Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chapter 2.19 - What a Wonderful Life

Charity woke before Tearley, quietly making the bed.  It was Snow Day! 
She called up only a few good friends for a small party.  She knew that Tearley felt uncomfortable around a large number of people.

"Good morning, baby," Tearley said, greeting her as he walked in the kitchen.  "Did you see the snow this morning?!"

Charity laughed, nodding.  "Yes! It gets cold here in the winter!"

Tearley wiggled his gloved fingers in front of him.  "I noticed!"
After finishing his breakfast calzone, Tearley groaned, grabbing his stomach.  Maybe he should throw the rest of the batch away...

Charity couldn't believe how many snowmen were standing in her courtyard.  They ruined the ambiance of her beautiful view!
Angrily, she knocked the snowman down.  One down, two to go!
Just then, she saw Tearley dart across the patio in his boxers. 
She cocked an eyebrow.  Peculiar.

"Tearley, I wanted you to know that the guests should be arriving soon.  No more darting around in your boxers!" she told him as he finished his bath.

Tearley's jaw dropped. "Who's coming?" he asked with concern.

"Don't worry! Just a few people.  Doc Patrizio, Dr. Lin & Carlotta.  It will be a small, intimate party," she said soothingly.

Tearley sighed with relief.  That was doable, he thought, his stomach already clenching with nerves.  Amazing how the thought of a party could cause such a fight or flight reflex in him.

Tearley headed straight to the bar to make mixed drinks for their company.  Quickly, he downed a drink for himself.  It might help soothe his jittery nerves.
Patting his arm, Charity grabbed a drink and took it down to Carlotta.  "Thanks for coming," she told her co-worker.  Although she was glad that she was now friends with Carlotta, she would be forever thankful for the silly, girlish feud that had brought Tearley into her life!
Soon, Charity gathered their friends to the front parlor to open presents. 
"An chess set!" she exclaimed happily.  Tearley certainly knew what she liked!
Tearley opened his gift.  "A mood enhancing candle!" he said, lifting the candle up and showing it off.  "This should come in handy," he said with a light laugh, glancing towards Charity, enjoying the light blush that swept across her face.

Although, it wasn't as though they needed any help in that department.

(What the heck? They even got a present for the maid! Lol!)

After their guests had left, Charity followed Tearley into their room. 

"Do you think Davina liked the stuffed animal I bought her?" Tearley asked.
"Of course she does!" Charity smiled as she stepped closer to her husband. "She's been dragging it everywhere!"  She wrapped her arms around him and leaned in close for a passionate kiss. 

It was just getting good when Tearley's phone began ringing.  With a muttered apology, he pulled away.  "Sorry," he said distractedly.  But he never knew when work might call.

Dang. And now the mood was ruined. Charity had already left the room.
Tearley sighed, grabbing his medical research book from the side table and plopping on the bed to read.

Charity quickly checked on Davina and then headed downstairs to practice her chess skills. If Tearley had to go to work, he would come downstairs and give her a kiss goodbye.

After finishing his medical journal, Tearley checked a few references.  They really needed to update the medical terminology in this pregnancy book.
So intent on her game, Charity didn't even bother to answer her phone.  She wasn't on-call like Tearley, so it wasn't as crucial to drop everything when the phone rang.
Her stomach pitched and she pushed back from the table. 
She rushed to the bathroom and threw up the wine and cookies she'd had earlier.  Something hadn't agreed with her stomach!

A serving of pancakes helped soothe her queasy stomach, though.

Tearley kissed Davina goodnight after putting her into her crib. 
Tearley was proud of the life he had made here in Monte Vista.  What a wonderful life!  He was an upstanding member of his community, he had a beautiful wife, a beautiful daughter... what more could he want?

Charity ran upstairs, sick to her stomach again.  Scowling, she cleaned the toilet immediately afterwards.  She couldn't hold a meal down.  Maybe she was getting sick...
She felt her forehead.  No fever, she thought, slipping her hand down to the back of her neck.  Maybe just food poisoning.
When she heard Davina crying from the nursery, she walked into the room and settled into the rocking chair, rocking her daughter, and herself, to sleep.

Tearley- Buy stuffed animal, (declined opportunity), Read pregnancy book
Charity- Take drink to someone, Throw gift giving party, Talk to Tearley, Kiss Tearley, Play chess, Eat pancakes, Buy rocking chair, Buy toy peg, Rock in rocking chair

*AN - Yay! Another O'Shea baby on the way!  I was so annoyed when Tearley got the call with the potential opportunity.  It threw a wrench in Charity's romantic plans for the evening! Lol.

I've noticed Charity is getting a lot more wishes completed than Tearley! His next wants are to teach Davina to walk & talk.  That's going to take awhile!

I thought it was hilarious that the maid came and joined their holiday party.  I guess they are the kind of people to get their help a little bit of something for the holidays. :P

Chapter 2.18 - Old Fashioned House Call

Charity sighed when she noticed the dishes moldering at the dining table.  Before Tearley had moved in, she'd never had dirty dishes.
She scrunched her nose.  It drove her absolutely crazy when things were out of place like this.
Rather than fight with Tearley over it, she decided to just take care of the problem.  "Yes, hello.  I'd like to hire a maid..."

"You're heading into work," she asked when Tearley came in the kitchen wearing his uniform.

