Monday, February 20, 2017

Chapter 3.2 - Earning Some Street Cred

 Morning came and went...
...and Benito slept on, lulled to a deep sleep from the houseboat's gentle rocking.
 He probably would've slept the afternoon away if not for his phone ringing.
Groggily, he rolled over in bed, grabbing for the cell.

"Hullo?" he asked.

"Hi, Benito?" he heard an unfamiliar woman's voice on the line.

"Who's this?" he asked, opening his eyes and trying to see the number.

"Sorry... it's me... Aislara..." she said hesitantly.

And all of a sudden, it came back to Benito.  He wasn't in Monte Vista anymore...
He jerked out of bed. "Aislara... hey!" he said with enthusiastic greeting.  She was the only person he knew here in Isla Paradiso!  "I had fun last night!"

"Me too," she told him.  "Hey, so last night you mentioned you did street art.  Would you mind doing a wall mural for me for a promotional.  I could pay you!"

KA-CHING!  Benito needed some cash.  "Yeah! Sure!" 
They ironed out the details and he was on his way.

 Benito picked a spot catty-corner to the theater, on the exterior wall of the pub. 
A gold star with her name across the front.  That should help drum up some business!

On a roll, he headed over to the park and started another mural right in front of the theater.
"Aislara" he wrote in fancy bubble-letters.

Glancing around, he realized that there must be a summer fair going on.  Nothing like mixing business with pleasure!

He headed straight for the hot dog contest. 
"Alright! I won!" he crowed after wolfing down the pile of hotdogs.  "What'd I win?"
"So I came to redeem some festival tickets," he told the lady at the ticket booth.  "What can I get?"
 "Fireworks," she told him.

Benito rubbed his hands together with glee.  "AWESOME! I'll talk a few of each!" he told her eagerly.

Benito was still a prankster at heart.

He set the smoke bomb up next a few guys eating lunch at a picnic table.
Hurrying away, he covered his ears.
"ALRIGHT!" he cheered, pumping his fist as the smoke rose up, causing the guys to cough and sputter.  
NINJA VANISH! He made a quick exit to the photo booth so that he didn't get his butt kicked.
 And of course, what visit to a summer festival wouldn't be complete without some snow cones!
 Although, Benito surely could've chosen a better spot to enjoy his frosty treat...

As darkness fell, Benito headed over towards the skating rink.  He'd always wanted to try skating, but Monte Vista didn't have anything like this!
Not as easy as it looks, he thought as he slid out onto the skating rink.
"Whoa...." he gasped, jerking his hands to the side in a desperate attempt to stay upright.
Benito chucked the skates off and made it to flat land.  If man was supposed to skate on wheels on his feet, then by Plumbob, they would've been born with wheels on their feet!  He glanced back and watched the couple skate...
"Show offs," he muttered under his breath.

 Before he called it a night, he decided to have some fun.
He lit off the entire row of fireworks, hoping for a firework extravaganza...
He wasn't disappointed...

But, with a yawn, he decided it was time for bed.

Benito slid into the taxi, giving her his home address. 

"Did you see those fireworks?" the lady asked.  "Looked like someone went all out!"

Benito just smirked.

Completed wishes - Opportunity - Commissioned Street Art (earned $1000!), Enter Hot Dog Contest, Redeem Festival Tickets, Take Greeting Card Photo, Meet Celebrity (canceled), Light many firecrackers (canceled - not sure why it didn't work), Have Firework Extravaganza (canceled - not sure why it didn't work!)

Pending wishes - Earn new Rebel title, Complete 3 WALL murals, Improve celebrity

*AN - Yay! Benito found a way to earn some money & get out about town! I had him do the mural in the park because I thought his wish was to complete 3 murals.  Didn't realize it was supposed to be a wall mural until after it was done!  

I canceled celebrity stuff because I'm not sure I'm brave enough to deal with paparazzi! Also, I haven't seen any celebrities in Isla Paradiso yet! We'll see if some start popping up soon! 

