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Dragon Valley Intermission - 3rd Moon

The more things changed, the less they stayed the same.  Marigold still shared Uncail Kearney's room with her husband, Pierre.
But, Holly had given up sharing her room with her sister Daisy so that she and her husband, Broderick Eames, could have their privacy.

 Keely was still in the basement with her single bed.
But, she moved all her lab equipment into an adjoining room they'd added on.

Her lab was on the bottom level.
Holly's new room was on the 2nd level.
And the children's wing was on the 3rd level, attached to the nursery.

Keely hurried up the flights of stairs to let little Coral from her crib, hopefully little Posey and the other children were able to sleep through her cries.
She glanced towards the children's wing & winced.  Apparently not!  Mack, Roz and Poppy all peered into the nursery grumpily. 

Violet rolled over and wrapped her arms around her long-time lover, and father of her children, absently rubbing his chest.  "We should probably get up now," she said softly.

"5 more minutes," Pete said sleepily.
 She laughed, popping him on the rear.  "Nope! Up and at 'em!"  She giggled when he lunged for her.
"Have I told you how lucky I am?" he asked, gazing into her eyes.
"Only about every day," Violet teased.  "Aren't you glad I finally let you marry me?"

Pete chuckled.  "Let you marry me? You practically forced me!" he teased back. She had easily convinced him to marry her.  There has always been something pulling him towards her. 
 Feeling as frisky as a newly-wed, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

"You know the up-side of waiting to get married?" Violet asked, throwing her head back as he nibbled on her neck.

Pete was only semi-paying attention.  "What's that?" he asked, focusing on her delightful earlobe.

Violet stepped away, reaching for his hand and drawing him into the bathroom.  Wherever she led, he would follow!
"No chance of getting pregnant!" she announced, dropping her bra and undies to the floor and stepping into the shower.

"Good morning!" Daisy gave her husband a peck on the lips.

Broderick stroked her hair back from her face.  "Good morning.  So what do we have planned today?" he asked.

"Well, I want to check on Breanna, Carrie, Deidre, Goopy, Ginger, Evie, Fle..." she said, listing off the names on her fingers.

Broderick laughed, grabbing her by the shoulders and pressing a kiss to her mouth.  "Alright! Alright! We'll check on your perfect fish!"
"Almost perfect!" she corrected him, leading him outside to her aquarium.   She had 10 out of 13 perfect fish.  Thankfully the butler took care of feeding them.  Daisy was convinced they would die horrible deaths if they had to depend on her for food!

Marigold worked on her review of the bistro while her husband worked on his non-fiction book.  He was determined to produce enough books to earn $500 cashflow a week.  Then, he would quit his job.

Not Marigold.  She couldn't wait to be a celebrity journalist!

She paused mid-stroke.  "Will you check on Posey?" she asked.  "I'm almost finished with my review!"

"Sure!" Pierre said, finishing his sentence, then saving his work.  "I'll be right back."  He kissed her on the top of her head as he 
Pierre mounted the stairs and smiled as he lifted little Posey into his arms.  He couldn't believe he was blessed with two little girls. Their newborn, Posey, had inherited the Cullen vibrant green hair, while their older daughter, Poppy, had inherited the O'Connell brunette hair.  They were both perfect!

He snuggled Posey before laying her back in the crib to sleep.

Now where did Poppy get to?

"ROZ?! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Poppy called out.  "Come out, come out, where-ever you are!"   She thought she heard something rustling in the bushes as she ran past. 
Suddenly, her cousin, Roz, jumped from the bushes and took off in the opposite direction, laughing as she ran.  "You can't catch me!" Roz shrieked victoriously.

"COME BACK HERE!" Poppy cried, crashing through the bushes in her attempt to catch her cousin.
Holly went to the library when-ever she needed to study for work.  The girls were often loud and boisterous; there were too many interruptions to get anything done!  She often teased Thorax that she might have to move in with him!  He just laughed and told her not to be silly.

She supposed that she should regret that she never had any children of her own with Thorax.  But, she had her handsome nephew and many nieces to keep her company. 

Perhaps she had been too committed to her work? she thought, losing her train of thought and laying the book done in her lap.  She couldn't help but think what might have happened if Thorax had asked her to marry him and they had a passel of children of their own...

Nonsense, she thought firmly, shoving the thought aside.  She was perfectly happy!

