Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chapter 2.32 - Empty Nest Syndrome

Davina woke up, eager to play on her favorite little rocking horse.
Only to find that her little brother had beaten her to it.
"Onward to battle!" Benito cried, eagerly rocking towards the imaginary battlefield.

Charity washed her hands after using the restroom.  She was incredibly stressed out that the toilet had just overflowed a bit.  She would need to fix that, she thought with annoyance.
Tearley surprised her when he walked into the bathroom, attempting to press a kiss to her cheek.
Charity pulled back with a frown.  "I'm sorry, not now," she said with a shake of her head.
Tearley's smile fell when he looked at his wife.  "Oh. Okay," he said with the biggest puppy-dog eyes known to man.

Charity sighed, feeling grumpy & frumpy.

Benito hurried to catch the school bus.  Davina had slipped out without telling him it was time to go!
Thankfully, his Mom came in and warned him!  He would've hated missing his first day of school! He was so excited! "Are we going to be in any of the same classes?" Benito asked eagerly.

"Plumbbob, I hope not!" Davina scowled under her breath.

Charity glanced behind her, noticing her husband was right on her heels.  "I'm sorry for earlier," she told him.  "I guess I woke up grumpy."

Tearley shrugged. 
Together, they sat down to eat some leftover birthday cake.  "Are you feeling okay?" Tearley asked. 
Charity smiled at her husband.  "I actually wanted to run something by you..." she said, hesitantly outlining her idea of an afternoon outing.

The taxi pulled up in front of the Doctor Simano's Sanatorium.
"Are you excited?" Tearley asked her with a smile.

Charity nodded.  "Absolutely!" she told him confidently.  Together, they headed into the medical/scientific complex.

Charity and Tearley had separated shortly after heading inside.  Tearley had wound up getting called in to work while Charity was speaking with the head of the science lab.
Thankfully, he didn't take too long.
"Did you do it?" Tearley asked, pressing a light kiss to her lips. "How'd it go?"

Charity nodded happily. "I did it! I'll be working in the lab full-time now!"

Her new boss would be Emma Perry.  The life of science is one of the irrefutable truths and a respect for nature.  Gardening knowledge, as well as an insight to fishing, will take one far at the Science Facility.  It also doesn't hurt to be willing to tinker... even at the risk of electrocution.
"It's going to be wonderful working together again!" Tearley announced, pulling her into his arms for a more passionate kiss.
"Oh, suddenly I don't feel so well. I wish there was a doctor around!" moaned a stranger nearby.
Tearley spun around.
It didn't take him long to diagnose Ms. Bianchi's condition and treat it.
Thankfully, Charity was a patient doctor's wife.  She just calmly finished her book while Tearley worked to save the lady's life.
"You're an amazing man," Charity said after Ms. Bianchi had profusely thanked Tearley and left the hospital grounds.

"You're not so bad yourself," Tearley said with a wink.

"Ew, you stink!" Benito said, waving his hand in  front of his face when Davina ran inside after him.
Davina sniffed her underarm and frowned.  Mom had given her deodorant, but she didn't use it every day like Mom suggested.  Maybe that was why Willard stopped playing with her...
"Shut up Benito!" she snapped angrily before hurrying to the bathroom.

Davina finished her bubble bath and stepped back into her room.  Sighing with relief, she saw the rocking horse wasn't being used by her brother.  She hurried over to play.

Benito sat nearby working on his schoolwork.

Davina rocked a few times, but wasn't really enjoying herself like she used to. 
She slipped from her beloved rocking horse.   But she just couldn't play pretend any more.
She'd just outgrown it.

Tearley and Charity held hands as they returned home in another taxi.  Their wonderful afternoon outing had turned into a romantic date.
Together, they headed into the living room and sat down to watch tv.  Charity glanced towards Tearley, who was sitting across the room.

