Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Chapter 2.47 - An Emergency Call...

Tearley was eager for the day to begin.  Today was Snowflake Day!
He couldn't wait for their gift giving party!

Davina slipped from the top bunk bed, bumping her head on the ceiling on her way down.
Snowflake Day!!

Charity was doing some last minute cleaning before their guests arrived.
"SON OF A....!!" she growled angrily when the faucet knob fell off, spewing water from the sink

She found him upstairs washing poor Remo.  Aw, so hard to stay mad at him.  She tiptoed from the bathroom.

She sighed as the water dripped from her pajamas. 
"Charity?" her husband smiled, coming towards her.
"Happy Snowflake Day!" he said, pulling her into his arms.
"Why are you so wet?" he asked, pulling back quickly. 

Charity pursed her lips & went cross-eyed.

The guests began arriving...

Willard walked from the room, intent on finding Davina.

Davina wasn't sure what to wear...

But it wasn't every day that a girl graduated!!

"Wait? Today is graduation day, too?" Davina asked anxiously. "What about our Snowflake Day plans?"

"Don't worry, sweetheart. They'll still be here when we get back!" Tearley said, patting his wife on the arm.

"Come on, let's all get back into our winterwear and get in the car!"

Davina waved to Willard as he drove away.
"Hey?! Where's everyone going?" Vickie Paloma asked, looking out the front window.  "Guess the party's over..."

"Is Dad coming?" Davina asked anxiously.

"Oh course, sweetheart. He's on his way."
*hobble* *hobble* *hobble*
It took Tearley awhile, but he finally settled in the backseat of the SUV.  Charity stroked his leg as Davina pressed the gas pedal a little harder.  "Guess we should've taught her to drive..."

Davina raced as quickly as she could to get to City Hall.  They were already running late.
Throwing the car in park, she bounced out of the car and raced up the hill, leaving her family behind her.
Tearley glanced up the hill and sighed wearily.  "More walking?" he grouched.

"Can't I just go in without him?" Davina begged, glancing behind her at the big double doors. 
"Davina O'Shea! Be patient!" Charity admonished her.  "We're not that late!"

Davina made a face and looked at the clock.  "Mom! We're an hour late! I'm going to miss graduation!"

"He'll be here momentarily!"

Goopy, Willard's older brother began making an igloo.

*hobble* *hobble* *hobble*


Tearley heard his daughter whining as he rounded the corner, leaning heavily on his cane.

"LOOK! There he is!" Charity announced brightly, sending her husband a wide smile.

"FINALLY!" Davina gasped, hurrying inside.
"Oh, look, an igloo!" Tearley said, sending a small little wave to Goopy.  "Well done, sir!"

Evening had fallen by the time graduation was done and over with.  "Davina, are you sure you want to read in there?" Tearley asked as he walked by the igloo. 

Charity called out to him. "I'm just going to finish this reading for work!"

"I'll see you at home then, sweetheart!"

"Not if I beat you there," Charity mumbled.  Really, Tearley was certainly taking a long time to get anywhere these days!

Giovani waited outside, hoping he might see Davina.
"Go on! SHOO!" Benito said, shooing Giovani away after he caught him peeping in the window.

After finishing her book, Charity headed home. 

The moment she walked through the door, she called for her family to open their gifts.
"I can't wait!" Davina said, clapping her hands together.  She loved Snowflake Day!  Too bad their holiday party had been cancelled because of graduation.
"Alright!" Benito cheered when he opened his present.
"Awesome! My own video gaming system!" he cheered. "Thanks Dad! Thanks Mom!"
Davina and Charity were chatting as Tearley stepped forward to pick his present.
A loud thump interrupted them.

Davina worriedly sat down next to her mother.  "Is Dad going to be okay?" she asked.

Charity reached over and squeezed her daughter's hand. "Of course sweetie. He's at the hospital now."
"What if he dies?" Davina asked, saying aloud her worst fear.
Charity blanched, choking on her emotions.
"He's not going to die, Davina!" she replied hotly.  "How could you even say something like that?!" 
Charity stood angrily and stormed away from her daughter.

"Mama, I'm sorry," Davina called softly.  She hadn't meant to worry her mother.  She just... she was worried...
Charity hurried into the bathroom and slammed the door, pacing back and forth in the small, cramped bathroom.  "He's not going to die!" Charity repeated to herself, almost as a mantra.
"Oh Plumbbob, what if he dies?" she asked aloud to herself before burying her face in her hands.

Work Completed:
Tearley- Throw Gift Giving party
Charity - nada
Davina- nada
Benito- nada

*AN - Oh. My. Goodness.  I kinda feel like today was an EPIC failure.  Lol.  But, in some ways, it turned out awesome!