 Daisy and Broderick headed to Summer Hill for a picnic. 
Broderick worked on teaching his faithful dog, Suzi, to sit.  
While Daisy wiled away the time fishing.
Sweet, little Coral Eames was well-used to her parents distractions and played happily on her own.

"The place hasn't changed much, has it?" Violet asked Pete as they walked into the bar.

Pete shook his head with a faint smile.  "Not a whit," he agreed.

While Violet had long retired from the limelight, she still occasionally liked to perform.  Today, they were having a Wild Berry reunion!
 And despite the fact that the crowd was much thinner than it had been thirty years ago...
 ...they all played with the same energy and vibrancy.

"I'm glad you came over," Keely told her romantic interest, Venkat O'Connell.  She'd met him through her cousin, Holly, who worked with him at the hospital.

He was a genius, just like her.  
"Let me just..." Keely trailed off as she placed her hand upon Venkat's brow.  She closed her eyes and attempted to mind-meld with him.  
"Fantastic! Wasn't it?!" she asked, exhilarated when it worked.

Venkat took a tiny step backwards and reached up to hold his head.  "Whoa..." was all he could manage to say.  "Where did you learn that?" he asked hesitantly.

Keely smiled.  "It was in an ancient text that I recently translated.  I wasn't sure it would work!"

She was disappointed when Venkat abruptly left.  Perhaps she was wrong to assume that because he was a genius, he shared her nerdy interests....

"Come on, you've got to come!" Majella told her friend, Mack.  "Everyone is going to be there!"

Mack shrugged. "I want to, but I'm totally grounded.  I had to sneak out even to catch this movie with you guys."

His pal, Dolan winced.  "Can't wait until you're 18!" he said, giving Mack a sympathetic nudge to the elbow.

Majella sighed.  "Fine! Don't come! See if I care!" she pouted prettily.

"Aw, come on, don't be like that!" he said, finally caving.  "FINE! I'll come if I can get away again, okay?"

When she beamed at him, Mack felt his stomach do a little flip.

Violet approached the bar with Pete, glancing at the new bartender.

The more things changed, the less they stayed the same.

She'd been broken-hearted when she'd gotten the news that Slade had passed away.  Although she'd forced herself to move on, a piece of her heart had always remained with him.  Shortly after his death was when she had decided to marry Pete.  He was a good man and took care of her and their kids...
"I'll have a Big Mistake," Pete announced, breaking Violet from her reverie.  He glanced up at her and smiled.

Violet forced a bright smile, reaching up and laying her hand on Pete's back.  "None for me," she murmured.  

Chapter 2.42 - While the Parents Are Away...

 "...and I have half a mind to sign you up for Fort Starch Military School!" Charity was still upset that a police officer... a POLICE OFFICER... had brought her daughter home the night before.  Who knew what the rambunctious girl had been getting up to at the movie theater that late. "
Davina gasped and stood up from playing with Remo. "Mama! No!" she protested.  "Don't send me away!"  She would miss her friends too much... Willard crossed her mind first, followed shortly by Giovani wrapping his arms around her and kissing her.

" it is, you are grounded, young lady! Do not even think about leaving this house!" her mother had continued on lecturing while Davina had daydreamed.  "...listening to me?"
 Davina jerked to attention.  There was still the threat of boarding school hanging over her head.  "Yes, mama!" she said.

"You're excused!" Charity said with exasperation, sighing when she saw Davina hurry away.
"What are we going to do with her? Huh, Remo?" she asked the little puppy.

Benito peeked through the window and saw him Mom walking out of the entry hall.  Phew! Thank goodness he hadn't just walked in the front door.  Once she was gone, he opened the door and hurried towards the bathroom.
Gotta go... gotta go... gotta go... gotta go.  He squirmed and tried counting in his head as he jerked the jeans buttons open.  10...9...8...7...6... awwwww... he sighed with relief.
While he was washing his hands, he happened to notice that there was a loose bolt on the handle.  "Hehehehe..." he chuckled, spinning the bolt in the opposite direction and loosening it even more. 
Next time someone used it, they'd get a face-full of water!
Next, he set the whoopee cushion back on his mom's favorite TV-watching chair.  

(Oh my goodness! What happened to you?!)
Davina was feeling low after getting yelled at by her parents for breaking curfew.  She hadn't even told them she'd gone to the movies with a boy.  She wished she could talk to her Mama about how she was feeling.   Maybe she would know what to do!

