Friday, June 2, 2017

Chapter 3.5 - Score Some Herb?

Benito was looking forward to sleeping in again.
He was surprised by the sharp knock on the door early in the morning.  "REPO CO.!" he heard a woman announced before barging in.
"Whoa!" Benito said, jumping from bed, clad only in his boxers.  "You can't just come in here!"

The Repo Lady glanced around the room, looking for something that would cover his bills.   "This looks like it'll do it," she said, grabbing the lamp.
Benito watched her leave, his jaw dropped open wide, sputtering.  "Dude! That's it?" he called to her back.  "I don't pay my bill and you take a lamp?"  Shaka Bra.  "Awesome! I'm never paying bills again!"

Now that he was up, what was he supposed to do?
He headed down to the middle school.  Might as well do his time for the polizia.

When he got in front of the class, he pulled out his Street Art bag.  "When you get old enough, you can buy one of these at any local store," he told them, then reached into the bag and pulled out the spray paint.

"The difference between a tag and a mural is pretty simple when you're getting started.  But, if you practice, you'll get the hang of it in no time."

The teacher cleared her throat.

"Hey! Maybe I can give you an example!" he said brightly.

He was surprised when the teacher ended his speech so quickly.  He was really making a good impression on those kids!  

The moment he stepped out of the double wide doors, he wondered where Aislara was...
Then he glanced across the way and saw her.

(AN: Seriously. When he stepped out, I typed 'whereis Aislara' and it moved 10 feet in front of him. Lol.  Aislara is a STALKER!)
In a moment, he was across the space dividing them, pulling her into his arms for a scorching kiss.
"Last night was amazing," she said breathlessly, causing Benito's heart to thump against his chest. 

Plumbob, the way this woman made me feel, he thought in awe. 
With a laugh, he shouted out to the little school kids exiting the building, "I LOVE THIS WOMAN!"

(AN:  Ah ha ha! He randomly started ranting about love & relationships.  Even better, Aislara just stood by and found other things to do.)
With a smile on her face, Aislara let Benito get it out of his system.  She was going to have to get used to his style of effusive romance.
When Benito was finished scaring the school kids, Benito turned back to Aislara, grinning from ear to ear.  He was on top of the world.  "Come on, let's go for a drive," he told her, motioning towards the cab. 

He felt like such a rebel.
Once in, he leaned over and whispered, "You know where to score any herb?"

Aislara smirked and nodded slightly.

"Let's go then!"

The cab dropped them off at the grocery store.  "Maybe I should go in," she whispered as they headed up.
"No way, girl.  I've got it.  Just ask for Tito.  Easy peasy," he told her. 
Aislara sighed as she watched Benito head into the store.  She just hoped Tito would want to talk to him!  Why did Benito always want to do everything himself? 
She was surprised to see Benito rush out of the store.  "Come on! Let's go!" he said, flagging down a cab. 

Aislara glanced at the store and then back to Benito, sprinting to catch up with him just as Tito came charging out the front door, yelling.

"Oh my... what did you do?!" she gasped.

Benito dove into the cab and tugged her in.  "Oh, nothing!" he said innocently. 

Benito was starvingAnd he couldn't wait to sprinkle some herb on their meal! "Thanks for the pizza," he said, tipping the delivery chick.  "Thanks for being so quick."

"No problem. Have a nice night!" she said enthusiastically as she headed back down the pier.

"Oh, I will!" Benito mumbled under his breath, kicking the door shut as he went inside.
"Buon appetito!" he called out, sprinkling some cinnamon on the large supreme pizza. 

Benito grabbed a slice and headed to the table to hang with Aislara.  "What do you think?" he asked, watching her face carefully.  There were some people that swore cinnamon was an aphrodisiac.  It's specifically why he'd picked that herb.  He wouldn't mind getting it on with Aislara!

Aislara grinned at him as she took a tentative bite.  "Why is it so dark in here?"

Benito pursed his lips and glanced around.  "Eh. Repo man. Sure hope I do good on that movie & film interview!"

After dinner, they agreed to watch tv, settling down on the couch, side by side.  Bentio kept glancing at her, longing to sling his arm around her, but not really knowing if that would be too forward.
To make matters worse, she picked a chick flick again.  Benito watched, wondering why on earth the blonde fell for the guy that dumped his fiance for her.  Didn't she know that wasn't the best way to start a relationship?  He scoffed, jumping up to grab the dirty dishes on the table. 
I totally don't understand girls, he thought as he dumped the plates in the sink to soak.  He shook the bubbles off his hands.  "So? Did she finally wise up?" he asked.
When she didn't answer, he glanced over his shoulder.  Aislara had slipped to sleep, her hands cradled under her cheek.  Plumbbob, she looked like an angel.
Benito longed to slip onto the couch beside her, but wasn't quite sure they were there on the relationship.  Besides, that couch was wicked small.  With a sigh, he slipped into his bed.
Only about 2 hours before his interview...

Completed:  complete Opportunity, kiss Aislara, gain rebel influence, group up with Aislara, use herb on meal

Pending Wishes: have 2 friends, improve charisma, group up with Aislara, improve celebrity level

*AN - Woo hoo! Benito's love life is certainly taking an upswing! I have absolutely no idea what Aislara was doing at the school, unless maybe she was going to skill on painting or something! That was so awesome! 

And since he autonomously ranted about love & relationships, he gained rebel influence & wanted some herb.  ;)  My daughter suggested cinnamon because it was supposed to influence romance.  I was disappointed they both just puked.  Not very romantic to me!

So glad he threw another wish to group up with Aislara right before bed!  We'll be seeing her again soon!

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  1. Oops. Sometimes (its random) they just get herb sickness. Thats always a bummer! Benito needs to move it, Aislara isn't getting any younger and we need Benito babies! Otherwise we'll have to go spend the rest of the wishes with Davina's kids. I want her to choose Wilbur!