Friday, July 29, 2016

Chapter 2.27 - Dishwasher Ate My Duckie

Tearley woke up when his pager went off and groaned.  3 in the morning?
There were definite drawbacks to pursuing a medical career, he thought as he hurriedly dressed and tiptoed from the room.

Of course, there were benefits, too.  They were paid well enough to completely enlarge and remodel the children's room.

Tearley left the hospital after his emergency call.  Doc Monty had been pleased he'd brushed up on The ATCGs of Genetics.  "Reading is never a waste of time!" he'd told Tearley as he clapped him on the shoulder. 

Since his regular shift was set to start shortly, Tearley decided to stay at the hospital instead of going home.  He pulled his latest medical journal, Things to Try Out in the Operating Room, from his back pocket.  After all, reading was never a waste of time! 

He would head inside to work after he was done with this journal...

Davina woke up and clapped her hands.  She loved her new room!  She had pretty pink sheets and all sorts of toys and even a beautiful unicorn poster above her bed!
"Good morning, sweetie," Charity said, smiling at her daughter as she came into the room to get Benito.

"Morning, Mamma!" she called out, hurrying over to jump on Benito's rocking horse.
It was totally her favorite toy!
Charity slipped Benito from the crib, glancing at her watch.  "Sweetie, it's time for you to get ready for school."

Davina hurriedly dressed and rushed out to meet her bus...
Unfortunately, it parked much further away than usual!
She couldn't wait for class today! She was going to slip Willard a note and ask if he wanted to hang out after school!  Maybe they could go fishing!

Meanwhile, Charity potty-trained Benito in the new children's en suite bathroom.  Tearley and Charity had decided that they would need more privacy now that the children were growing and had a custom bathroom built adjoining the children's room. 

She loved the bright colors, exactly the opposite of the colors in the master bathroom!
Heading back into the nursery, she sat down in front of the bathroom door and began teaching Benito to speak.
It wasn't going very well...

"Benito! Out of the kitchen!" Charity said as she tried preparing a recipe.

"Uh oh!" Benito said, padding out of the kitchen, dodging her feet.
Charity stopped abruptly as Benito cut her off, grimacing and letting out a huffy breath.  "Why are you always under foot?!" she asked with impatience.

She thought she would enjoy staying home more!
As she pulled the waffles from the oven, Charity smiled.  "Mmm... breakfast!"

Then she noticed the puddles of water.

"Oh no!" she gasped, setting the plate on the counter top.  "The dishwasher is broken!" she groaned, spotting the problem immediately.

"Uh oh!" Benito repeated.
Charity put herself on her son's level.  "Benito... what happened to the dishwasher?" she asked calmly. 

It took a few times to get an answer.
"The dishwasher ate my rubber duckie!" he finally announced. 
Charity sighed, heading over to see if she could fix it.

Tearley headed home from work, completely exhausted after the long shift he'd put in.  He slipped into bed and fell immediately to sleep.

Dangit, Davina thought as she stepped outside of the front doors of the school.  It was pouring!  Grudgingly, she headed back inside to sign up for Scouts.  At least it would keep her out of the rain!
After signing up, she stepped outside.  She loved being outside, especially after it rained!  The air smelled so fresh and clean.  She took a big sniff and smiled.
"Hey Davina!" Willard called from behind her. 

Davina turned when she saw her friend.  "WILLARD! What are you still doing here?" she asked.

Willard shrugged.  "Just got out of my Scouts after school activity," he told her.  "My mom made me join."

Willard might've had something to do with her signing up.
"Oh yeah?" she asked. "I just signed up today! We'll have so much fun! I can teach you to hook a fish!" she added eagerly.  "You should've seen the size of the anchovies I caught!"

"Wanna play tag?" Willard asked suddenly.

"Paper, rock, scissors to see who goes first!" Davina told him.

Willard shook his head. "Nuh uh!" he said, thumping Davina on the shoulder.  "You're it!"
He ran as quick as he could away from her.
Davina was pretty fast on her feet, though, and caught up with him quickly.
"Tag! You're it!" she called out merrily, taking off in the opposite direction.
Willard watched her go, a small smile on his face.
Davina glanced over her shoulder and slowed down a little bit to make sure that Willard could catch her.
"You're it!" he said triumphantly, tagging her on the back.
"I better get home now," Willard said, glancing at the street lights.  "Mamma says I need to be inside before the lights come on!"

Davina flew forward and gave Willard a big hug.  "See you tomorrow!" she told him eagerly.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Chapter 2.26 - Parent of the Year Award

Charity headed into the nursery first thing in the morning.  She found both children awake and waiting.

"His crying woke me up!" Davina complained, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Oh no!" Charity said.  "Are you ready for breakfast?"

"Fine!" Davina grumbled, scrambling for the door with her mom and brother trailing behind.
"Aw, it's raining!" Davina complained before heading down the stairs. "I wanted to go fishing this afternoon!"