Davina pounded on the door.  "Benito! Are you finished yet?" she demanded.  "I need to shower!"
Benito sighed and lifted his leg out of the water, wiggling his toe.  "Almost done!" he called out, snickering under his breath when he heard the volley of foul-language on the other side of the door.
Finishing up, he set up a dye pack in the faucet.  Serves her right for being so gritchity all the time!
"I'm done D'ina! YOUR TURN!" he called out.  This was going to be the 5th prank he'd pulled off!
Davina shouldered her way into the bathroom and impatiently shooed her little brother from the room.  "Go on!" she snapped.  "I need to take a shower!"

She absently wondered why he snickered as he walked out of the room.
The warm water felt so good falling on her face.   And it felt so good to be clean!
As she stepped from the shower, she glanced in the mirror, surprised to see an aqua-hue covering her hair.
"WHAT IN THE WORLD?" she shrieked indignantly.
She realized now why Benito was chuckling as he left the bathroom.

"I'll KILL him!" she growled.

"Daddy?" Davina asked, walking into her parents bedroom.

Tearley's eyes widened.  "What did you do?!" 
"I didn't do it. BENITO did!" she said angrily to her dad. "He put dye in the shower! And it's permanent! I've tried to wash it out and it won't come out!" she said near tears. 
"Do you want me to talk to him?" he asked.

Davina nodded her head quickly. "Yes! That was way worse than missing curfew by an hour!" she told him, hoping he would let her off the hook.  "I shouldn't be the only one grounded!"

"We were very disappointed you were out late. We have to depend on you to follow the rules, D'ina.  Skipping school, staying out late... this isn't like you!"

Davina's shoulders slumped. "I know.. I'm sorry," she mumbled.

Tearley turned her towards the door.  "Why don't you get some sleep.  I need to finish packing." He sent her a hesitant look.  "Don't let your Mom see before we leave, okay?"

 Tearley and Charity got in the taxi and waited for it to pull off.

"Are you sure we should be leaving them alone right now?" Charity asked anxiously.

Tearley shrugged wearily. "I don't know.  I think they'll be okay.  They're both good kids."

Charity looked out the window towards their house.  "I don't know," she said hesitantly.  "Maybe we should've hired a babysitter..."
"It's too late now," Tearley said as the taxi pulled away.  "Let's just try to enjoy this seminar."

Charity scoffed. "Yeah, like trusts & asset protection seminars are so enjoyable!"

"Besides," he continued, "What's the worse they can do?"

Exhausted from their late nights breaking curfew, the teens slept most of the day away.
Finally, feeling rested, Davina stepped from the room.  Right about now, her parents were on a flight to the midwest.

"They said I couldn't leave the house... not that I couldn't throw a party," she attempted to reason as set set up a teen party.

Wanting to throw a great party, she started prepping.  She put out a few non-alcoholic mixed drinks & set up the radio.  Without parents to complain, she bumped the volume up to high.
"Hey Remo, only a few more hours until everyone gets here!" she said, stroking her pup's soft fur. 
She also pulled her homework out and started working on it.  She really wanted to make it on Honor Roll to make her parents proud!
It'd been so much fun setting up the sink in the downstairs bathroom, Benito set it up in his own, as well.  D'ina was going to FLIP when she got sprayed with water!  And the best part was that no one would think it was him!

This was the 10th booby trap he'd set up, he thought, snickering to himself.

He followed the sound of music to try to find her.  "Oh cool! A dartboard!" he exclaimed.  "And drinks!"
"Don't mind if I do!" he chuckled, sauntering over to the bar to grab a drink.  "Hmm... alittle bland," he said with a small frown.  "What these need is a little... something."  He rummaged through the bar and found his parents juice.  "Now we're talking!" he chuckled, adding in a splash of juice to each drink. 

"What happened to your hair?" Karim Esposito asked her curiously.

Davina rolled her eyes.  "Looooooong story...."
"Oh, well... Thanks for inviting me to your party!" he said.  "Am I early?"
"It's okay!" she said.  "The party's just about to begin anyways!"

She was greeting everyone when she saw Giovani walk in the room.  Her heart started beating faster.  She didn't think he was going to come after the miserable movie.
He approached her, sidling closer.  "I'm really sorry about last night," he told her softly.  "I over-reacted. It's just..."
She turned away momentarily when she heard her name called behind her. 

