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Chapter 3.4 - Gotta Stop Meeting Like This!

Benito slept in crazy late the next morning after staying up so late with Aislara.  She was like his best friend in this place!    

He woke up slowly, blinking his eyes as the afternoon sunlight poured in through the windows.  Too bright, he thought sourly as he squeezed his eyes shut again.

Then his stomach rumbled.

Sighing with regret, he pushed his blanket down and got out of his warm bed.

Fed and showered, he headed outside and snagged the local paper.  He frowned at all the old newspapers.   Man, he should really spend a little time around the house cleaning up sometime.  

Later, though, he shrugged, carrying in the newest paper.
Plopping down on the sofa, he eyed the classifieds.  He'd been here long enough & it was probably time to quit goofing off.  He was already in trouble with the polizia!  He should probably see about getting a real job, like a grown-up.

Kitchen Scullion at the local bistro.  Interesting, but he didn't really want to cook for a living.  Coffee Currier, he scoffed rebelliously.  No thank you! He wasn't a boot licker!  There had to be something on this island that he could do to make money!

Then he saw it.  Background Extra.  "Now that's more like it!" he said, smacking the paper with his hand.  He smiled when he remembered the family story about the townspeople mistaking his Dad for a big wig actor when he'd first transported to Monte Vista! 

Eagerly, he called up the number listed and applied. 

The bored sounding lady on the other side of the phone only asked a few questions.  It was apparent they weren't being really picky.  They'd call him in for a reading soon.   "Be sure to have some scenes prepared to read," she told him before hanging up.
Benito was crazy excited.  He hurriedly dressed, then sprinted down the pier, taking a moment to gaze up at the movie studio at the top of the vista.

He headed straight to the library.  He thumbed through some books, looking for the perfect stuff to read.  With a sigh of disgust, he put one book back in place and grabbed another.

It was hard work finding something that would make him stand out.   
Grimacing, he took the book he'd plucked at random from the shelf and dropped down in a nearby seat.   He flipped through the first chapter, glancing at the headlines.  Boring, boring, boring... boring
And then the hottie sat down next to him.  Benito's interest in the charisma book dropped to zilch.  The chick was majorly hot.

He cleared his throat and tried to make eye contact. 

She didn't even look up.
Benito made a big show of sighing as he got up and put his book away.  "Oh, sorry, didn't mean to interrupt you," he said when she happened to glance up.

She smiled a disinterested smile and started to turn back to her book.
Benito pushed on.  "I'm Benito O'Shea.  New to town.  Trying to meet some people!" he told her with a charming smile.

The hottie gamely set her book aside and greeted him.  "Gabrielle," she said, her voice husky and smooth. 
He reached for something else to say that might impress her. 

"Well, maybe I'll see you around," she drawled, turning back to her book.
Benito watched her tune him out, kicking himself for botching it.   He was just debating whether he should try to approach her again when he heard Aislara's soft voice behind him.

"Benito?  Is that you?"
He turned, grinning when he saw her walk towards him.  "Hey! I didn't know you were headed this way!" he said her, genuinely glad to see her.

Aislara smiled.  "I thought I heard your loud voice when I walked in!"
Benito glanced over towards the hottie.  "Yeah, I was just getting to know a few people," he said casually, not wanting to cop to the fact that he'd totally struck out. 

And then he had the best idea in the world!
"I had a really fun time last night," he said, lowering his voice and taking a step closer to her. 

Chicks were territorial, right?  So if he flirted with Aislara, maybe it would make Gabrielle notice him!  It wasn't like Aislara was interested in him, anyway!  She could be his wing-girl!
He shot a glance out of the side of his eye and noted Gabrielle was still reading her dumb book.

But, Aislara gasped, her lips forming a perfect O in surprise. 
"Uh, hold up," he said, grabbing his phone from his pocket. 
Aislara's mind raced and her pulse fluttered as Benito took his call.

"Uh... yeah?" he said, pausing as he listened to the female on the other line.  He cleared his throat and shot Aislara an apologetic look.  "Yeah, I guess I could do that," he finally acknowledged, followed quickly by.  "You sure that's a good idea?"  He sighed heavily at whatever the reply was and finished the conversation with a dubious. "Alrighty then."
"What in the world was that?" she asked.

