Beautiful Star

Beautiful star up above, send me someone whom I can love.
Beautiful star shining bright, I'm wishing hard with all my might.
Beautiful star, have you heard? All of my wishes? Any of my words?
Beautiful star in the sky, awesome to the naked eye,
End this gnawing, aching strife. Fulfill my wish and fulfill my life.
Beautiful star, have I been wrong? To wish for love for so long?
Beautiful star, is it all a lie? That you have no power up in the sky?
Beautiful star up above, send me someone whom I can love.


An "All My Wishes" Wishacy Challenge

On a clear, summer night, a disenchanted young woman looked up towards the stars and made a wish for somewhere to belong.  The stars twinkled a little brighter and she was whisked away to another time, another place where her soul belonged. Join her as she journeys through time and space to make her dreams come true!


Welcome to my Wishacy! I am following the Official Rules for the Wishacy Challenge that Buckygirl laid out! It's always fun to see what the Sims think their lives should be like without interference!

A few of the variations I decided I liked were:

Kicking Heirs Out- I am thinking about not just kicking the heir out and seeing where they go, but also rolling a die to see what world they might land in! That way I can explore all the different worlds!  Another little caveat - they can only bring 5 things with them.  (That way they can have a little bit of their family no matter where they go!)

Most Wish-Filled Heir- I'll have to see how this plays out in the game, but I love the idea of the child with the most amount of Lifetime Happiness when they age up declared the newest heir! Or maybe I'll choose the one with the least since they're more likely to be wishing on a twinkling star!

Stories, Poses & Creative Control- I can control myself by only fulfilling their wishes, but I reserve the right to poke and prod at the townies, pause and move/pose people to my little heart's content (so long as it does not affect the game play. Girl Scout Honor.)  "Edit Sim in Create a Sim" is my favorite cheat. And I absolutely loving playing match maker around town and getting people pregnant! Just so you know!

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