Sunday, June 4, 2017

Chapter 3.6 - Casting Calls

Benito woke up to get ready for his first day on the set at god-awful 5 am.  Who knew the morning casting calls would be so dang early?!
He yawned loud and long as he stumbled from his warm, cozy bed.
And then he saw her there, curled up on his couch.
 Aislara!  She looked even more beautiful in the morning light. 

Gently he shook her foot.  "Hey babe, I gotta head into the studio. Stay here until I get back, okay?"

Aislara mumbled something sleepily, causing Benito to chuckle before leaning down to kiss the top of her head.  "See you soon," he promised.

Outside, he hustled to catch his carpool. 
Didn't want to disappoint the powers that be on his first day!

Aislara blinked slowly as she sat up.  She wondered how long Benito would be gone this morning...

  Aislara watched tv for a little bit before sighing from boredom.
She was still a little tired from staying up so late.  While the credits rolled, she laid back down to take a little nap.

It felt like hours later before the star of the show arrived.  Benito hung out with Matthew Mango on the set, goofing off and killing time.
He was floored when she turned out to be none other than Gabriella Arias!

 "All right, crew! Let's get to work!" the director called out sharply.  "Time is money!"

 Aislara thumbed through a library book she brought with her. 
Then, fiddled around with Benito's gaming system. 

Finally! Benito thought as he burst through the double doors.  "See ya later!" he called to Matthew.   He raised his hand in farewell before hurrying to catch his carpool.
He couldn't wait to see Aislara.  
Please let her have stayed... please let her have stayed, he chanted anxiously in his mind.
 The door swung open and revealed an empty room.

"Damn," he thought with disappointment.  He wondered how long she stayed.   He checked his watch and saw that it was about 2 pm, so her shift at the theater would just be beginning.  He could take an afternoon nap and catch up with her later...
Sleep sounded awesome, he grinned as he slipped between the covers and pulled the pillow over his head.

 The afternoon sped by, soon turning to night.
 Aislara hummed as she left work. 
Her carpool dropped her off right in front of Benito's place.  She smiled, wondering if he was at home.
She considered giving him a call, but held back.  They'd been spending so much time together - he might need some time to recoup.
Decision made, she headed home.

Benito heard a motor roar by, pulling him from his dreams, predominantly featuring the lovely Aislara.  He had to adjust his boxers when he got up. 
 Just a quick dinner of leftover pizza and then he'd head out to her place!
He couldn't wait to see her!

"WOW!" Benito whistled under his breath when he saw Aislara's place.  Why weren't they hanging out here, rather than his little houseboat?

Aislara seemed surprised to see him.  She fussed with her hair before stepping outside to greet him.

"Is it okay that I dropped by?" he asked.

Aislara smiled hesitantly.  "Sure," she told him.  "It's just been a long day!"

"Boy, tell me about it!" he said, following her inside.  "Wow! Great place!"
Aislara shifted nervously in the living room.  "Thanks," she said.

"Hey, are you sure you want to hang out?" Benito asked worriedly. "I can always boogey home," he promised, catching a weird vibe from his girl.

"No, no! I'm fine!" Aislara swore quickly.  "I want to hang out!"

Benito grinned.  "Awesome! So what do you wanna do first? Watch some chick flicks?" he asked with a sexy wink.

Aislara nibbled her lip.  "Umm... can you give me a second?" she asked softly.  "I'm just gonna..." she motioned upstairs. "I'll be right back down," she added hurriedly.

"Yeah sure, babe. I'll see you in a little bit, 'k?" he grabbed the remote and started flipping through the channels as Aislara raced upstairs.

Benito waited for Aislara to come back down.
But. she seemed to have been delayed...

Then, all of a sudden, she called down to him from upstairs.  "Uh, Benito? I think it's time to go!"
"Oh! Okay!" Benito called up the stairs.  "Can I come..."

"No!" she called out in a panicked tone. "I'm just... I'll see you tomorrow!"

Benito headed towards the door, feeling a little silly for coming over.  "Sure thing," he called up.  "Guess I'll see you later!"

Maybe she wasn't as in to him as he was into her, he worriedAlthough he seemed so confident and brash, underneath, he was still hurting from the games Margaret had played.  Maybe it was time to look elsewhere for love, he wondered with a pang.  He didn't want to get hurt again...

Completed wishes: group up with Aislara

Pending wishes: have 2 friends, Improve charisma, gain celebrity level, watch a movie

AN:  Oh my gosh! What a completely unproductive day!  I think Benito & Aislara were both exhausted from staying up way too late the night before!  At least Benito got a nice, long nap in.  But, they didn't hang out with each other at Aislara's place. I thought it was hilarious that they watched different tvs.  Get it together, guys!

I also loved that she stayed at his place until about 2 pm, when she headed off to work.  Too bad she didn't have the day off!  That would've been kind of cool if she'd been there when he got home.

Also laughed to discover that Gabrielle was his co-worker! No wonder she was so snobby at the library! Guess who's going to be Benito's 2nd friend! Maybe Gabrielle & Benito will catch a movie tomorrow!

By the way - Benito actually had a positive mood effect from eating the cinnamon-laced pizza! I was disappointed it didn't make him more amorous with Aislara! :(  Boo!!!

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