Violet O'Shea
Violet is the first born child of Breandan and Mackenzie O'Shea. Growing up, she was surrounded by children and babies for as long as she could remember! Perhaps that's another reason why she's determined to remain childless!

Most of all though, she's excited to travel the unbeaten path, bravely living her life the way she pleases with no apologies! She dreams of one day being a true star - acknowledged for her Golden Fingers, as well as her Golden Tongue (LTW). Because there's no doubt that she's a real party-animal who loves to flirt & be the center of attention of every the party!

Holly O'Shea
Born one beautiful Snowflake Day morning, Holly O'Shea is the second-born daughter to Breandan and Mackenzie O'Shea. Since she was born on Snowflake Day, Holly was fated to love the cold weather!

Studious and capable, she is friendly and athletic! She dreams of putting her intellect to use by becoming a World Renowned Surgeon (LTW). Living her life in her larger-than-life sister's shadow has made her somewhat shy and uncertain of her own merits. Good thing she's extremely lucky, even though she might not feel like it sometimes!!

Daisy O'Shea
Daisy O'Shea, is the third-born daughter to Breandan and Mackenzie O'Shea. She is a sensitive dreamer, absent-minded and whimsical.

Ever since she was a little girl, she'd always been easily-impressed, & sometimes childish, especially by all things to do with nature. Her fondest dream is to have a Perfect Aquarium (LTW), collecting a variety of beautiful fish! She's a veritable couch potato, often found lost in her day-dreams.

Tearley O'Shea - Heir
Tearley O'Shea is the first-born son of Breandan and Mackenzie O'Shea, and twin to Marigold O'Shea. He is good-natured with a heart of gold. Very ambitious, he often finds himself competing with his twin sister, just like his Dad and Uncle Kearney! He often has problem relating to people because of his serious side and his lack of sense of humor. He's most comfortable when he's alone. Despite his desire for solitude, he's very nurturing towards his family and friends. He dreams of becoming a Chess Legend (LTW).

Marigold O'Shea
Marigold O'Shea is the fourth-born daughter of Breandan and Mackenzie O'Shea, and twin to Tearley O'Shea.

She's a friendly, outgoing girl who loves to be in the company of others! She is often animated and expressive, with a flare for the artistic! Only slightly dramatic, she has proclaimed herself a vegetarian, refusing to eat anything that once lived! A vehicle enthusiast, there is nothing she loves more than a sleek muscle car. She can see herself on tv as a Star News Anchor (LTW).

Keely O'Shea
Not technically eligible to be an heir, but still a special part of the family, Keely O'Shea is the only child born to Kearney and Shannon O'Shea.

She is an angel, like her mother, always sweet and good with a kind word for everybody. She wishes she could be as graceful as her mother, but has found herself to be a bit of a coward & clumsy. She has a thirst for knowledge, being a bit of bookworm, and is regarded by her family as somewhat of a little genius! She dreams of being known as a Renaissance Sim (LTW).


  1. "Perhaps that's another reason why she's determined to remain childless!"
    Sorry Violet...

    1. Lol. She's the only so far that's been interested in woo-hooing & thus leading to future generations!