I had a blast at the summer festival, actually completing the wishes he popped up.  Dragon Valley & Monte Vista didn't have fair grounds, so it was fun to play!  Normally I ignore all those wishes!  Not sure why light many firecrackers & firework extravaganza didn't work!  Maybe I was supposed to light many different firecrackers?  Who knows!  I didn't feel like figuring it out! 

So! Who knows what will happen tomorrow?! I have a feeling he's going to get up to no good getting that rebel title & tagging some walls! 😉

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Chapter 3.1 - Not In Monte Vista Anymore...

Whoa, was the first thing that Benito thought as he wobbly stood up.  Why the hell is the earth swaying?
A quick glance down semi-explained his question.  He was on a house boat.  Duh.
He spun around and scanned the horizon.  He didn't know of any places like this in Monte Vista...  And was that a palm tree? he thought distractedly. 

The tropical sun beat down on him.

Apparently he had more to worry about than stupid Margaret breaking his heart on prom night...
Pulling at his suit from the stupid formal, Benito shrugged out of his jacket and unbuttoned the top button.

So, apparently he should've listened more when his Dad talked about the Wishing Star.  He'd never really believed him.  Wave upon wave of realizations hit him.

1. His Dad had been telling the truth.  He was from another World called Dragon Valley. 
2. After wishing on the stars last night, he'd apparently been whisked away to another World himself.

And a big 3.  He had absolutely no f-ing clue where he was!
Blowing out a breath, he headed towards the dock.  There had to be a town nearby, he reasoned.  He'd just walk to the road and follow it into...
He paused a moment when he saw the chick running by.
It only took him a second to pull himself together and call after her.  "Hey! Hey lady!" he called out, muttering under his breath when she didn't stop.  Dangit, I'm gonna have to run after her, he thought sourly. 

He took off in a jog, breathing heavily after only a few moments. 
He was stunned when he actually caught up with the chick closer to town.  She'd slowed to a walk.  He hustled to catch up with her.
"Hey girl! HEY!" he hollered, waving his arms around like a loon.
The lady stopped and turned around, eyes wide as she regarded him.  "Did you just call me a girl?" she demanded with irritation.

Benito grimaced. "Sorry. I was trying to get your attention," he apologized as he got closer, trying hard to catch his breath. 

The lady quirked her eye at him.
Whoa, that pursed-lip, stern look was turning him on!  "Uh, can I start over?" he asked.  Margaret, who?  "I'm Benito. I, uh.... kinda got lost.  Where am I?"

He breathed a sigh of relief when she relaxed and shook his hand.  The air sizzled between them.

"I'm Aislara.  You must be a tourist," she said kindly.  "You can get a map of the town and arrange a guided tour at the City Hall."  She hooked a thumb behind her.  "How long do you plan to stay?"  She hoped she saw him again, which was strange because as a rule she generally avoided tourists.
Jason shrugged.  He had the sinking feeling that this was going to be a permanent move.  "Uh, no set plans," he said. 

Aislara quirked her eyebrow again at his reply.  Normally the tourists came for a week and then left.  It was interesting that this one would choose to stay.  And it meant that he would not be a tourist...   She eyed his sweat-stained formal attire and his tousled, wind-blown mint-green hair.
"Do you dye it?" she asked.

Benito chuckled.  "At least people are consistent no matter what World you wind up in," he muttered under his breath.

She cocked her head.  "What was that?"

Benito shook his head.  "Nothing!  Just a little disoriented this morning."
Aislara glanced away and the connection that had sparked between them sputtered.  "I should probably get going," she said, indicating her path was a separate way than his.  "Maybe I'll see you around."

"Yeah, hope so!" Benito said reluctantly walking away towards the City Hall.
Benito whistled in appreciation of the City Hall.  Nothing like Monte Vista, but pretty imposing in itself.
He was going to have to do some fancy talking.  But, hopefully he could get his bearings here in... oh damn, Aislara had never said what World he'd wound up in.  Hopefully there were some brochures here!
The tour guide had been thrilled to talk to him all about Isla Paradiso.  A tropical island!  He guessed if he had to wind up somewhere, the tropics were a pretty good place to be!  It was a pretty small, close-knit community. 