"Hey Davina. Your hair looks awesome! What'd you do to it?" Willard asked, reaching out to play with her ponytail.
She heard Giovani make a choking noise behind her.
She nervously glanced between both guys, feeling pulled between them. 
Giovani stepped around her to stand next to Willard.  "Anyways, as I was saying," Giovani said, trying to snag Davina's attention.  "I really enjoyed the movie last night. We should do it again sometime!"
Not to be left out of the conversation, Willard stepped forward.  "I could take you to see Swollen Hearts. I've heard it's the year's best romance!" 
Giovani rolled his eyes and pinned Willard with a glare.  Seriously?!
Davina's gaze shot back and forth as the boys jockeyed for her attention until she finally jerked her attention to her feet.  "Umm... I'll be right back," she lied, slipping away into the kitchen.  She felt close to tears and she really didn't want to cry at her party!  Why were they acting like that?!
She was so glad when Remo came trotting over with his rope between his teeth.  "You want to play?" she asked softly, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye.  "Oh! I'm so glad I have you!"  She reached down and tugged on the rope, smiling when Remo yelped and began tugging ferociously.

Giovani watched Davina go and then turned on Willard.  "Why'd you keep interrupting me?" he demanded.  "Worried she'll forget about you?"

Willard's brows crashed down.  "I can talk to my friend!" he protested.

Giovani crossed his arms and gave the boy a pointed glare.  "And that's all you're gonna be - friends! Can't you see she'll choose me?"

Nicholas grabbed another drink, watching Benito play darts.  "Dang. This is good!" he said. 
"My turn!" Margaret Harris chirped, taking her position and throwing the dart.  The dart flew off wild and embedded itself in the wall.  "Whoops!" she giggled, turning and shooting an apologetic look towards Benito.
"Hey, don't worry about it! It's just the wall!" he told her magnanimously. 
Benito blinked when Margaret started fluttering her lashes at him.  You know, it might be the juice, but her eyes looked really pretty up close.  And... was she flirting with him?!  He tugged on his collar, feeling a little warm all of a sudden.  "Er...." he sputtered.
"Hey, Benito. Introduce me to your friend!" Nicholas slapped him on the shoulder, his gaze stuck on Margaret.
Benito frowned when he saw the way Nicholas was looking at Margaret.  For some weird reason, he didn't really want to introduce them! But, that would be totally lame of him. "Uh... this is Margaret," he wound up saying.  "And this is my friend, Nicholas."  He watched the two of them shake hands with a sinking feeling.

Nature called and he slipped away to the bathroom, leaving the two of them alone.
When he came out, he saw Margaret dancing with some other dude.

Nicholas shrugged.  "Guess we both missed out!" he joked.
Benito grabbed another drink and slammed it back, barely wincing when the juice hit him.  He looked away from Margaret happily dancing with that weird kid D'ina invited.  He must've been dreaming to think a chick like her could've liked a dude like him.

Completed Wishes:
Tearley: (Parents vacation)
Charity: (Parents vacation)
Davina: Talk to Tearley, Throw Teen party,
Benito: Pull of 5 pranks, Set 10 booby traps

*AN - Oh my gosh! Where to start?! Charity woke up at 2 am when Davina was brought home by the police & was wide awake after that.  She really did roll the wish to send Davina to boarding school, but thank goodness she didn't have an open wish slot!

Then, I was so busy following Benito around, I didn't even notice that poor Davina was electrocuted until I scrolled over & saw her - charred & playing with the dog. Lol!

Then, it was perfect time to set the next trap.  Benito set his trap and called Davina over to shower! Gotta wash that char off, right?  Pretty aqua!  I think it's going to stay like that for awhile! :) 

I decided to go ahead and send the parents off on that free vacation.  It was the weekend, so I thought it was the perfect timing to see what those teens get up to on their own! (I was NOT disappointed!)

Giovani & Willard actually fought over her attention!  The second Giovani finished his gossip, she turned and Willard flirted with her. You could see how impressed Giovani was! Lol.  Then, he joined the conversation and they each said something to her, often interrupting each other.  I was watching with bated breath! Lol. 

I'm kinda glad she chose Remo, though. :)  Poor girl needs a break from boy trouble!

Upstairs to see what Benito was doing - I was excited to see his new friend Nicholas hanging out with him.  And the pretty Margaret!  He tried to work on his 1st romance wish a little bit!

Unfortunately, between Nicholas' interruption & the need to pee - it looks like he must have lost his chance... for now!

AND.... next up is going to be my Dragon Valley intermission! Can't wait for that update!  :)