What do you do on Snowflake Day? You throw a party! 

What do you do when your daughter has graduation?  Cancel the Gift Giving Party!  DOH!

And seriously - Tearley's cane was driving me NUTS! It took them TWO hours to get to City Hall! Lol.  I was actually worried she was going to miss it!

Then, hilariously - I found Giovani waiting outside their front door.  I assume he was making it to their Gift Giving party a little bit late.  Lol.  But, Benito shooed him away.  NOOOOO - go get your SISTER!  ARG!  You're KILLING me!!!

Then, I finally decided to give the gifts and send them to bed to end the awful day.  Nope. Tearley crashed out.  And then awesomely, he got called into the hospital to do a shift!  LOL

What a day!!

Chapter 2.46 - Birthday Wishes

Charity was so excited, and so very, very sad.  Today was Davina's birthday!  Her little girl wouldn't be so little anymore after this!

She checked the birthday e-vite to check the guestlist again. She'd limited their coworkers on the guestlist, only inviting long-time friends Emma Perry & Carlotta GilsCarbo.  All the other children were Davina and Tearley's friends - Willard, Giovani, Nathanael, Nicholas and Margaret. 
She spent the morning before work preparing the dining hall.  Everything was going to be perfect!

Davina woke up and couldn't keep the smile from her face.  It was her birthday!  She was going to be an adult and would be able to do whatever she wanted!
"Where are you going?" she called when Benito hurried from the room.

Benito shot her a wicked grin over his shoulder.  "Oh nowhere," he said gleefully.  "Just gonna work on your present!"

Even Remo gave her birthday hugs!

Charity was surprised when she ran into Michelle Harris outside the Science Facility.  "Is everything okay?" she asked her coworker.
"I want to talk about your son!" Michelle said with her hand upon her hip and an angry expression on her face.

Oh dear, this couldn't be good, Charity thought with a sinking feeling.  And the day had started out so promising.

Benito had been so into getting his present for Davina made, that he completely lost track of the time.
He was surprised when his Dad came into the hall.  He guiltily stuffed his beaker behind all the other empty beakers and tried to shoot his Dad an innocent look.

"WHAT do you THINK you're DOING?" Tearley asked grumpily.  "PLAYING with your mother's lab equipment?!"

Benito scrambled for an excuse, but got nothing...

"And I thought we talked about skipping school!"" he continued to rant.  "This is NOT acceptable behavior!"

"FINE! I was just going to school anyways!" Benito snapped angrily.  Geez, what was everyone getting upset about anyways?!  He'd always been an A-plus student.  It's not like his grades were suffering that much!  "GEEZ!"

Benito stormed to the front door, pausing only long enough to grab a small canvas bag with a few supplies...

He might have gone to school, but that didn't mean he had to GO to school!  Benito left his little mark on the school...
When a few kids started leaving, he decided it was time to head home.

After spending the morning puttering around the house, Tearley was finally ready to challenge his next ranked chess opponent.
While he waited for Dario DeLuca to arrive, Tearley made a small contribution to the Bella Beneficiaries.  He was a sucker for a good cause - especially when it had to do with a disappearance.  Perhaps Bella had found her Wishing Star...

"Long time no see!" Dario said as he came up the walkway, distracting Tearley from his musings.  "I've been boning up since we played last and am determined to reclaim my place in the competition!"

"After you," Tearley said, gesturing to the front door with a smile.
Although, as he hobbled after Dario, Tearley began to think he should move the chess table closer to the front door!

LOSTHe couldn't believe that he'd lost! Tearley thought, staring at the pieces and trying to imagine how he could've played differently.  He wanted to demand that Dario play again, but knew that Davina's party would be beginning... 

"Hey Davina!" Giovani called out, rushing to her side.

Davina stopped and drew in a quick breath.  Maybe tonight was the night he would kiss her!
"So?" he said awkwardly, pausing for an indeterminate amount of time that felt like ages to her.

Davina sighed and glanced away.  It was so frustrating trying to decide if Giovani liked her or not!  Sometimes she thought he had to like her and then other times, he acted like he couldn't stand her.
"Look, I don't have all night," she said tightly.  "I have to blow my birthday candles out!"

A look crossed Giovani's face.  "Then go blow your candles out!"

"I will!" Davina pouted mulishly, turning on her heel and stalking into the dining hall.
As she stepped up to the cake, Giovani called out that she was blowing out the candles.  Family, friends, and a few kids she didn't know well, came running to join in her celebration.
Before blowing out the candles, she made a wish.
I wish to find true love, she thought, her gaze straying across the crowded dining hall towards Giovani.
She felt his heated gaze upon her, as though she was the only woman in the world for him.
Willard clapped and cheered as Davina aged up, feeling his chest tighten when she gazed towards Giovani with that look in her eye.  The one that said they would never be more than friends...
Willard fled the room, bumping shoulders against Giovani - hard.