He'd asked her if there might be a place called Dragon Valley nearby, but she'd never heard of it.  She'd suggested heading to the library to see if there was more information there.
So here he was.  About to get an actual book and do some actual research in his attempt to figure out where in the World he was!
He found a small charisma booklet called the Isla Paradiso and flipped through the pages, scanning the local customs and sayings, but paying special attention to the maps.  He was pretty sure he knew enough to make a charming introduction now.  Too late for Aislara, he'd already made a bad first impression.

Frustrated, he slammed the book shut.  He wasn't a researcher!  He was a jack-ass jokester!  He leaned his head back and squeezed his eyes shut, as he breathed out a calming breath.

He wiped his hand across his face.  He was tired.  He should check out his new home.
On the way out, he was surprised to see her.  "Aislara!" he breathed with surprise. 

Aislara glanced up from the book she was reading and smiled widely.  "Hello again.  Did you find your way to the City Hall?"
"I sure did. Thanks! I would've wandering around for hours trying to figure out where to go!" he told her appreciatively.  His stomach rumbled.  "Uh, so maybe you'd like to grab a bite to eat?" he suggested hopefully.
Aislara considered it, hesitating momentarily, but then wound up shaking her head.  "I'm sorry, I just don't know you well enough yet," she said apologetically.

"Yeah, well how do you think you get to know a guy?" he joked. 

Aislara frowned.  "Maybe another time," she hedged.

"Yeah, sure, no problem!" he said with forced cheer. 
He beat a hasty exit.  He didn't need any other kicks to the gut while he was down and out.
Not too eager to walk home in the dark, he caught a taxi back to the place he started.  Since he wasn't sure about the house number, he told the driver the general road and promised to tell him when to stop.

"That's it! Right here!" he said, tapping on the back of the driver's seat.

The driver hit the brakes and brought the car to a shuddering stop.   "That'll be $15," he said dismissively.

Benito felt his empty pockets and winced.  "Uh," he stalled, frantically thinking about how to pay.  "Hey! What about my watch!" he asked, thrusting his wrist towards the driver.

Thankfully, the driver was open to bargaining.   Benito wound up with $75 in exchange for the watch.  He was totally robbed, though!  That watch had easily cost $150!

Benito opened the door to the house boat and stepped inside.  He remembered that his Dad said he'd waited for months to see if the owner of the house ever showed up.  But, it was as though the home was waiting for him.  He assumed that would be the case in this World.

Pretty generous Wishing Star, he chuckled as he dropped wearily into his seat.  Little bit of TV might help me relax, he thought, grabbing the remote and turning the TV set on.

Immediately a cooking channel came on and Benito winced.  It reminded him of watching the cooking shows with his Mom.  He closed his eyes.  Man, he was going to miss his family.  It kinda hurt to even think about never seeing them again.

"...And then you throw the pizza in the air, eh?" the chef was announcing with a fake italian accent. 

Benito's stomach rumbled again.
Hopping up, he searched his phone for a local delivery restaurant.
Then, he stared at his phone for a short while.  He really didn't want to be alone tonight.  Everything was just so... raw.  If he had to stay home alone by himself, he'd be crawling the walls in no time.

Aislara... he hesitated before he called her.  Although he didn't want to be alone, he also didn't want to get turned down again.
"Hey Aislara, it's me - Benito!  I just ordered a large supreme pizza and I'm going to need help eating it all!  I thought you might want to come over!"

There was quiet over the line as he held his breath, waiting for her answer.

She seemed to sigh, her words rushing together as she accepted, as though she was trying to hurry before she changed her mind.  "I'll see you soon," she promised.
"Yes!" Benito cheered, fist pumping the air after hanging up.  He slipped into the all-in-one-bathroom to freshen up.

"That'll be $35," the delivery driver said, passing over the pizza.  Benito handed over the change.  He would definitely need to think about getting a job.  Either that or he could start pawning off the furniture in the house boat!
A light knock sounded on the door.