Benito rubbed the back of his neck with embarrassment.  Officer Cruz just called with a chance to score some points by teaching an "art class" at the middle school.  Apparently I'm supposed to give a speech about how graffiti is bad."  He chuckled.  "I'm supposed to be the poster boy for doing the right thing, go figure!"

Aislara nodded, feeling unsure of herself.
"So? Where were we?" he asked, meeting her gaze with a soft smile. 

Because Aislara's soft gasp after he'd flirted with her had sealed the deal.  He'd figured she'd slotted him firmly in the "just friends" category after he'd first wound up in town.  But, she wasn't as immune to him as he'd originally thought.
She was sputtering, babbling about how they had to stop meeting in the library like this when he leaned forward and kissed her.

Man! That felt good!

He watched the blush ride high on her cheeks.  "Wanna get out of here?" he asked.

Aislara nodded.

They wound up at the town fair. 

"I don't know about this," Benito said as he shakily skated out onto the rink.  "I'm not really good at this!"

"Just slide one foot in front of the other, like this," Aislara said, gliding gracefully on her skates.

"I dunno," he said dubiously, trying to mimic her moves, flailing his arms wildly as he struggled to stay upright.
"Here! Grab my hands," she said, reaching for his hands and twirling him around in a circle with her. 

Benito's heart soared at the feeling of Aislara's hands clutched in his own. 

He could really fall for her!
And then his feet literally fell out from under him. 

Benito groaned, laid flat on the rink while Aislara giggled.  "Told you this wasn't a good idea," he'd grumbled good-naturedly.  It was almost worth the bum knee to hear her laugh.

"So? What now?" Aislara asked hesitantly as, as they stepped from the rink. "Is this a date? Are we just friends?" 

Benito's jaw dropped.  How could she not know how he felt about her?

Sprinting in front of her, he placed his hand to his mouth and called out loudly, "My name is Benito O'Shea and I am CRAZY about Aislara!"

Aislara covered her mouth in shock and surprise, feeling embarrassed when everyone turned to glance at them.  "Shhh!!!" she motioned to him.   

He winked.  "I can't help it.  I just gotta proclaim my feelings for you, girl!" He cupped his mouth again, ready to yell out to the crowd again when Aislara grabbed his arm and dragged him away.

"You're embarrassing me!" she giggled.  "But, I get it.  You like me."

"Wanna look at the stars with me?" Benito asked, sitting down and reaching his hand out for her to join him. 

Aislara leaned back, resting her shoulder on his.  "This is nice," she told him.

Benito stared up at the stars, thinking about his Wishing Star and how it led him straight to Aislara.  His throat felt thick with emotion.  All that teenage angst about Margaret and whether or not she liked him had been pointless. 

This is where his heart belonged.

"Yeah, real nice," he finally agreed, kissing her head as it rested on his shoulder.   "Really nice."


Completed Wishes: Cancel Increase Rebel Influence, Read a Charisma Book, Join Film Career, Use Megaphone, Go on a Date with Aislara, Watch Stars with Aislara

Pending Wishes: Kiss Aislara, Improve Charisma, Gain Celebrity Level

*AN - Benito nearly slept the day away!  I'm glad to finally get him gainfully employed! I've been having too much fun letting him kick it on the island!  

He headed to the library to read that charisma book & I was surprised to see Gabrielle come inside.  It looked like he was attracted to her, too! So, since he wanted to improve his charisma, I had him chat her up.  But, it turned out they didn't have any attraction.  Guess why his attraction meter was going crazy - that's right! Aislara had snuck in! Lol.

So, I was happy when she came over to chat with him.  Even better was when he autonomously flirted with her right before his opportunity phone call.  Happily, they jumped right back into having a good time and he wished to have a date with her. Nice!

Unfortunately, he couldn't improve his charisma because he needs another friend - the lonely guy.  Hopefully that will resolve itself when he meets someone at work!

