Sunday, June 4, 2017

Chapter 3.7 - New Threads

The morning sun was just starting to rise as Benito made his way home from a disappointing night at Aislara's.

It never failed.  He threw himself head long into a relationship and then was gutted when it didn't work out.  It was like he was a freaking hopeless romantic!, he thought with disgust.

Stumbling across the room, he flopped back on the bed and took a nap. 
A couple hours later, when he was feeling more refreshed, Benito was ready to make some plans.  But who was he going to hang out with?  Aislara was pretty much his only friend here in Isla Paridiso!

He looked at his sparse contacts, eyeing the new name on his phone.  He hemmed and hawed before he finally gave in & texted her.  

After a terse reply, he counted himself as lucky that the budding starlet even agreed to meet with him.  Benito raced from his house, eager to make a new friend.
It helped that he'd told her he wanted to get some new clothes!

Benito stepped through the glass doors and nearly melted.

"Hi! I'm Hinni Hashini!" she greeted him, bubbly and sweet.  "How can I help you?"
"I'm Benito O'Shea," he said in greeting.  "I was hoping to get some new threads!"  He glanced ruefully down at his formalwear from prom.

Hinni smiled.  "I can totally help you with that!" she said flirtatiously, with a little wink.  "What's our budget?"  She worked off of commission, after all!

"Umm..." Benito made a face.  "Er... maybe $100," he said apologetically.  "Sorry, just got a job!"

Hinni's face fell.  "Oh, well, that's okay," she said.  Glancing behind him, her eyes widened in surprise.  "Oooooooo myyyyyyyy goodness!" she whispered excitedly. "Is that Gabrielle Arias? Omigod! Omigod! I can't believe she came here!"
 Benito checked over his shoulder and smiled.  "Oh, yeah. I invited her over," he replied easily.  "Wanna meet her?"

Hinni clutched his arm. "Omigod! You can introduce me? Omigod! I'll love you forever!"

"Sure, come on!" he said, leading her outside.
"Hey Gabrielle, thanks for meeting me! I could sure use some advice on my new wardrobe!" Benito said, "By the way, this is the stylist..."

"Wait," Gabrielle interrupted, "You brought me out here to buy clothes for you?" she asked with surprise.

"Uh, yeah," Benito said slowly.
A pissy look crossed over Gabrielle's face.  "Lame!" she complained with pursed lips.  "I'm outta here!"

Hinni gaped as the starlet left before turning back to Benito.  "Oh my gosh! Unreal!" she said with awe.  "I met Gabrielle Arias! I can't wait until I tell my friends!"

Benito watched Gabrielle retreat, surprised by the brush off.  "Yeah... I guess..." he said with real disappointment.  So much for making friends with her!  Gabrielle was a little too snobby for his tastes!

Hinni grabbed his arm and tugged him inside.  "Come on, I'm gonna make you look like a million bucks!" she told him happily.

 "Hmmm...." she said, tapping her finger against her pursed lips.
 "Turn around again," she told him again, motioning for him to whirl. 

"TA-DA!" she announced, spinning him around to check himself out in the mirror.  "What do you think?" she asked anxiously.
 "Shaka Bra!" Hinni cheered. 

"So," Benito said cautiously.  "When do you get off?"
Hinni fluttered her eyelashes flirtatiously. "Why do you wanna know?" 
"I was thinking maybe we can go out, maybe watch a movie or something.  I dunno," he replied with a shrug.
 Hinni giggled.  "Movies aren't playing this late," she told him.  "Maybe next time, though?"
 "So what's there to do in this town?" he asked.  "I'm still kinda new to the island.  I'm looking for some friends to party with..."
Hinni cast him a speaking glance, her eyes sparking with mischief before sashaying from the salon.  "Then you should definitely give me a call sometime.  We can party together!" 

 Benito watched her leave, appreciating the way her skirt flounced with every step.

"Oh! I'll definitely be calling you!" he promised.

She turned and winked at him.  "Good. I can't wait!" she giggled.
Benito left the place with a pep in his step, despite his exhaustion.  Not only had he made an unexpected friend today, but he was pretty sure she was into him! 

And to think he'd been all depressed that Aislara had practically kicked him out last night. 

He couldn't wait to see Hinni again!

Completed Wishes:  Make 2 friends, Improve Charisma

Pending Wishes:  Invite Someone Over, Become Good Friends, Go to Movies, Improve Celebrity

AN:  Wow! What a twist!  Benito invited Gabrielle out to get to know her alittle better. Figured it'd be nice to get some new threads while we were out there!  But, holy moly - he fell head over heels for little Hinni! 

Gabrielle stayed maybe 2 seconds before getting upset and leaving.  I'm not even sure what was said to make her ditch the outing. 

But yeah! Benito has another friend, maybe love interest.  They talked all afternoon long.  I know their conversation is pretty short. I just didn't want to invest that much in a long conversation for them. Lol!

Might be a problem until he figures out what's going on with Aislara.  Is she as over him as he is over her, I wonder! 

I was hoping for something a little more islandy, but Benito is going to rock the new look for awhile! ;)

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