"Come on in! It's open!" Benito called out as he set the pizza down on the countertop.
"Hi," Aislara said shyly, stepping inside hesitantly, as though she was already regretting coming over.
Benito took a deep whiff of the pizza.  "Mmm... smell that!" he moaned with delight.  "Come on, dig in!" 
His easy nature and natural charm won Aislara over.  She grabbed a slice and sat across from him at the table.
Benito took his first bite and then sighed, slightly let down.  "They call this pizza! This is frozen dough!" he complained.

Aislara laughed.  "You can tell that from your first bite?"

Benito wrinkled his nose. "Any self-respecting Mon..." he trailed off, aware that in this World, Monte Viste did not exist. 
"Mon... what? Is that where you're from?" Aislara asked.

Benito coughed into his hand.  "I meant, uh, any self-respecting MAN can tell the difference!"

Aislara rolled her eyes as she took another dainty bite.  "I can't tell the difference!" she told him.

"That's cause you're not a man!" he teased.

She chuckled.  "Touche!"
"Do you want to watch a movie?" Benito suggested when their meal was finished.  "Sorry, I guess I was feeling lonely tonight," he said apologetically.  "I'm not used to being in an empty house."

Aislara took pity on him, even though she loved being in an empty house.  "I love the solitude," she admitted shyly, taking a seat on the couch. 

"You pick the movie," Benito said, handing her the remote.

She quirked her brow.  "Are you sure?" she asked.

She picked a romantic comedy. 
 Benito watched it, but he didn't get why chicks digged movies like this.  They were just so... stupid!
"Ah!" Aislara sighed with contentment when the wayward groom got down on one knee before the bride and declared his love for her.
"Did ya like it?" he asked with a smile. He had to admit, he'd enjoyed watching her reactions.

Aislara blushed.  "I thought it was so romantic.  Especially when he showed up at the last minute and declared his love."  She glanced towards him.  "You think I'm silly!" she guessed.

Benito shook his head.  "No way! I'm a hopeless romantic!" he told her. 

"Really?" she asked, biting her lip.

Benito focused on her teeth against that lip and thought about kissing her. 

Aislara leaned towards him slightly, caught in the moment with him.
Suddenly, she jerked upright, apologizing profusely.  "I'm so sorry. I have to go. It's late!" she said in a rush.  She took a few steps away, jerking around. "Thank you for dinner. I had a wonderful time!"  With that said, she rushed away.

Benito chucked his jeans off and slid between the sheets of the bed. 
And somehow, despite the steady rocking of the boat, he managed to fall asleep.

Completed Wishes:
Benito - Learn Charisma Skill, Read Charisma Book, Watch TV, Order Pizza, Invite Someone Over

Pending Wishes:
Benito - Meet Celebrity, Improve Celebrity

*AN - WOOO HOOOO! Benito met a love interest on his first day!  And they really hit it off!  I think they would've talked all afternoon if I'd let them! But, he had some wishes to fulfill!

I was so happy he rolled the wish to invite someone over after talking to her at the library.  I was disappointed when she turned him down at the library, but pretty psyched that she accepted his invitation to come over for pizza.  Must've wanted pizza for dinner, even if it wasn't up to Monte Vist standards!

I used NRAAS porter this time around, so Benito actually came to the Island with all of his inventory items, $109,000 & all his previously earned skills.   Man, Tearley's generation would've been so easy if I'd started with all those logic points he'd already accrued!  I knocked Benito down to $9,000 so he doesn't have too easy of a time & nuked a lot of the things in his inventory, only keeping his King of Prom crown.  Maybe he can pawn that off later! ;)

Also, I was so disappointed - one of his first wishes was to buy a motorcycle. But apparently you cannot have a motorcycle on a houseboat!  This is maybe my second time playing Isla Paradiso, so it should be fun!  I didn't really play Maritza & her family (from Hiding Out In Sunset Valley), just staged them.  So, I'm looking forward to figuring out how this World works!

For the celebrity level - I have absolutely no clue who the celebrities are in this World. I was kind of hoping that Aislara would be one since she was in the music industry.  *big sigh*  *cross fingers*  We'll see how that goes!!