
He glanced down at the sofa as he sat, feeling off-balanced.  Where was he? he thought worriedly, desperately trying to remember what had happened the night before.  He remembered walking down to the river for a moment of solitude, thinking of his father.  But what had happened after that...
SQUAWK! Puff wheezed again, interrupting Tearley's musing.
Scooping up Puff, he reached in his pocket and fed the little harpy a slice of carrot.  Maybe with less squawking, he would be able to figure out where he was.
"Hello?" he called, waiting to see if anyone answered.
Taking the stairs two at a time, he found a lone bedroom upstairs.  He knocked.  "Hello?"  With no answer, he pushed the door open and glanced around.

No one.
Standing by the window, he felt blood drain from face as he looked outside.

It was then he remembered...

He'd wished upon a star...

He wasn't in Dragon Valley anymore.

Determined to figure out where he was, Tearley headed downstairs, pausing only so Puff could perch on his shoulder.

He was in some small domicile. 
He heard music coming from a distance.  Turning in that direction, he started walking.  Apparently in this land, there was no grass.  The land was covered with stones with small, crowded houses. 
Glancing to his left, he saw a large castle that dominated the courtyard. Glancing to the right, he saw something of a town square where many people were gathering.
He headed towards the town square, wondering if he might be able to get some information about where the stars had plucked him down.
He was surprised when a jovial man in bright colors jumped in front of him.  "Hey! Didn't know there was a medieval revival in town!" he joked, reaching to touch Tearley's face.  "How'd you get your skin that color?"
"Do not touch!" Tearley said, stepping back from the offensive man.

"Hey! No need to have a cow, mio amico! Sheesh!" the man muttered, wandering off.  "Everyone's so sensitive!"

"A cow?" Tearley repeated the strange word, shaking his head with frustration.

Tearley was happy to see that this world had a chessboard.  Off-kilter, he collapsed in the seat and fingered the chess pieces.  At least something has remained the same...

Moving his pawn piece ahead, Tearley silently wondered what he was going to do.
He was so distracted with his musings that he didn't see another brightly garbed man approach. 
"You have the perfect look!" the man exclaimed excitedly. "I've been looking for someone exactly like you for a part!  Mind if I have a seat?"  The man sat down before Tearley could speak a word.

"I bet you're wondering what I'm talking about," he said with a chuckle.  "Well, you're in luck, I am the best manager in the business."  He pulled a card from his pocket and handed it across the chess table to Tearley.

Tearley stared at the card and the strange man.

The man wiggled his card. "Go ahead. Take it!" he said, chuckling.  It's almost as if the guy had never seen a business card before! he snickered.  "The name's Dario DeLuca and I'm going to change your life!"

Tearley reached out and took the card from Dario. "My life has already changed," he mumbled under his breath.
"Call me! I'll be waiting to hear from you," Dario said, tapping the chess table twice before standing up and walking away.
Tearley glanced at the card in his hand.  Dario DeLuca, Agent for the Stars, it read.  Lifting his hand to rub his thumb against his bottom lip, Tearley considered the evidence before him.  Would Dario know anything about the world traveling?  He tucked the card in his pocket.  Tomorrow was soon enough to call him.

His immediate concern was to find somewhere to pass the night.
He headed back to the home that he'd woken up in.  Knocking on the door, he prayed someone would answer.

When there was no reply, he stepped in the unlocked door.
"Hello?" he called out again.  "Is anyone there?"

No reply.
With a sigh, he opened the refrigerator to see if there might be anything he could eat.  He grabbed a juice box, making a mental note that he would replace whatever he used.
Then, exhausted beyond belief, he headed upstairs to the bedroom that he'd found in his search earlier this morning.  He slipped down to his boxers, folding his clothes neatly and setting them on the nightstand.  Then, pulling back the covers, he laid down to sleep.

Tomorrow he would get some answers.

Completed Wishes:
Tearley - Gain logic, buy chess set (for public venue)

*AN:  Oh goodness - where did Tearley wind up?  And how is he going to fare being the a violet-skinned & green-haired man?

I am so excited to see what Tearley gets up to in Monte Vista! And I am so happy that I am only going to have one person to fulfill wishes for! It was starting to get really hard to managed the O'Shea household in Dragon Valley! Lol.

Hope you enjoy the start of the Second Generation!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Chapter 1.61 - Wishing On The Star...

Tearley still missed his father like crazy.  It made him feel better to donate even a small amount to other families that were in need. In some ways, it made him feel closer to him.

