Sunday, August 21, 2016

Chapter 2.30 - Feeling Out of Sorts

"I don't know. I just need something different!" Charity told Tearley.  "I feel so... so... stifled here at home with Benito!"
"What do you want to do?" Tearley asked.  "Do you want to come back to the medical field? I'm sure Doc Monty would love to welcome you back!"

Charity frowned and shook her head.  "No, the hours are too long.  We can't both be on call."

Tearley patted her shoulder. "I support you 100% in whatever you decide," he assured his wife.
She always made sound, logical decisions.
"I'll see you after work!" he called out after she'd gone in the bathroom to change.  "Love you!"

"Good morning, Benito," Charity said, pulling her son from his crib.  "Are you ready for breakfast?"
Plopping Benito in his high chair, Charity handed him his oatmeal...
...which he immediately flung from the tray.  "No oatmeal! Pancakes!" Benito demanded.
"UUUUUGHHHHHH!" Charity seethed with frustration.  "WHY?"
Benito immediately began crying and whimpering after Charity's loud outburst.  Feeling guilty for losing her temper, Charity hurried to his side and pulled him into her arms.  "It's okay, Benito. Mamma is fine. Shhh..." 

She rocked him with his head pressed against her cheek until he was finally soothed.

But, still, the discontent sat in the pit of her stomach...

Maybe she'd been cooped up in the house for too long, she thought.  That's why she felt so out of sorts. Just because Benito was a toddler didn't mean she had to stay at home with him. 
She headed into town for a visit to the library.  Sometimes they had children's programs...
She stepped inside and sighed with annoyance when she saw the children's program was scheduled yesterday.  Everything seemed to be going wrong for her since her blasted birthday.
She set Benito down in the children's section.  "Here, play quietly," she told him sternly.
Pulling out her laptop, she worked on her logic schema.
"I did it!" she exclaimed happily.  "Benito! I did it! I mastered Logic!"

She lifted him up and prepared to toss him in the air when she smelled something...

"I had an accident..." Benito admitted with a pouty-face.

Charity sighed.  When was Benito going to finally catch on to using the potty?

Tearley finished work and headed out.  It'd been a hard, long day at the office.
...And he hadn't even left the lot when his buzzer paged him to come back.

Davina headed home with a scowl on her face.  Apparently sleeping, slacking and flapping your lips were all inappropriate actions in the classroom.  Davina had proven a master of delinquency and her extraordinary efforts earned her after-school detention.

All for passing a few notes back and forth with Willard!

It was so unfair!  She'd wasted a perfectly good afternoon wiping off the blackboard.

There was another boy in detention, but she didn't know him well.  She thought his name was Giovani something-or-other...

Well, time to head home and face the music.  Her parents were going to kill her!
"Mom? Sorry I'm late!" Davina called out when she walked inside.
"Mom? Dad?!" she called down the darkened hall.  Hmmm... looked like she was home alone.  Guess she didn't have to tell her parents she'd had detention, after all!

Charity quickly changed Benito's diaper and then caught a cab to return home. 
"This is the big boy potty," she told him firmly as she set him on the potty chair.  "This  is where you go pee-pee and poo-poo!"
After tucking Benito into bed, she glanced over towards Davina's side - surprised to find her already asleep.

The big meeting he was called back for wasn't an emergency.  The hospital administrators were starting to worry about the hospital's public image.  They wanted their veteran employees to be a little more aware of the local populace and its' opinion of the hospital.  They wanted doctors to go around and meet local sims in order to put on a good public face. 

As if saving lives wasn't enough...

"Kids asleep?" Tearley asked as he headed into the kitchen for a late-dinner.
Charity was glad Tearley was home.  "I can show you the need chess trick I learned today!" she told him eagerly.  "Meet me at the chess table when you're done eating!"

Charity waited...

and waited...

and waited...
With a heavy sigh, she realized Tearley wasn't going to be joining her. 
He was already fast asleep.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Chapter 2.29 - Luvs-Dogs Garden Gnome

Tearley raced home as soon as the hail and rain began coming down.
He made it inside just as the sun was peeking above the horizon.  He yawned as he stretched.  Perhaps he'd stayed up a little too late...
 He headed into their room and slipped between the sheets. Alone.
Charity was already awake, downstairs in the kitchen preparing for breakfast.

Charity was awake first thing in the morning, as well.
Of course, she headed towards her favorite rocking horsey.

Bored, Charity pads over to the chess table to begin skilling.

She barely saw as Davina breezed through the hall after scarfing down her breakfast.  "See you later, Mamma! I gotta go to the grocery store!"

Charity glanced up.  "But it's raining!"

Davina didn't care. She just loved being outdoors! A little rain wouldn't kill her!
Hopping on her bike, she pedaled furiously up the hill leading to the city walls.
She stared in awe at the beautiful buildings, remnants from a different time.
She stopped in front of Graciella's Groceries and Delfina's Diner.  Her teacher had asked her to prepare a report on the grocery store for extra credit.  Based on her scores, she could really use that extra credit!

Finally, later in the afternoon Tearley was wide awake.  It looked like poor Benito had been stuck in the crib all day long!
"Poor Benito!" Tearley said as he scooped his son from the crib and tossed him in the air.  "How's your diaper?"
"Uh oh," Benito said, "I had an accident..."

Tearley sniffed the diaper and agreed.  "You certainly did!" he agreed.
"Here you go," Tearley said, handing his son a bottle. 
"Hey, sweetie, did you know Benito was still in his crib?" Tearley asked as he headed to the kitchen. 

Charity waved him away. "Not now!" she said impatiently.  "I've almost got this figured out..."  She glanced between her pieces, trying to pick the statistically correct choice to win the game in just 3 more moves.
Tearley shook his head and grabbed his own breakfast... burnt calzone...  delicious...

Not only did Davina learn a lot about how the grocery store was run, but she'd also managed to sneak out a few pieces of fireworks.  She couldn't wait to set some off with Willard!
Not today though, she thought as the hail whacked her in the head.  She covered her head with her hands and hurried home.

Tearley joined his wife at the chess table.  "I see you solved the board," he said as he sat down.  "Care to play a game?"
Charity looked up at him and grinned. "Of course!"

One other thing Davina had picked up at the grocery store was a Luvs-Dogs Garden Gnome.  She thought it was look so cute out by her front door.  And who knew... maybe a stray dog would decide it needed an owner!

After a day spent working on her logic skill, Charity was ravenous.  She grabbed a slice of birthday cake and ate it.
"Happy birthday to me," she whispered quietly.
The big 4-0.  She was glad Tearley didn't make a big fuss over her birthday.  She was finding it hard to deal with her new age.  She'd found a gray hair just the other day...
She buried her face in her hands.
She worried about what she would do with the rest of her life!  All she knew was that something needed to change...

C- (working on improving logic)
D- Buy firecracker, Opportunity-Research Project

*AN - Charity is very close to having maxed her logic skill.  Tearley is further behind.  I've been focusing on having him reach the top of his career, then he can start working towards his chess legend status. :)

It will be interesting having Charity join the science field again. She's going to wait for Benito to age up 1st.  But, you can already see being a stay-at-home Mom is wearing on her.

I wanted to get Davina over to try to fish & set off some fireworks, but it was raining all darn day! She just headed home and jumped on her rocking horse. :)  Lol.  She LOVES that thing!