"Come, join me," she beckoned him with a smile.
Tearley sat down beside her, smiling when Charity slipped her arm around him.
Feeling amorous, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately

Completed Wishes:
Tearley- Give Benito gift (cancelled), Kiss Charity, Davina Ages Up Well
Charity- Join Science Career, Form Group with Tearley, Have Great Group Outing, Kiss Tearley

*AN - All the kids are grown up & in school, so it's the perfect time for Charity to fulfill that Join Science Career wish! Woo hoo!  It was nice for Tearley & Charity have a fun afternoon outing/date.  I think her 3rd skill will be handiness skill.  I toyed with doing the Science trait, but having never done that before - I'm not sure how it would work!

It was kind of funny when Charity rebuked Tearley's kiss earlier that morning! She was in a much better mood after accepting her job!

And Davina's a teen! Yay! She's got some hard wishes to fulfill right now!  We'll see where it takes her!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Chapter 2.31 - Do Not Confuse Your Google Search with My Medical Degree

Tearley answered his phone quickly, hoping that the phone ringing wouldn't wake Charity up.  "What's up Doc?" he asked.  He paused and listened a moment. 
Charity slipped from bed, immediately smoothing the bedsheets. 
Charity checked out the rsvp's for Benito's birthday party tonight.

"...of course.  I'm on it," Tearley was saying as he paced the bedroom.
"Sorry, gotta run," Tearley said, kissing Charity's cheek and headed to catch the car Doc Monty sent over.

"Don't forget Benito's birthday party tonight!" she called out after him.
Tearley hurried to City Hall.  He was tasked with holding a seminar on the need for proper medical attentiveness both on and off the job. 
It was time to educate all those eager young employees about their health benefits!

Tearley was certainly looking forward to it.

Charity headed towards the kids room to wake Benito up. 
First, she took him to the potty to make sure he didn't have an accident.  She was so excited that he was finally potty-trained!  No more dirty diapers!
Then, she gave him a bottle.  Really, she should be feeding him solid foods by now, but it was so much easier this way.
While he finished his breakfast, Charity headed downstairs to grab a children's book that Benito would enjoy reading.
Back up in the nursery, she sat down and looked through the fingerpainting book with Benito.  He oohed and aahed over the bright colors.

Charity was so excited to be going on her first field trip!  Anxiously, she bounced up and down on her seat, waiting for all the kids to finish loading the bus so they could be on their way.  They were going to the science laboratory! She might get to see her Daddy since the lab was in the same building!
"Come up here and sit with me, Giovani," Mr. Rossi said sternly, calling a dark-haired boy up front beside him.

"Aw, man!" Giovani groused, striding up from the back of the bus.  "I wasn't gonna do nothing, Mr. Rossi!" he said petulantly.

"That's okay, you can keep me company for now," the teacher said amiably.
Within 20 minutes, they were pulling up in front of the Doctor Simano's Sanatorium. She hoped she saw Daddy!
After getting off the bus, Mr. Rossi assigned everyone a Buddy for the Buddy System.  "Davina, you're paired up with Giovani."  Davina glanced across the bus towards Willard and made a face.  She was hoping she'd be paired up with him. 

"Come on, Davie," Giovani said, clamboring off the bus.  "I hope we see a skeleton!"

Tearley finished the seminar.  He'd been a little frustrated at the meeting before a particularly bossy Sim tried to correct Tearley several times, utilizing their amateur web searching ability.  But, it turns out medical school is better than the internet sometimes!  It had wasted quite a lot of his precious time.

Davina hurried home, hoping that Mr. Rossi didn't call her parents.  "Davina - don't touch that!" & "Davina! Get out of that Faraday Cage right now!"  She rolled her eyes.  She and Giovani had pretty much stayed in trouble the entire field trip.  But, on the plus side, she had a pretty cool souvenir from her field trip to the Science Lab!

She couldn't wait to show Mom!

A Sim came in today with an unknown sickness and it looked grim. Everyone gave up and threw in the towel, but not Tearley.  He pulled out all the stops, running every painful test in the book to figure out the problem.  Ironically, it wasn't until ten minutes before the patient was about to pass away, that he realized the patient had Subpaleolithitis!  He was able to cure the patient and everyone was impressed! Doc Monty even gave Tearley a raise!