"Hurry! We're getting wet!" Charity said, shooing Davina while ducking her head against the sprinkles.  Outside was not the place to discuss the weather!
Sometimes it was rather inconvenient living in the ancient Cypress Retreat with all the rooms cobbled together with stairs and connecting halls.

Davina headed straight for the fridge and grabbed some leftovers as Charity placed little Benito in his high chair with his baby food.

"That looks mushy!" Davina said, wrinkling her nose with distaste.
Benito didn't seem to mind as he grabbed handfuls and shoved it in his mouth.

Davina glanced over at her messy brother.  "He's making a mess!" she tattled. 
"You were once his age, too!" Charity said fondly.  "He'll grow up before you know it!"
Davina rolled her eyes.  He would probably always be messy! she thought with some irritation as she gathered the dirty dishes.  She hated sharing a room with him!

Glancing out the window, she saw that the rain had stopped.  "Can I go play?" she asked.
"Go ahead, sweetie," Charity said, lifting Benito up from his highchair.
"Oh, you are messy, messy!" she gently scolded Benito.  "You're going to need a bath!"
"Good morning!" Tearley said, smiling as he joined his family in the kitchen. 
"Good morning, baby," Charity echoed, setting Benito down on the floor before turning back to Tearley to press a kiss against his lips. 
Tearley pulled her into his arms, deepening the kiss and running his hands up and down her back.
"Ew!" Davina said, hurrying from the room to get ready to go fishing.  Her parents were so icky!
"I think you shocked your daughter," Charity teased.

Tearley chuckled, glancing around the room and making sure little ears weren't listening.  "I want you," he said with a husky voice, running his hands lower. 
They hurried like newly-weds up to try out the new shower.

Davina grabbed her bike and started down the road to nearest beach.
Jumping off her bike, she ran across the wooden boards, dodging sunbathing chairs until she reached the water's edge.
Grabbing her fishing pole, she swung it back and then quickly cast it. 
She couldn't wait to catch a shark!

Charity spent a short time teaching Benito to talk. 
Then she headed downstairs to work on her logic skill.
Tearley took over playing with Benito, teaching him how to walk.
"Papi!" Benito cheered, hurrying to his father and throwing himself into his arms. 

Tearley wrapped his arms around his son and squeezed him tight.  "That's right. I'm your daddy!" he said, stroking his son's hair.

The afternoon flew by and Davina had only caught a few anchovies.  Disappointed she hadn't caught anything more exciting, she put her fishing pole away.  Maybe she didn't like fishing after all...
Sinking to the ground, she pulled her homework out of her backpack and started to look through her assignment.

After dinner, Charity and Tearley found themselves tangled up together in the kitchen yet again. 
There must've been something about Love Day that made people exceptionally randy.

Davina absolutely loved being outside.  She wasn't ready to go home yet.  She slipped into the water, cringing a little at the cold temperature.

"Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold!" she muttered under her breath, stepping further into the water up to her chest.   I'll get used to the temperature, she consoled herself.
Leaning forward, she doggy-paddled.
Glancing up, she saw a beautiful aura in the sky.  What in the world could it be?

Benito pushed at the plastic table holding him in place, straining to be free.  He wasn't sure where his mammina and papi had disappeared to, but he didn't like being alone!

"MAAAAAMMAAAAAA!" he wailed again.  He didn't like this chair.

Behind him, he heard his mammina gasp and footsteps rushing towards him.
"Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry!" Charity said, snuggling Benito to her chest.  "Mamma's so sorry!"  She couldn't believe she'd forgotten Benito in his high chair after Tearley's scorching kiss.  They hadn't even considered their toddler before rushing back upstairs to the shower.

And where in the world was Davina?!  She'd been gone all day!  "TEARLEY!" she called out fretfully, hurrying towards their bedroom in a panic.

Tearley- Woohoo with Charity
Charity- Snuggle Benito, Kiss Someone, Do Dishes, Bathe, Kiss Tearley, Woohoo with Tearley,
Davina- Go fishing, Learn Fishing Skill

*AN - Thankfully it was Love Day, so Charity & Tearley rolled plenty of wishes to be intimate! Unfortunately, their woohoo followed by trying for baby did not result in a pregnancy! Double darn! I was hoping she'd get pregnant - who knows the next time they'll roll wishes to have a baby. :)

Davina is having a little trouble adjusting to her toddler brother.  He woke her up twice at night, so she was a little grumpy the following day.  I'm surprised she stayed at the park as long as she did!  I was surprised to see the Unicorn Aura in the distance! I really wanted her to go check it out. Lol. Darn you Wishacy! I rarely catch unicorns because I never look up at the sky!

And as you can tell, Tearley & Charity aren't actually going to win any Parent of the Year awards this year! Leaving Benito in his high chair while they went to woohoo & not even realizing their young daughter wasn't home yet!  Lol.