"I have a birthday present for you," Tearley told his daughter, slowly making his way towards her.  "Davina?"
Davina pulled her gaze from Giovani and faced her father distractedly. "Huh? What?"
Tearley smiled as he handed his daughter her present.  "It's always been my dream that you follow in my footsteps and become a doctor.  You have the aptitude for it!"

Davina stared at the anatomy skeleton her father handed her and winced slightly. "Er.. thanks, Dad!" she told him.  "I.. it's..." she trailed off, unable to burst his bubble. But she had absolutely no interest in being a doctor! She glanced towards Giovani again before quickly looking at her Dad.   "Thanks."

Tearley followed the direction of her gaze and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.  "I'll leave you to your party," he told her, stepping away.

Giovani crossed the distance between them in a few long strides.  "I thought he'd never leave!" he said, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck.  "Happy Birthday!" he said, in a voice pitched low enough to send a thrill racing through her.
"Thanks," she replied huskily, unable to draw her eyes away from his face.
"Davina... I..." Giovani struggled to find the words he wanted to say.

"Yes?" Davina asked anxiously. 
But, whatever he was going to say was cut short when Willard stepped back into the room.  "Hey Davina," he said before trailing to a stop.
"I... uh... forgot to say Happy Birthday earlier..." he trailed off.  He glanced at her anxiously.

Davina glanced between Willard and Giovani and felt the familiar tug to choose.  Her heart twisted painfully.
Feeling close to tears, she hurried from the room... alone.   She felt so childish, but she couldn't pick! 

"I can't believe our little girl is all grown up!" Charity said as she walked into the room.

Tearley was resting his leg and looked up as his wife walked into the room.  "I know," he said quietly.  "And I think she has a beau."

Charity raised an eyebrow.  "Willard or Giovani?" she asked.

Tearley's jaw dropped in shock as he glanced towards his wife.  "She's got two of them?!" he asked, aghast.
Charity chuckled as she joined her husband in their bed.  She stroked his arm and laid her head on his shoulder.  "She hasn't been able to choose between them yet."

Tearley puffed up.  "She should tell both of them no and become a doctor!"

Charity smiled.  "Although it's my fondest wish she would become a doctor, or maybe a scientist, you know in your heart that wouldn't make her happy!"

Tearley grumbled.  "I know," he admitted reluctantly.

Charity teased her husband from his morose mood.  "You know what would make me happy?" she asked, trailing her fingers along his stomach.

Tearley glanced up, all thoughts of his daughter evaporating from his mind. "What's that, my love?" he asked, already having a pretty good idea what would make his wife happy.


The night was long from over...
 "What are you doing in here?" Giovani asked after sneaking into Davina's room and finding Willard sitting in the rocking chair with a goofy grin on his face.
Willard jumped up from his perch and blushed furiously.  "NOTHING!"
Giovani followed Willard's gaze and saw the angelic Davina fast asleep.  He turned a furious glare towards Willard.  "PERV!"
"It's not like that!" Willard protested, racing from the room, completely demoralized and embarrassed.
"That's what I thought!" Giovani puffed up with indignation as he settled in the rocking chair and began his own vigil...

Completed Wishes:
Tearley- Donate some money, see Davina on Honor Roll, Give Davina a gift, Woohoo with Charity
Charity- Davina ages up well, Throw party for Davina
Davina- Hug Remo
Benito- Learn street art skill, Make potion

*AN - Holy autonomousity, Batman! I held my breath when Giovani ran up to Davina at her party - is he going to flirt so they can fall in love?  Nope, he wanted to complain - which in turn made Davina complain.  QUICK! Candles! Birthday cake! Quit arguing & tanking your relationship!  Lol

I loved how they seemed to gaze across the room at each other after their aging up.  Even better - Willard quit the field, running off after announcing he was tired.  Yes! Looks like the Davina-Giovani romance won - until Willard came running back in to interrupt them.  (WHERE DID YOU COME FROM WILLARD?!) 

The spell broken, Davina headed upstairs to bed.  DOH!

Even funnier when I went to check on her & discovered Willard and Giovani in her room.  To be fair, they were actually fighting over the rocking chair.  LOL.  But, oh my gosh - hilarious!

Just wanted to show off the brand spanking new Plant Stink Juice wish that Benito received.  Oh, this kid! Such a rebel!  I love that he wanted to learn the street art skill.  Poor school! It'll never be the same!

And, talk about high parental hopes! Sorry Tearley & Charity - Davina is NOT going to be a doctor. Lol!