 "Time for your birthday party!" Charity said as she bounced Benito in her arms.  "Hopefully Daddy gets home soon!"
Tearley stepped inside, knowing he was slightly late to Benito's birthday party.  "Hi, Suriya," he said as he headed into the Banquet Hall.
He ran into Doc Monty when he walked through the door. 

"Good save today," Doc Monty said, slapping him on the shoulder.
"That's why I'm so happy to promote you to World Renowned Surgeon.  I can finally step down and retire like my wife has been nagging me to do all this time.  Good luck, son," Doc Monty said with obvious relief.

"Wha... Really?!" Tearley asked with surprise.  "Are you sure about this?"

Patrizio smiled confidently.  "I knew the moment I met you, you were going to do good things.  Good thing you didn't get too attached to your career as an actor!"
Glancing over Doc Monty's shoulder, Tearley watched with unease as a handsome guest presented his wife with a bouquet.
Charity shook her head quickly, stepping back and refusing the bouquet.  "I'm sorry, I'm married," she told the Casanova.

"Here, let me take him," Charity said to Doc Monty, pulling Benito into his arms when he started to cry.  "It's about to blow out the candles on his cake!"

Now it was Tearley's turn to be surprised.  "Red roses?" he asked, perplexed.
It dawned on him what the flowers represented.  "Oh no! I can't!" he said, waving his hands in denial in front of him.  "I'm a happily married man!"

Upstairs, Davina chatted with her best friend, Willard.  "Wanna play dress up?" she asked him.
Willard made a face and shrugged, "No... not really," he said with a grimace.  "That's for kids!"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Charity cheered, leaning Benito over the cake to blow the candles out. 
"IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" he cheered, jumping up and clapping as everyone threw confetti over his head.
He headed to the table to grab a piece of cake.  "Mom! It's blue! My favorite!"
Willard came down to join Benito & Davina, but he sat at the far end of the table.  Davina frowned, glancing towards her friend.  Why was he acting so weird lately? Was it because Mr. Rossi made Giovani her Buddy today at school?

"Daddy? How do you know if a boy likes you?" Davina asked after everyone had left.

Tearley's eyes widened.  "What?!" he yelped with dismay.  Surely his little girl wasn't ready to talk about boys and dating!

Benito ran into his Mom in the kitchen after putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  "A present? For me?" he asked eagerly.  "What is it?"
"Thanks Mom!" he cried happily after finding a stuffed Werewolf.  "I love it!"
"You're welcome, sweetie. I hope you enjoy it!" Charity told her birthday boy.

After asking her question, Daddy had stammered for a few minutes and then finally wound up telling Davina that she should talk to her Mom about it.  Sighing, she headed upstairs to bed.

It was going to be so weird now that Benito was in a big boy bed.  Maybe he would play dress up with her tomorrow...

Right now, she was calling dibs on the top bunk!

*AN - Oh my gosh!  These kids are growing up way too fast! I was surprised when Willard came over & was already a teenager! Oh my goodness - he grew up handsome!  Hopefully he & Davina hit it off!!

And how cool is it that Davina met Giovani at school! I can't wait to see if they wind up interacting at all in their teen years!  (Giovani is Rachel's youngest son from Hiding Out in Sunset Valley.  In that story, Rachel moves to Monte Vista with her manager Mr. Keaton to produce a hit tv baking show.  Because she's flighty & dramatic, she runs off with the videographer.  But, maybe she gets a happy ending after all!)

I love how much Benito looks like Tearley... well... except for the lack of my pastel skintone.  Yes, I'm still sore about that. Lol. 

It'll be interesting to see which of the two kids gets blessed by the shooting star this generation!  I guess we'll have to see what kinds of wishes Benito winds up getting with his new Rebellious trait.  Oi.

As a side note, I think it's sad that nobody plays with poor Puff anymore.  He just sits in the livingroom, completely forgotten about, blowing magical smoke every once in awhile!  Lol.  It'd be nice if people responded with shock when they first met him, huh?

Tearley: Opportunity - Expert Opinions, Reach Level 10 Medical (woo hoo!)
Charity: Potty Train Benito, Throw Birthday Party for Benito, Give gift, Chat with Benito, Buy bunkbed
Davina: Chat with Tearley, Sleep on top bunk