Holly answered her phone, surprised to hear Thorax on the other line inviting her out. 

She glanced down at her workout clothes and cringed.  "I'm a mess! I was just working out! I'll need to shower first..."

Thorax chuckled. "Don't worry about it! Just come as you are! You'll just get messy again!"

Messy again? she thought, intrigued.  "What exactly are we going to be doing?"

"Just come meet me!" Thorax said mysteriously.
Holly nervously stood in front of Thorax, embarrassed by the cloud of stink that followed her.  I should've showered.  "So? What evil plan do you have?" she asked him.

Thorax wiggled his eyebrows  "I thought we might take a little dip in the water."
Playing in the water would be like taking a bath.  "I'll race you!"  Holly cried, sprinting to the water. 
Thankfully, she'd worn a one-piece leotard under her work-out clothes.
Turning, she watched Thorax pull his shirt off and step into the water.  Those muscles! she thought with admiration.  Her fingers itched to explore his body, surprising her. 

"I'm going to get you!" he called out, swimming to her side.

Shrieking with delight, she started to swim away. Slowly, though.  She wanted him to catch her!

Daisy fished.
Marigold painted.
Tearley played chess, determined to win another ranking.

Violet invited Pete O'Reilly out in an attempt to get over Slade. Although, she suspected there wasn't enough alcohol in the world to help her heart heal.

"Happy Birthday, Marigold!" Mackenzie said, handing her daughter a small gift.  "I thought you would enjoy these."
Marigold opened the box, finding gorgeous earrings.  "Mom!" she gasped, meeting her mother's eyes. "Your lucky earrings!"

Mack smiled faintly.  "I always considered them my lucky earrings because I was wearing them when I wound up here in Dragon Valley.  Now maybe they can be your lucky earrings."
"I love them, Mom. Thanks!" she said, slipping them into ears. 

Tearley had won the 3rd game in a row.  He stood up with a sigh. 
"I should probably get home."

"Look, Pete! It was a night like this that Mother says she made a wish!"

Pete smiled, content to be with Violet.  "What wish would you make?" he asked.

Violet closed her eyes.  I'd wish for Slade...

"Happy Birthday," Mackenzie said, handing Tearley a small gift.

He opened it, surprised to find his father's ring.

"Your father wanted you to have it," she told him, unable to stand the silence.  "He was so proud of you."

Tearley slipped it on his finger.  He looked at his mother, unsure of what to say.

She patted his shoulder, understanding him without words.
Feeling melancholy, Tearley wanted to be alone.  As he strode from the hall, Puff flew up and landed on his shoulder. 
Tearley walked down to the rivers edge and gazed at the night sky.
"I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight," he whispered gruffly.  "I wish I didn't feel so alone..."

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Chapter 1.60 - Breaking Up is Hard to Do!

"Good morning, Mom!" Holly said in a brittle, too-cheerful voice. 

Mackenzie scoffed.  "What's so good about it?" she growled, heading to the refrigerator.

Holly glanced over her shoulder towards her mom.  She was taking losing Dad really hard.  "I'm just making pancakes. Do you want some?" she offered, holding a plate out.

Mackenzie grunted in affirmation, took the plate and then went to the dining room.
"Maybe you should get out some?" Holly suggested.  "It's not healthy to stay cooped up."


"But..." Holly opened her mouth and raised a finger, eager to make her point.


She sighed.  Maybe Violet could through to her...

Daisy woke up feeling out of sorts.  It was so easy to forget that Dad was gone.  She sat back down on the bed and gazed at her pet fish.  Even fishing didn't make her happy these days.
Grabbing a plate of pancakes, she headed outside to eat outside.  It was such beautiful weather!  And from here, she could see her little sprouts growing! She couldn't wait to pluck the ripe tomatoes to make her veggie spaghetti!

Kearney would never admit it out-loud, but he harbored such guilt for his brother's loss.  His last words had been to taunt him.  If only he had recognized the signs that Breandan was over-doing it...

With no one to talk to, he took his aggression out on the household appliances.

It was time for The Wild Berries first gig! Violet thought excitedly as she tuned her guitar. Glancing up, she glared when she saw Josephine holding her toddler.  "Jo! Why'd you bring your rugrat?! We're about to perform!"

Josephine rolled her eyes. "Hubby had to work.  Come on, it's not a big deal! Nobody's even here! It's not like we're going to make it big time, anyways!"