Tearley stuck his head in the fridge, trying to decide what to have for breakfast. "Yeah, I should be home on time tonight, though."  He settled on one of his breakfast calzones. 
He sat down and took a bite of the calzone he'd made the day before, immediately gagging.  These tasted horrible!  Dropping the calzone on the plate, he buzzed a kiss on his wife's cheek and jogged to meet the car pool. 
"Hey, can we stop off and pick something up for breakfast?" he asked as he hopped in the car.  "I didn't have time this morning."

Of course he left the calzone on the island, Charity thought with a sigh, gathering up the dirty dishes to clean.
Upstairs, she grabbed the dirty clothes and sheets from the laundry basket.
Humming softly, he headed downstairs to use the new laundry machines she recently bought.

It was so nice to have nice, clean clothes come out of the dryer.  As she sorted the clothes and folded them, she wished that clothes could just come out of the dryer already folded.
She headed back upstairs she went to make the bed with her fresh sheets.  She inhaled deeply.  She loved the smell of freshly laundered sheets!
Standing up, she sighed.  Finishing her morning chores had taken most of the morning. 
Now would be the perfect time to challenge Mr. Mancini to a game of chess to advance in the tournament.  She was looking forward to winning her first ranked match!

Charity was surprised to see the elderly gentleman before her.  For some reason, she'd been expecting Camillo Mancini, not his brother Carlo!  She'd heard rumors about him regarding how he made his money...

But he seemed nice enough, she thought as she lead him inside.
Carlo looked around the house before taking his seat across from her.
"So, you got a whole lotta nice stuff here," Carlo told her.
Charity felt instantly uncomfortable, very cognizant of the fact that she was at home alone with a stranger.

Thankfully, she was able to put him into check in only a few moves.  "Checkmate!" she announced. 

It was more than apparent that Carlo didn't know how to play chess.  Which begged the question, why did he join a chess tournament?

"Well! I need to check on my baby! Thank you for playing!" Charity said, standing up and hurrying away.
"Wait a minute, darling," Carlo said, hurrying after her and grabbing her arm.  "There's no need to run off just because the game is over!" 
Charity pulled back.  The smirk on his face was disgusting!  "My husband will be home soon!" she told her, her voice ridged with tension. "I'd like you to leave now."

Charity walked into the nursery, surprised to see that Davina had managed to get out of the crib at such a young age!  If Davina could escape the crib now, who knew what their little monkey would be able to get into when she became a toddler!
She picked her daughter up and snuggled her.  "Time for bed," she said, feeding and changing her diaper before laying her down in her crib.  "Sleep well Davina."

Tearley had spent most of the afternoon trailing after Doc Patrizio, learning more about what a Trauma Surgeon's duties would be.  He was excited when Doc informed him at the end of the night that he was promoting Tearley.  He knew that patients who had suffered grievous injuries came to Trauma Surgeons to save their lives in the ER.  Seconds count, and the entire responsibility for failure would rest on his hopefully able shoulders. 

Doc Patrizio had joked, "Thankfully, the entire hospital is here to wipe your brow when needed.. just not by everyone at once."

On the way home, he stopped off at the Rossi household for a house call.

Adalina Rossi was quite pregnant!  In addition to her excitement, she was quite curious to know the gender of her future child.  Doc Patrizio asked if he could pay her a visit and do a quick examination to determine the gender of the baby.
"Come in! Come in!" Adaline said, waving him inside.  "I am so excited!"
Tearley performed the quick examination and grinned at Adaline.  "You'll be having a little boy," he told her.  "Congratulations!"

Tearley came home, heading straight to the nursery.  Thankfully, Davina was still awake.  He lifted her from the crib to play with her.  He hated that he had to be away from her all day, but this short time in the evening was the only time he had to spend with her.

"Da! Da da!" Davina cooed happily, laying her head on her father's shoulder and gently patting his chest.
After too short of a time, Tearley noticed Davina yawn.  "Time for bed," he said regretfully, giving her a kiss on the temple.  "I'll see you tomorrow morning."
"Tearley!" Charity said with a gasp when she walked in and saw her husband.  "I didn't hear you come in!"

Tearley pulled her into his arms.  "I just came in to say goodnight to Charity," he told her.  "I was just on my way to find you."

"How was your day?" she asked.

Tearley ran his hands up and down her back.  "It was good.  Doc Patrizio promoted me to Trauma Surgeon, so my hours are going to be crazy for awhile."
"Congratulations Tearley!" Charity said as she kissed him. 

When they finished their passionate kiss, they were both breathing heavily.  Tearley held her hand.  "Maybe we should finish talking about it in the bedroom?" he suggested.

Charity nodded quickly. 
The newly married couple rushed into the bedroom.

Tearley - Snuggle Davina, Be friends with Patrizio, Opportunity - Old Fashioned House Call, Woohoo with Charity
Charity - Hire a maid, Clean dishes, Do laundry, Make bed, Play chess, Win ranked match, Spend $100 (bought nursery artwork), Amorous hug with Tearley

*AN - I thought it was ironic that Charity went into a cleaning tizzy after hiring a maid.  Doesn't she know that's what a maid is for?  I guess that's the perfectionist character trait!

I couldn't believe how much Carlo was hitting on poor Charity! Since she couldn't just ask him to leave, he actually hung out for a good, long while!

And yay - look how CUTE Davina is!  I'm still trying to get over the fact that she's not a berry baby, though. :)  lol.