I got the wish to use the megaphone, so he proclaimed his love.  Just FYI - that does not fulfill the megaphone wish! So annoying!  I'm claiming it fulfilled anyways. :)

Hopefully Benito will move fast because Aislara is already an adult & if she's his soulmate - I want them to have some kids!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Chapter 3.3 - I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me...

Benito woke up rearing and ready to go.  He had things to do, people to see.. and...
...a quick trip in the all-in-one & he was out the door.
He was still getting used to the water taxis.  It was kinda cool to jump on a boat and head out on the water...

Aislara had told him about this cool little cafe on the Bella Vista island.  Rebecca's Cafe.
He pulled out his street art kit & sketched out the spot for his mural.  Glancing across the way, he spotted the barista.  Ah man, she was cute! he thought distractedly.
When his stomach growled, he decided he'd hang around and grab a brownie and chat with her. 
Only, that wasn't the way the morning turned out.

"Dammit," he cursed under his breath.  "Polizia!"  Glancing up, he tried a charming smile.  "Morning officer, care for a nice kona?"
"Hands behind your head!" the officer called sternly, obviously oblivious to Benito's charming ways.
 "This way, sir," the officer said, leading Benito to his car with his hands cuffed behind his back.  He cast a hang-dog expression towards the barista chick, embarrassed she had seen him getting arrested.  When she huffed and glanced away, he figured that she must've called the police on him.  So much for gratitude! he chuckled.
Officer Cruz dropped him off at his place and reached to undo the cuffs.
"Police brutality!" Benito called out immediately when he felt the officer handle him a little more forcefully than was required.  "Did anyone see that?!"
"Kid! You can't just go around spray painting whatever you want," Bernardo Cruz said gruffly.  "There's rules in place for a reason."
Benito backpedaled.  "All right, all right. I'm sorry. I won't do it again!" he swore, shifting his hand behind his back and crossing his fingers.  He very well might do it again....

Officer Cruz gave him the stink eye.  "I've got my eye on you, kid!"
Well after Officer Cruz left, he sent out an insulting text then quickly blocked the number.  
Benito stood on the side of the road and ranted about conformity, using his megaphone to schedule announce loud and clear that he would be leading a protest at City Hall about the deplorable police practices. 

Everyone should be able to live their life the way they wanted to live their life.  What did a wall mural hurt?  Nothing, that's what!  "And people shouldn't be arrested or looked down upon for expressing their artistic... expression," he trailed off.
Hoping into a cab, he headed down to City Hall, hoping to see lots of people gathering.
 He headed to a prime location.
Definitely a prime location.
And started ranting.  For what felt like hours.  And he kept waiting for more people to join him.
"Dang, I'm hungry," he thought, dropping his sign on the ground.  He hadn't grabbed breakfast this morning and he felt like he was about to pass out from lack of food.  Heck, he hadn't intended to start a hunger strike!
He glanced around, glad that no one was around.  But, maybe before he left, he could leave City Hall with a little piece of Benito... 

He taped off a small section...
He turned and saw an officer running towards him.  "Dammit," he swore, dropping the spray paint on the ground.  They really were watching him!  He got all prepared for his defense when...
What the hell was the crazy chick doing?
Benito's heart sang.  She was singing his song! He'd never wanted to meet a lady more in his life!
Just when he stepped up to to the microphone to commend her bravery for joining his cause, she ran off. 
"And let that be a lesson to everyone on how to live your life to the fullest!" he said into the mic.  "You can't hide behind excuses if there's a wrong to right!"

Stepping down from the podium, he let out a relieved sigh.  His protest was over and it'd gone pretty well, if you asked him.  He was just glad he could make a difference...  
"Hey Aislara! You should've been here, girl! I was really on a roll!" Benito announced after shooting her a quick text.  "Wanna meet at Paradise Pub?"

"Sure," Aislara said.  "You can tell me all about it when I get there."
Benito grinned as he hotfooted it across the town plaza.

"Hey, can I get some grub around here?" Benito asked, sliding onto the bar stool and grinning at the bartender.  

"What do you want?" she asked, flipping a menu down in front of me.

"Eh! Just surprise me!" he told her with a grin.
"Coming right up," she said, disinterested.

