A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words...

"Happens all the time," Mackenzie says, shaking her head.
"I always feel like somebody's watching me," she hums.
"Wait? Are you Questioning me?!"
Mackenzie thumbs through Totally Preggers: An Expecting Mother's Tale.  "What? A girl's gotta know these things!"
"Wait, One, Two... Three?" Mason counts out on his fingers.
"What are you doing in here?" the deer asked him as he left.
"What? I wanted a popsicle!"
Robin Hooley stopped in his tracks, pivoting around.  Wowsa! Some party!
"I hate doing the dishes."
"I really hate doing the dishes."
"Look at these muscles, hun! Hoo-ah!!"
Not. Happy.
"Can you get it now? Can you? Nope! Can't get it!" Mackenzie taunts the poor dragon with a carrot stick.
"Ellen! Quit running around in your underwear! It's embarrassing!"
Someone's feeling mighty proud of himself.  The woohoo strut... niiiice...
"Oh get a room, you guys!"
"I love you SO much!"
"My teeth feel minty fresh..."
Now that's just mean.  She dejected him and then laughs at him!
Ew! Ew! Ew! (Seriously, why is he making this face?!)
"Guys, get a room!" Kearney complained when he found his brother naked in the nursery.
Aw, poor Violet!
That looks like it hurts...
"Sorry, is the bathroom this way?" the clod asks as he walks through the scene.
THAT can't be good...
Kearney glances to the side and sees...
...Enya holding hands with a co-worker.  She got over him fast!
Because you never know when you're going to need an umbrella...
One of Breandan's disguises.  Better than the mad scientist, I suppose!
Your worst nightmare - not realizing you're naked until AFTER you've opened the door.
Sometimes Kearney gets so lonely, he likes to pretend he has a girl.
Not only are you too close to the edge of the stairs...
...but there seems to be something wrong with your neck!

 Tearley showed us that he couldn't dance...

Let's play a little game known as "Stylist Roulette"...
 "I LOVE IT!"  *facepalm*

 The Snowmen asked for it...

 Don't eat the brain mush!

How would you like to run a quarter of a mile to catch your bus every morning?

Inconvenient heart farting in front of your wife.

Benito being cute, as usual!

This goes at the top of the OUCH list...

Aw, poor Remo!

 Poor Wicked Gnome! 

 Davina found a unicorn, but rolled no wishes to interact with it!

What's more inconvenient than having a zombie playing on the trampoline in your yard?
 Having him peeping in the windows and falling in love!

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