Davina O'Shea
Davina is the first born child born to Tearley and Charity O'Shea.    She loves the outdoors; hiking, lounging in the sun, & even fishing.  Despite her fondness for fishing, she is actually hiding the fact that she is a hydrophobic, deathly afraid of waterThat fear annoys her all the more as she considers herself to be braveShe also has a fond spot in her heart for a furry canine. Davina is a huge dog-lover!

 Loves Latin Music, Ceviche & Bubblegum Pink

Benito O'Shea - Heir
Benito is the second born child born to Tearley and Charity O'SheaGrowing up in the hot Mediterranean climate, Benito loves the heatHe might be a bit of a couch potato, but despite his most recent lack of sense-of-humor, he still has a rebellious streak that hides a mushy hopeless romantic heart.

Loves Kids Music, Veggie Rolls & Blue

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