 Violet glanced around the room and noticed the place was empty like Josephine had said.  Setting her jaw stubbornly, she faced her friend.  "Oh, we'll make it big time. We'll just have to make them listen!"  She paused, sending Jo a sizzling look.  "Are you in or out?"

Josephine sighed.  "In."  She set her kid on the floor and stepped over towards the cello.

Daisy excitedly headed to the curio shop at the edge of town.  She wanted to catch an luminous salamander and needed some special bait.
"Do you have any mycenas?" she asked the clerk breathlessly. 

He sent her an abashed look of apology.  "No, I'm afraid we're fresh out.  But we do have some glow orbs!" he offered. 

Daisy sighed heavily. "Oh, I really wanted some mycenas."

The clerk sent her a small smile.  "Perhaps you can check back in tomorrow?" he suggested.

Daisy brightened instantly. "Oh! What a wonderful idea! I'll just come back tomorrow!" She wiggled her fingers in farewell.

Dejected after such an abysmal performance, Violet headed to the bar for some food and a much-needed drink.

"How'd it go?" Slate asked as he set a plate of nachos in front of her.

Violet shrugged. "I'm just so mad," she said.  "___ and Maria aren't very wild," she pouted.

"Hey! Violet!" she heard Pete call from behind her. 
She got up and headed towards him.  "Don't let them get you down," Pete told her.

Violet sighed.  "__ said I was too intense about it. I just want to perform, though!"

Pete reached for her hand. "So you should. You've got mad talent, baby!"

"Aw, you're so sweet!" Violet said, leaning forward to press a kiss against his lips.  Her first kiss with Pete!
 Behind the bar, Slate slammed the cup down on the countertop.
He rounded the bar so fast, Violet didn't even see him move.  "I'm sick of you flirting with every guy you meet right in front of me!" he growled angrily.  "Do you think I'm made of stone?!" he demanded, thumping his chest.
"What the hell, Slate?!" Violet shouted back at him.  

Pete took a step back. "Umm.. am I interrupting?" he asked uneasily.  The pissed off bartender looked like he bench-press three of him!

"Yes!" Slate shouted at the same time Violet shouted "No!"

"Well, maybe we should..." Pete bravely suggested.

"Stay out of it!" Violet and Slate shouted at him at the same time.
"I made a complete ass of myself throwing myself at you time and time again and you didn't even blink!" she said, poking him in the chest angrily.  "You can't decide you want me now! You had your chance and you blew it!"

"Like hell I have!" Slate shouted.
Violet growled under her breath and launched herself at Slate, pummeling his chest as he grappled to restrain her flailing hands.
Pete watched the bar brawl and slowly crept away. "Um, I'm just going to go ahead and leave you two alone," he said. It didn't look like the big guy was going to hurt her. But that wouldn't necessarily be true if he tried to get between them. 

He could see either one of them punching his lights out!
Slate finally succeeded in shoving Violet off and standing up.  "Just go," he said, clenching his hands and turning his back on her.

Violet stared at his back.
With a sob, she ran towards him and threw herself into his arms when he turned towards her.  "Plumbbob, I'm so sorry Slate! You make me crazy! No wonder you hate me..."

He rubbed his big hand up and down her back, trying to comfort her.  "I don't hate you," he told her. "Besides, you punch like a girl."

With watery tears, Violet pushed his chest playfully. "I do not!" 
Stepping back, she looked him in the eye.  "Seriously, though, Slate.  Do you want me or not?"

Slate stared at her intently, opened his mouth to tell her yes, but froze.  Discomfited, he strode away to his comfort zone behind the bar.
When Slate backed away, Violet felt her heart break all over again. "I'm done with this!" she seethed.  "I don't ever want you to talk to me again!"

Slate watched her go.  It was for the best...

Completed Wishes:
Kearney: upgrade 10 objects, Opportunity - teach negotiation
Violet: Play gig, Kiss Pete for 1st Time, Get in a brawl, Win brawl
Daisy: Grow ingredients for spaghetti, Grow ingredients for veggie spaghetti
Marigold: Paint, Earn a promotion, Earn a raise
Tearley: Talk to Mack

AN - Slate is not cooperating with me because he's a bartender.  They sure make it hard to date a bartender in this game! I had a whole plot-line set up for Slate & Violet that I don't think I'll ever be able to arrange! Hmph! He's played hot and cold with poor Violet enough. I think she's done with him!