Mackenzie Foster, Founder

The day she turned eighteen, Mackenzie packed up her suitcases and left Appaloosa Plains in her dust.  She took the last name Foster so that she'd never forget her beginnings and had colorful butterflies tattooed on her side to represent her metamorphosis from an awkward gangly girl that nobody wanted into the brash, self-confident woman that she was today. 

Mackenzie has always been misunderstood. People mistake her self-confidence as hot-headed, her brashness as inappropriate, or her braveness as recklessness.  So she hides her pain behind the wall she's built to keep her hopelessly romantic heart from being broken again.  Deep in her heart, she holds out hope that one day she'll meet the love of her life and fulfill her secret wish - to be surrounded by familyAnd it can't hurt that she's been told she's one helluva great kisser!  

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