"Hey Benito," Aislara said, striding into the pub in her easy-going, confident manner.  He seriously didn't understand why she wasn't a celebrity yet.  She was totally awesome! 
The bartender dropped a plate of hot wings in front of him & Benito salivated.  "You gotta try these!" he told her.

Aislara eyed his wings skeptically.  "I'll have some chicken strips," she announced, handing the menu back to the bartender.

"Without the sauce? Man! That's weak!" Benito teased her.  

"So what was your big news?" she asked, twirling around on her seat, turning to face him.
"Oh man! It was a crazy day! First I got detained by Officer Cruz & then I started a protest down at City Hall about the police.  I mean, seriously!"
 "Oh my plumbbob, Benito, you did  what?!" Aislara asked in shock.

"Dude, you would've protested, too! Those handcuffs hurt!" he complained, then suddenly brightened.  "Maybe I should start a protest  about cuffing people! what do you think?"

Aislara laughed.  "You are crazy!"
 "Yeah, but what are you, then? You're like almost my best friend!" he teased.

Aislara shook head.  "I don't even want to think about that," she sighed.
"Wanna come over to my place and watch a show?" Benito asked, changing the subject.
"Sure, sounds fun," she said with a smile.
"Righteous!"  He was so stoked Aislara was coming over.  She was like his only friend on the Island!

 Benito and Aislara headed back to his houseboat. 
"Come on in & make yourself comfortable!" Benito said, grabbing the remote.  "Sorry, I haven't cleaned up for awhile. Been a busy few days!"

Aislara eyed the faded newspapers. "Well, at least there's not a stack of dirty dishes," she commented.

"Psh! That's because I don't really eat here!" he joked.  "Pizza and eat out!"
He fell back on the couch and patted the spot next to him.  "Come on, pull up a chair," he said, flicking the tv on.  "What do you want to watch?" he asked, thumbing through the channels every few seconds before settling on a reality cooking show.
"A cooking show? Really?" 
Benito grinned ruefully.  "Yeah, I used to watch these with my mom," he said, feeling a little more homesick than usual.

Aislara glanced at him.  "I'm sorry, you haven't really mentioned your family before," she said carefully.  "Has she passed?"

Benito frowned.  "No.  They're just..." he thought about how to explain before finally giving up.  "They're just really far away..."
Standing up, Benito scrubbed his hand over his face.  "I'm sorry, I'm gonna hit the hay. You're more than welcome to take the couch if you wanna crash here."

Aislara gazed at him with such pity and understanding, it made him feel a little weird.  "I'll probably head home," she told him.  "See you soon, my good friend," she teased playfully.

"See you soon," Benito said as he crawled into bed.

Completed Wishes: Send Insulting Text to Bernard Cruz (police officer), Use Megaphone (rant about conforming), Gain a Rebel Influence, Become Good Friends with Aislara, Canceled Tag 3 Wall Murals

Pending Wishes: Join Film Career, Read a Charisma Book, Gain a Rebel Influence, Increase Celebrity Star Level
*AN:  I couldn't believe Benito got arrested! Dang it! Although, I've got to admit, it was hilarious seeing him roll the want to send a text to Police Officer Cruz.  Of course it was going to be an insulting text.  But, Benito's no dummy - he blocked the number... ;)  Lol

First time using the megaphone & wasn't sure how to do it.  Setting up a protest did not count as using it, unfortunately.  So, I followed that up with the ranting about conformity.

I laughed my ass off when he headed over to City Hall in the waaaaaay back to start his protest.  Maybe he was worried about Officer Cruz?

Even better was when the lady cop showed up.  I thought he was about to get detained again since there was still the alligator eyes icon "being watched."  But no, apparently Rose has got some issues with her own department.  I really wished that Benito had been able to meet her officially.  Apparently he's going to have to start breaking the law a little bit more! Lol.

And yeah - he texted Aislara autonomously and then wanted to be Good Friends with her.  I canceled out the Tag 3 Wall Murals and sent him over to meet her at the pub.  Too bad they haven't had any romantic interactions yet!

I guess there's always tomorrow right?  And I have to get him back over to the Cafe to meet the Barista.  Her name is Minnie Moose.  With a name like that she's GOT to be in my story, right? :)  Lol